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Reviews For: Bridgecom BCR-40U/50V FM Repeater System

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Review Summary For : Bridgecom BCR-40U/50V FM Repeater System
Reviews: 13MSRP: 995
the ComLink™ BCR-40U/50V FM Repeater System by BridgeCom Systems, Inc. The BCR Repeater provides a feature rich repeater/base station. Packed with loads of RF power, this dual fan-cooled unit can become a community repeater, a 16 channel base station, manage a channel in an LTR® trunking system, and much more.
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WA5TBB Rating: 2020-02-23
The repeater actually uses TecNet Korean built radios. Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
As an analog only repeater, the BCR-40U sounds okay and works well enough with the correct band-pass duplexer if installed at a multi-user site. I do note that although Bridgecom claims their repeaters are built in the USA, the radios are actually TecNet TM-8402A transceivers built in Korea. From what I could tell, only the interface board and power supply boards might have been built, or at least assembled, in the USA. I really like the integrated battery charger and cooling fan that's activated upon PTT. However, the fan is terribly noisy and a higher quality replacement fan really helped.

As for the BCR=40U being digital ready, that's a matter of conjecture. I posted detailed questions on their website about interfacing the RB_STM32_DVM (blue board) using the pre-built cable and received zero assistance online. Next, I contacted Bridgecom by phone and asked for assistance regarding preliminary BCR40 internal settings but found them to be very reluctant to comment in any way other than to say that if I would send it and several hundred dollars to them then they would make it work. I couldn't even find out if my version of BCR-40 firmware was a source of problems. I'm technically competent (40+ years), have excellent test equipment, and have never been an "appliance operator" and I would have appreciated some useful information from Bridgecom. Fortunately, Scott Zimmerman, the seller of the RB_STM32_DVM was quite helpful and very professional. A friend suggested that I should instead interface the RB_STM32_DVM module to a Motorola GR1225 UHF repeater, which I did, and without any difficulty.

I'm not giving up on the BCR-40U repeaters just yet and will update this review if and when I get one working properly as a DMR repeater. I do believe it can be done and I must be overlooking something, as N6JET seems to have mastered the conversion. I've reached out to him for some suggestions.
Cranston Reid
N6JET Rating: 2019-03-22
Perfect for Multi-Mode Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
BridgeCom repeaters are an excellent value and the quality is just amazing. BridgeCom customer service can best be described as 5 star. My configuration in a BCR-40UA UHF repeater with a Repeater Builder STM32_DVM for FM, DSTAR, DMR and C4FM multi-mode. What a fun project. It works great too.
N9ZUT Rating: 2018-01-24
Great repeater! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I had purchased a used Yaesu vxr5000. It worked ok but had limited features. I decided to go with the Bridgecom Uhf repeater. It is easy to set up and currently is being used for GMRS. Bridgecom is my first choice for other repeaters.
PJ2SM Rating: 2018-01-16
After trowing away the piece of JUNK of yaesu DR-1 X, I saw on the BCR repeater Systems. And I decided to buy the BCR-50V repeater from BridgecoM Systems, buy it in Nov 2017 and received it in Jan 2018, the repeater looks very nice and sturdy and is DIGITAL Ready , We as Curaçao Amateur Radio Group (C.A.R.G.) tested the repeater System with two antennas and it works great, but we are waiting for our new duplexers. The great thing is that BridgecoM System has a good pre sale service and after sale the Service get better and better. One million thanks to TIM KING, KE0GWR for his great explanations and to Ron for his patience helping me to setup my system and helping me with digital modes. they helped me and answerd me every time I asked for help. THUMBS UP FOR YOU GUYS.
N8EKT Rating: 2017-07-03
EXCELLENT REPEATER! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Best bang for the buck repeater on the market!

And the product support is the best I've ever experienced

I ALWAYS program and tune my own repeaters and duplexers because I want to get the best possible performance

But I ordered mine completely programmed with duplexer installed

Upon arrival I checked the repeater and duplexer tuning on the service monitor and they were tuned to perfection!

These guys are the real deal!

