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Reviews For: Sencore IN/OUT-OF-Circuit Capacitor and Inductor tester

Category: Tools & Test Equipment for the amateur radio work bench

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Review Summary For : Sencore IN/OUT-OF-Circuit Capacitor and Inductor tester
Reviews: 2MSRP: $4000
Dynamically and Accurately Test Capacitors, Inductors,
and Power Semiconductors Including IGBTs and SCRs.
Product is not in production
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KD6KWZ Rating: 2016-12-03
Premium Capacitor tester Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I recently went to work for a company that repairs commercial & industrial power supplies, and, this tester caught my attention on Day 1. While you can get cheaper testers for capacitance values & ESR, this unit tests Dielectric Absorption, and, Leakage. The last are very important for electrolytic caps. I've seen "new" electrolytics that had too much Dielectric Absorption right out of the bag, and, used ones that were perfectly fine.

I don't use the in circuit function right now.

This analyzer is also handy for unmarked/missing mark caps & inductors.

This would be great for those who do a lot of recap work, audio equipment repair, and, even consumer electronic repairs.


*Finds hard to detect capacitor issues.


*Expensive, even used ones.
VE7EPP Rating: 2015-01-16
What a great tool Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
This tester has so many features for one tester that I have made more room on my bench. It is very accurate and does even hipot testing. With the STA260 accessory it tests semiconductors and more. I love this tool. Unfortunately Sencore has end of life'd it so no support from them. Choice Electronics bought out the parts and offers service so there is somewhere to go to get probes and accessories as well as the testers.

I ended up getting the LC77, LC102, and the LC103 which are similar models but only the LC103 is advertised with IN-Circuit testing capabilities. But, I have tested some capacitors in-circuit with the LC77 and LC103 and got values correctly.
To bad it doesn't test resistors otherwise it would be an LCR but can't have everything.

LC103 ReZolver™ In-Circuit Capacitor &
Inductor Analyzer

Pinpoint Bad Capacitors & Inductors In-Circuit, Or
Completely Analyze Them Out-Of-Circuit
With Exclusive, Dynamic, Automatic Tests

Pinpoints bad capacitors and
inductors “in-circuit”, and
automatically tells you when further
out-of-circuit tests are required
The only capacitor tester on the
market that dynamically analyzes
capacitors out-of-circuit for:
• Value from 1 pF to 20F
• Equivalent series resistance
• Leakage with up to
1,000 volts applied
• Dielectric absorption
Tests SCRs and triacs with optional
SCR250 accessory

Tests SMT components in-circuit and
accurately with exclusive, time-saving
test accessories
Makes all tests, compares the results to
EIA standards, and tells you “GOOD”
or “BAD” – automatically
Dynamically analyzes inductors with
exclusive, patented tests for:
• Value from 0.1μH to 20 H
• Opens or shorts
• Even one shorted turn with
our patented “Ringer” test