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Review Summary For : Pan Adapter
Reviews: 30MSRP: 70

Panadapter/Band Scope

What is a Panadapter? A Panadapter is short for Panoramic Adapter. The simple answer is that it allows us to see a panoramic display of the band our radio is tuned to...We can see every signal over the entire band.

Most SDR (Software Defined Radio) Panadapters display less than 200 kHz of bandwidth because they rely on the sound card. My Panadapter system does not use the sound card and can display as much as 3 MHz if you choose, and you can change that to suit your needs as easily as sliding a slider in the software. You can see the whole band.

Often Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to buy anything else?

A. No, my system is complete and come with everything you need.

Q. What if I need help?

A. I am an email away. And if necessary, I can talk you through every step on the phone.

Q. Will I lose any functionality?

A. You will lose no functions. Your radio will work just as it always has.

Q. Are changes reversible?

A. Changes are easily reversible

Q. Do I need to solder anything to my board?

A. Everything plugs in. There is no need to modify your rig*.

Radios currently supported: FT-920, FT-950, FT-1000D (not MP), IC-756ProII,III, TS-480SAT/HX (kits cost from $65 to $70)

Product is in production
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DL6AN Rating: 2019-02-19
Not much Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I just got 2 Cable for for panadapter, that’s all,
No documentation, no pnadapter, but it’s my fault, I thought for this money the panadpter is included..
For just 2 cable to pay 70;00$ seems far to much..

N4GKS Rating: 2017-11-23
Good For The Money Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Good beginner pan adapter. Installed it on my TS-480 and after some tweaking it works well for what it is. Good communication with seller. I recommend it.
WD4ELG Rating: 2017-03-25
5 - get it and enjoy it. Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
DISCLAIMER: I have no connection or financial relationship with this company.

I resisted buying this for my TS-480, especially since I already have a DXE RTR-1 which allows me to have panadapter capabilities with my SDRPlay RSP-1. But I want to free that up for VHF/UHF, AND I want to have visibility of the IF tap from my TS-480 and its superb receiver. So I finally made the plunge.

Here are my thoughts:

Customer service - 5. I had an issue with the cable and some questions. Steve, KA9MOT, promptly replied and sent a replacement cable.

Product - 5. Giving a good rig (TS-480) the ability to have a panadapter is much more economical than buying a new SDR rig. Steve's kit and detailed instructions are top-notch.

Value - 5. What do you get for your purchase? An RTL-SDR with supporting software, detailed instructions with pictures, prepped high-quality cable. Could you do this yourself? You could do the research, make your own cable, buy your own RTL-SDR dongle, try to figure it out on your own for about the same cost. Or you can pay Steve...he has done the homework, provided all the materials and instructions (including getting the RTL-SDR to work with the software, which is NOT trivial), and made it idiot-proof.

Buy or do-it-yourself? This is a no-brainer; how much is your time worth to you? Why would you do any other path than buy from Steve?

I highly recommend this product and the company owner.
K2GT Rating: 2017-01-04
A Great Addition Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I bought this several months ago for my IC-7600. I knew nothing about HDSDR and although many say you can make the cables and buy the dongle, I would not have known where to start, so opted for Steve's kit, which was a very wise choice on my part. His product is well made (better cables than I could make) and his instructions and links to what software needs to be downloaded and installed made it a breeze. I added a 17 inch USB monitor which sits on top of the 7600 and I can see the whole band at once and accurately (unlike the 7600 scope) click on the signal. Nice job to all those involved in adding the pan adapter to the IC-7600.
AA2UP Rating: 2016-12-20
Superb Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I hooked this kit up to my Kenwood TS-480 SAT and it is a superb addition. The value of seeing the activity on an entire band (even all of 75/80 meters) cannot be underestimated.

Installation is very easy on this radio. Just open the case, run the supplied cable through a hole (no drilling) and then push the connectors onto two open pins (no soldering). The next step is setting up the software. This can be a bit of unfamiliar territory for some. But Steve sends along written and video instructions that are easy to follow.

