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Reviews For: Yaesu VR-5000

Category: Receivers: General Coverage

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Review Summary For : Yaesu VR-5000
Reviews: 22MSRP: 995
Yaesu VR-5000 all mode, wideband (general coverage) receiver. 0.1 to 2599.99 MHz
Product is in production
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AA5CH Rating: 2002-04-05
Returned after 5 days Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
The VR5000 is difficult to operate with the multilayered menu controls. It had insufficient image rejection and it locked up on the fifth day, requiring me to hard reset the CPU which erased all memories. I returned it to the dealer and applied the credit to the purchase of an Icom R8500.

There are several reviews of the VR5000 under the "Scanners" heading. I widh I had read these before placing my might have saved me some grief.


RUZY Rating: 2001-08-26
Best All Band Receiver Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I like this little blue screen all mode radio receiver but be carefull not to look at it continuely especially in a dark room because your eyes will be getting tired (it's too bright even in 0 dimmer). Have complete mode AM(WAM),SSB,FM(WFM) and frequency coverage 100kHz - 2.599 Ghz. The sensitvity on HF is excellent easily to get most stations, VHF - UHF are also very good. I can easily listen all the broadcast stations, aircraft , amateur etc only with a cheap (US $ 1) antenna J Pole design for freq 88-108 Mhz.
The RF tune is act like a tuner because the maximum setting 255 but you can't set it always to maximum to get a best listening. Sometimes you must set it lower number to 10-50 to get a better listening. I like this RF tune because not act like RF Gain which works great if set to almost maximum setting.
VR5000 have nice watch and easily to setup your local time or world time.
The memory setting is quite complicatied because the manual book so simple, make me guess how to set it right ( At last, I can do that). But it's also very nice because you can namely each channel and each band ( 100 Band) with your own design name!.
Dual VFO is not to work good. I Think it's useless at all ( You can manualy set the 2 different volume).
Overall, this is a very nice radio receiver.