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Reviews For: Expert Elec. SunSDR2 Pro

Category: Transceivers: HF Amateur HF+6M+VHF+UHF models - non QRP <5W

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Review Summary For : Expert Elec. SunSDR2 Pro
Reviews: 15MSRP: 2100 USD
160m through 2m SDR Transceiver
Product is in production
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UR5LAM Rating: 2023-06-09
Absolutely not able to work with weak signal levels. Time Owned: more than 12 months.
This transceiver had potential, but the manufacturer completely lost it. Every software upgrade promises new features but breaks old ones, and you have to wait years for it to be fixed again. Ergonomics are terrible and it drags on for many years and will never be fixed. And the worst thing is that the transceiver is absolutely incapable of receiving weak signals. When compared with other SDRs, it smears the useful signal, while reception is quite possible on other transceivers. The problem of self-control of the telegraph has not been solved for many years, the "drunk sailor" still spoils the transmission when you transmit from the key.
KC8HXO Rating: 2023-02-26
New owner….running v3 alpha SW Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
Update, 1 year later: Still love it. The software continues to improve, and is under very active development. Outstanding.

Original review: Really liking it. Decided to try the newest version of the software, V3 rel 0.11. Has a few quirks, but coming along nicely, and very user friendly. I bet the upcoming beta release will be outstanding. Steep learning curve, but it’s a fun climb, with great user group support. Many, many hours to learn it all, but easy to run if you just want to operate, and not discover a new feature. Really quite an excellent bit of kit.
W0CP Rating: 2021-08-22
Stunning Flexibility Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
For me, this rig marks the end of 50 years of hardware-driven purchases. Yes, the hardware still has to meet a minimum standard of performance but I don't need it to perform better on paper than it can in the real world. Really it's all about the software now and the software in this rig is superb. Much of what I say below applies to Flex and Anan radios which I also own and use, but I prefer the Sun's EESDR software. I have it paired with Windows 10 on an I5 computer with three monitors, connected to the excellent suite from SDC (software-defined connections), and integrated with DxLab, JTDX, and JT Alert and the experience is outta this world. One caveat - like other SDRs, this rig is not plug and play. If you don't have a lot (and I mean a lot) of IT configuration experience expect frustration implementing the full complement of features in this radio with external software and devices. On the other hand, for those that have the right background (or a willing Elmer and a lot of patience) or are willing to start with a basic configuration and grow into greater complexity over weeks and months, the payoff is huge - this radio can take you to a new world. Here a few notable aspects of this new world: a massive and beautiful high-resolution panadapter, virtual com ports, virtual audio cables, thorough and well-conceived buttons, sliders and controls, completely adjustable filtering, extensive audio processing on transmit and receive (noise gate limiter, 10 band parametric equalizer, clipper, compressor), built-in CW skimmer support, on-screen callsign tagging, advanced Transceiver Control Interface (TCI - replaces CAT) for better integration with third-party programs (logging, skimmer, etc), selectable on-screen skins, band scope (shows entire HF spectrum in a separate slice), built-in transmit signal analyzer (CW and SSB), all-mode transceive on 2 meters, excellent noise reduction and blanking, built-in audio recorder, telnet spotting integration, and on and on.... My nits: first dit shortened when not using internal keyer; 1/4 inch phone jacks instead of 1/8 and other oddball interfacing connections; typical SDR T/R latency; BCD interface plug not provided; tedious, unnecessary and poorly documented IP address configuration process leaves a poor first impression. Know, however, that for me these nits pale in comparison to the joys of using this radio.
K6TWO Rating: 2020-06-10
Great rig, great support Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I've had this rig 3 years now and I love it! I have to say my previous review was rating it as excellent, Now the rig has pass the test of time. First off, when things go south, usually as a result of my 80 year old brain, the crew at at Expert Electronics are the absolute best! Yes Ive had Elecraft! Vasile, of Expert Electronics used Teamview on a Friday evening, at his home babysitting, to help me with a Network issue! The software is the absolute best I've ever used and STABLE! Qst rated the rig at 47 out of who knows what. I'm a retired engineer and I've been licensed since 1956. Ive had all of the nostalgia rigs. they were contemporary then, and Ive had most top contemporary rigs , and with out a doubt I'd match it with any rig available, at my location and antenna! It is that good! I can operate 500 hertz below or above the passband of any station @-17dbm while copying a signal at-100 dbm on SSB. Now test instruments will find weaknesses in designs on paper, real word finds what works in the field. I will not return to any superhet. Direct Sampling with bandpass filters is the way of the future. I switch from 80 SSB to 20 FT8 with 3 mouse clicks and doing DX FT8! It has its own Virtual Audio Cables, sound card, and SER COM PORTS. It uses the Kenwood TS480 instructions set so COM control of the radio is stemless! No, I don't sell them. But I love em!
I've had this little SDR for 6 months and my Ft991A is idled because of it. First the support from NSI the NA vender is excellent. All issues my 78 year old brain could create, Yuri the tech support engineer resolved within hours of my call!