Once I got it all working, I wanted to integrate HDSDR with DXLab for logging, spotting, rig control etc. This added to my installation time. But it was a voluntary extra step. If you have a rig-control cable, HDSDR is all you need.

MyPanadapter is not the equivalent of a multi-thousand dollar SDR transceiver. The RTL-SDR dongle does not work on transmit. But it gives you a view of the complete band or any portion thereof. Click on a signal and your main rig leaps to that frequency. When working split you can see exactly where the DX op is answering calls. Click and you are there. Then use your main rig for transmit.

MyPanadapter works extremely well. In 28 years of hamming, I can't think of anything I have bought that offers greater value for the money.
AJ4GQ Rating: 2016-12-11
Excellent. Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I read these 3 pages of 5/5 reviews before buying his Panadaptor for my FT-950 and thought that he had somehow gotten his Mom to write them. Well, they're all true. Amazing product and service at an equally amazing low price. It will transform how you do ham radio. Buy yours now before he wises up and starts charging what they are actually worth.
W1OD Rating: 2016-11-23
Excellent addition to my shack Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I finally ordered the "MyPanadapter" from Steve after a little hesitation over the past few months. I wish I had purchased it earlier! It is installed in my Yaesu FT-950. it took longer to remove and replace the 18 screws on the bottom of the radio than to make the mod. The install was fairly straightforward. I am using Omni-Rig with the dongle and HRD for the spotting and logging. When I have some additional time I will perfect the integration with the dongle into HRD. I actually had it running but other issues unrelated to the dongle forced me to run it independently. But those issues are now resolved so it should integrate easily. I did have one installing issue concerning the baud rate and figured it out before Steve was able to reply to my email. But he did reply fairly quickly and that's a big plus! I did find I had to move the dongle further away from the computer via a second USB extension to keep it further away from the transmission line. I did install an RF choke on the USB line and that made a tremendous difference and everything settled right down when transmitting. Overall, this is a must have for the radios it is offered for, and the price cannot be beat. I highly recommend this accessory. It really improves the operational aspects of the hobby and brings radios like the FT-950 and FT-2000 up to the current generation for real short money.
Steve, W1OD
K6DS Rating: 2016-08-08
So happy with this! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Just got mypanadapter installed on my FT-2000, and am so impressed! I did speak with Steve since a small antenna came in the box with the equipment. I wasn’t aware, but Steve told me that the antenna was for radio reception and it is not used for the panadapter. Maybe others knew that, but not me…

Anyway, I told Steve that I use DXLabs as my logging program and he said he was going to work with that program to see if he could get his great panadapter to work with DXLab’s “Commander’. However, I found that mypanadapter will work perfectly with DXLab if you just let the OmniRig control the radio (don’t start Commander), and use DXLab for the cluster, logging, call look-up and other internet functions.

Really love this program, great job Steve! To make such a super product and at an unbelievable price is wonderful! Not only his panadapter, but even though he is working through some physical challenges, he never refused to give full support and take the time to work with his customers. Thank you Steve!
N8WGM Rating: 2016-01-13
Excellent product Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I have had the LP Pan on my other Kenwoods and it showed me that I want a pan adapter for my Kenwood TS480HX. Problem was, the LP Pan does not work with the 480.

What to do? Did a web search and found
$70 bucks? Heck yes! Ordered it and it arrived three days later.

Easy hook up....follow the CD.....and the videos on the CD.

Got it running using Ham Radio Deluxe. Very easy set up.

Excellent all band view. Excellent adjustable filtering and speeds for waterfall and frequency view.

Great point and click with immediate frequency changes.

Overall, I would give this a 5 star.....I would give it more but 5 is all allowed here. If you are looking for a panadapter for your non SDR rig....this is the one to get. NO SOUNDCARD NEEDED!!!!!!!

KD4UBM Rating: 2016-01-02
Excellent Product! Great bargain! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I'm absolutely thrilled with the PanAdapter. It works precisely as advertised. I can't believe I can see the whole band with a $70 device!

The instructions were very good.