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Reviews For: Superantenna Mp-1 mobile

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Review Summary For : Superantenna Mp-1 mobile
Reviews: 1MSRP: $130.00
Mobile conversion from portable MP-1 tuneable coil 40m-10m.
Product is in production
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AB4HF Rating: 2014-08-27
Super! Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
After experimenting with several manual tuning coils for portable HF I discovered a MOBILE configuration that works great. Start with the SuperAntenna coil. Remove the telescoping stinger and replace with a 20m Hamstick stinger. Both are 3/8" thread. Remove the portable mast from underneath the coil.Replace it with a Hustler 54" MO3 mobile antenna mast. Use 22' mount for smaller cars. I mounted mine on a Diamond 3/8" lip mount on the lift gate of my 2005 Dodge Durango. I grounded the lift gate to the frame. The coil is just above the plane of the roof where it is most efficient. Tune the coil per the manual for 20m. For me it's a pointing finger from the bottom. With a tuner it will tune 10-20m. Set it and go. You can tune closer for each band but not crucial. For 40m I tune a pointing finger from the top. The manual gives exact by the inch settings. Tune by sound at first and mark. All you have to decide is 10m-20m or 40m. I usually do 40m in the morning and 10m-20m after 11am here in Ga. You only have to choose 10m-20m or 40m before driving.
Experiment with longer stingers. I have a 8' fiberglass whip from another antenna that improves 40m and you can do 80m. The 6' steel whip is fun to test. A 102" whip is best while parked because of the weight. I use a bit of fishing line to steady the whips when moving. I wrap the fishing line arount the roof rack and the antenna whip. The 20m Hamstick whip works best mobile since it doesn't hit much overhead. I have worked Europe and the South Pacific. I carry the 8' whip in case I stop and want to improve 40m.
Advantages are 1-tuneable 2-cheaper than screwdivers 3-easily dismantled 4-Useable with or without a tuner 5-weather proof 6-tunes faster than screwdrivers 7-all parts available from superantenna, Hamstick, Hustler. HRO may have all parts. 7-can mix and match different mounts and whips.
This antenna out performed the Hustler multibanders, Hamsticks, Outbacker, Bluestar p-1, Radiowaves and MFJ coil antennas.
Disadvantages: 1-buy parts separately 2-non motorized. Questions? AB4HF Jeff 770.630.1582 EST