Now the the hardware and software. The hardware is first class in construction and operation. I've never had a hardware failure. The software is excellent. Just make sure your computer has the necessary processing power. The software is very very stable under Windows 10 with an I7 processed. The SUNSDR2PRO covers from 160 to 2 meters? The 2 meter system does all you need for your analog RF use. It'll do JT8.....>RTTY on all the band's. It has a 10 band equalizer for both receive and transmit.

The part I like is the 2 independent receivers, each with dual receivers. That is 4 receivers and passbands you can watch. Then there is a fifth receiver that feeds a 75 Mhz spectrum display so you may watch the whole HF Sepctrum.

The Quick start documentation is excellent for getting started. There is also software for remote use of the SUNSDR2PRO

What's not to like?!
W5AK Rating: 2020-01-22
I have had my SunSDR2 Pro for about one year. It took me a while to understand how this radio and its excellent software works on digital modes. But it works just great and is an absolute pleasure to operate. I have it driving a Gemini HF-1K amp made in Great Britain. It really puts out a nice clean signal. Excellent assistance from the U.S. dealer, NSI Communications. Yuri is a great asset. I like this radio so much that I am going to buy the new 100 watt version of this radio after the companion antenna tuner is available later in 2020. Very good documentation of the radio's operation. Highly recommend this product.
M0PKZ Rating: 2020-01-22
Great rig, great support!! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Had loads rigs in the past...ic-7300, flex-3000, flex-6300. And this year decided to give a try sunsdr2dx 100w version with e-coder. And what a pleasure to listen to this radio, had some probs to set up to work on my local network, but this is due to my lack of knowledge in it :) but the expert electronics guys very helpful. Roman connected remotely and helped me to sort the problem. Greate support from Vasilij RN6LHF as well. Good tutorial videos on youtube ( Thank you Expert team! Well done!
RA4RT Rating: 2019-08-08
not the best Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
If the receiver can be classified as 3 +, the transmitter can be classified only as 3. Can only be used as a panoramic console. In the ranking of the magazine QST ss2pro honorary title of the 47th.
K2PAL Rating: 2018-12-25
This is a diamond! Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
This is a diamond, a real one for radio amateurs.
I find it funny,how much money I threw into nowhere I had a lot of Japanese transceivers from ts440 to ftdh5000 and domestic K3 to Flex.
And glory, glory, and now I own SunSdr2Pro.
This is where the price is quality, and the pan adapter is something I have not seen anywhere like this.
You have not tried it, so I will tell you to stop throwing out your money
.. try sunsdr2pro and you will be happy.
K9OJ Rating: 2018-01-17
Great Performer and Fantastic Value Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I was looking for a tough HF radio to put in the attic which could be remoted using Ethernet but the cost was too high until I found the SunSDR2 Pro. I read the favorable reviews and placed an order.

I set its IP address, put it in the attic and plugged it into my attic router. I'm very happy with the unit's performance, it just works and the software is really good too. You can load the (Windows/Linux/OSX) software in as many computers as you like.

Remote cloud access is a bonus. I use a USB gaming headset for receive and transmit and its easy to create "profiles" so you can easily switch from a headset to PC speakers and hand mike.
KK4X Rating: 2017-06-14
What a SDR Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Hello, I currently have 2 other models of SDR
FLex 6700(2) and ANAN 100. all I can say I don't use the FLEX 6700 anymore other to do DUAL different BAND watch with its other SCU, this is a review of a operator perspective, First the software is fantastic you don't need any additional software like FRS,etc, etc, Plug and Play, I am a weak signal operator so of course I wanted to try it on 2 meters and compare it with my Flex and Kuhne 144 MHz transverter. well I have good news. its a la par of the Kuhne. Yes It does require an external Preamp for WEAK SIGNAL work on both the Flex and SUNSDR2 PRO, on 6 meters it worked like a Champ especially during 2017 June VHF contest. all I have to say is WOW this little pistol works great,
Support from the US is Fantastic From NSI RADIO Yuri in Washington State. and from Roman from its Russian HQ. any way, the price is fantastic and I even ordered its bigger Brother the MB1,(cant Wait for the MB1 to arrive, should be getting that soon. Catch you on the bands. Ps I am selling my EXTRA 6700. 73, Ed