K6VE Rating: 2016-12-09
Reliability is paramount! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
What is most important for a repeater? Reliability, of course. This repeater is "plug and play". I recommended it for our local radio club to replace a commercial kludge that needed to be retired. It's been in service for about a year now, and it's been working perfectly ever since we installed it. Installation only required one trip to the mountain, which is very helpful.
KB7GP Rating: 2015-08-13
Flawless Performer Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I don't often get involved in writing product reviews but in this case I feel it is appropriate. I found interfacing this repeater to a third party external controller to be straight forward and satisfactory. We worked directly with Ron Kochanowicz, the owner of Bridgecom, concerning some unusual interface issues. He immediately addressed those issues and incorporated those enhancements into his repeater's firmware. As a result, we recently deployed a system incorporating two of his repeaters, the BCR-220 and a BCR-40U. These are the heart of a modestly complex linked system, W7WRG, serving western Washington from Oregon to the Canadian border. We continue to receive compliments from the users and flawless performance. We are now planning upgrades to our second mountain top which will also incorporate Ron's BCR repeaters.
NF9K Rating: 2015-03-12
Outstanding Repeater Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I purchased this repeater to replace an aging TKR-820. I initially reached out to Ron to ask some questions. He was very quick to respond and provide me with very helpful documentation. He offered to program the repeater for me, but I ended up working out a deal to include a programming cable and software. Unlike most resellers, with BridgeCom the relationship does not end when money changes hand. Ron still follows up with me every few weeks to ensure than things are running correctly.

When it came time to purchased c-Bridge software for my DMR repeater, after experiencing the outstanding customer support provided by Ron, he was my first stop knowing he sold the software as well. That purchase was a pleasure as well.

The BCR-40U is still humming along and I've had zero issues to date.

I would recommend BridgeCom to anyone.
AD4CC Rating: 2015-01-27
The BEST repeater and service in the industry Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
With any company, the people make the difference. This is certainly true at Bridgecom with Ron at the controls. I started to talk with Ron about his repeaters just before Dayton 2014. Then I met up with Ron in Dayton to discuss my project, which was to put a solid conventional repeater on 2 meters but add DSTAR to it (Did not want to go the ICOM route). There were several issues to be worked out but Ron took on the challenge. I sent Ron an IC-51A to use so he could get things going quickly as and also sent the DVRPTR_V1 unit . Once the repeater was shipped to me it was ready and just about plug and play ready for DSTAR. The only issues were software related but it was good for me as it educated me on how the programming should be for my Windows Vista setup. I have other repeaters and they work well but the build and quality of this machine is remarkable and of the highest quality. Even with heavy use on the reflectors at full power, for hours, the repeater stays cool. All working great now, mostly on Reflector 30C, local, 147.390 MHz DSTAR in Union, KY. Do NOT hesitate to work with Ron and Bridgecom. I could go on and on, just stop looking and buy this one, you will be very happy. Setup as follows:
Using ircDDB , ircddbgateway software, 20140602 gateway and 20140521 D-Star repeater version, DVRPTR_V1 from Bruce Given, VE2GZI (Bruce was very helpful too!).
KJ4I Rating: 2015-01-05
Excellent Repeater Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Myself and fellow ham just recently purchased a Bridgecom VHF Repeater to replace a much older machine that had seen better days. I have had the Bridgecom in place for about 2 months now and it has been rock solid in performance. It has been getting moderate to heavy use at times and not only has the operation been rock solid but the build quality of the repeater seems to be just as good while being simple and not overly complicated. The audio is wonderful and the receiver is very sensitive while at the same time hosting excellent intermod rejection. I had to put a little TLC into other aspects of my setup in preparation for the new repeater. After getting it installed and fixing a few other minor problems my coverage is finally back to what it used to be. Other repeaters at my site in the past had lots of problems with receive interference but the Bridgecom has performed flawlessly. I do consider the repeater to be in a moderate RF environment. In addition, the battery backup feature is a nice touch and with the proper battery, it works like a charm. I am still playing around with some of the repeater menu settings to get things dialed in the way I want them but that is to be expected. It does take a short time and some trial and error to get things adjusted just right but once you do you couldn't ask for a better repeater. I am comparing the Bridgecom to other brands that I have owned over the years and by far it beats them all. Ron at Bridgecom has been very helpful and courteous in answering my question and providing support. In all, it is an top notch repeater from a top notch company. I have already gotten lots of compliments on the air about how good the repeater sounds. Whether you are looking to replace another repeater or starting from scratch, the Bridgcom is a great choice for a solid repeater at a more than reasonable price.