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Reviews For: Mastrant Guy Ropes

Category: Antenna parts, accessories, incl. baluns, hardware, etc.

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Review Summary For : Mastrant Guy Ropes
Reviews: 19MSRP: from 17 / 330ft
Synthetic guy ropes and accessories
Product is in production
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OK4MM Rating: 2016-08-03
Excelent product Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I use Mastrant ropes for my IOTA expedition antennas.
And not only for ham radio. I installed Mastrant rope to hang the water-pump into 55 meters deep water well. It has been more than five years there and I do not see any problem.
Excelent product.
73, Jarda, OK4MM
IK2LFF Rating: 2016-07-23
at cn3a they saved our towers Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Yes, that ropes have done very well for us, we are using them on every towers and the results are excellent.

Few double-check before the contests, just some pullings here or there and we are always safe.

Go Mastrant!

The CN3A team
OK1FJD Rating: 2016-06-18
Best Rope Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Mastrant ropes we used at PJ5/OL8R and Z21MG DX-peditions and will use at D66D as well. It is high quality material.

Team ok6dj
Ok1fjd old call.
RM2D Rating: 2015-11-08
Excellent stuff Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
For my 18 meter Russian R-409 Army Surplus Telescopic Tower (around 100 kilos) with a Hex Beam on top, I wanted to solve guying issues for the upper three guy layers without using steel wire and insulators. Having seen Mastrant ropes in WRTC events, I wanted to try this solution.

200 meters of 6 mm Mastrant were ordered along with accessories for installation.

Jana and Martin were perfectly customer-focused with prompt reply for any questions.

It is a slightly more expensive solution than using steel wire and insulators, but how happy I am to avoid that work to install the insulators... Worth every single Euro I had to pay extra.

I would recommend anyone who wants to save his or her fingers, time and nerves - go for Mastrant and forget old way of guying antenna towers!
PD2JHP Rating: 2015-09-30
Great stuff! Will buy again. Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I had used various types of other rope, like dyneema (very strong but too thin) and those nylon ropes (broke after a few month in the sun), but then I found Mastrant Rope during a Hamfair in Rosmalen(NL) spring 2015.

Bought 100 meter reel and stainless steel hardware from Mastrant: just quality. I use the ropes for supporting dipoles and guying mast (25 feet) and poles (35 feet) during field days.

I have not found anything better than Mastrant Ropes. It's very tough and easy to work with.

Great, friendly (nice girl too HI!) and helpful service.

Definitely recommended just search
M0MTJ Rating: 2015-09-29
Excellent - The Best Rope Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I had used various types of other rope in the past, but then discovered Mastrant Rope a few years ago.

I have not found anything better than Mastrant Ropes. It's tougher, longer lasting and easier to work with than anything else.

I have bought reels of rope and stainless steel hardware from Mastrant and all are of top quality. I use the ropes for supporting dipoles and guying masts and poles.

The main use is supporting a 10 metre tall mast for my VHF aerials. Having used Mastrant ropes for a few years I would not now use anything else. I took the opportunity to pick up another 100m reel of 4mm Mastrant-P at the 2015 National Hamfest to keep in stock.

Great, friendly and helpful service too.

Definitely recommended.
PH9GFB Rating: 2015-08-05
Synthetic guy ropes and accessories Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have used both 2mm and 4mm of Mastrant-P for more than a year without any trouble. The 2mm is used to setup my 12m spiderbeam pole and for my hyendfed antenna fixed between the chimney and a pole in the backgarden. The 4mm is used to fix my rotatable Aluminium Telescopic Mast 12.5m (41ft) with a 5 band Spiderbeam Yagi.
This setup endured a storm with windforce 8 without any problems
N1EQG Rating: 2015-02-05
GUY ROPE & FITTINGS Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Just received 2 100m Mastrant D spools, bunches of thimbles, duplex wire rope clips, spring hooks, quick acting couplers, turnbuckles eye type and hook type. Martin at Mastrant is super to deal with. No duty on package sent thru USPS. This is the material to use for guying your antennas.

My antenna project is a HEXBEAM (Traffie Tech model) on a 15' mast supported by a Glen-Martin 9' roof tower. Guyed to each corner of the house roof.

House height is 20', figure the tower looses a foot by straddling the peak, so add 8', plus the mast, 2 1/2' into the tower so 13 1/2' more for total antenna height of 40' approx.

Believe me when I say, MASTRANT products are GREAT QUALITY. This is my third antenna guying with Mastrant D. "D" is the Dyneema guy rope which I favor over the "P" which seems to stretch more than I care for.

Bruce, N1EQG
Brookings, OR
PA0LPS Rating: 2014-09-04
Simply great stuff! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Bought a 100 m reel (enough for the rest of my life, I think) at a ham fest here in Holland a few years ago.
We hams do not tend to get overly enthousiatic about passive components, let alone those of a pure mechanical nature.
However, this is simply great stuff.
My experiences after having used this wire for a few years in The Great Outdoors:
1. No mold / funghi / algae observed.
2. Knots can be untied, even after a longer period of time.
3. I have not observed any stretching (but then, I never made any measurements either).
Recommended for antenna builders.
Don't forget to seal off the wire ends with a lighter or a match, as the salesperson instructed me.