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Reviews For: Kenwood TS-2000

Category: Transceivers: HF Amateur HF+6M+VHF+UHF models - non QRP <5W

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Review Summary For : Kenwood TS-2000
Reviews: 460MSRP: 2300
Kenwood HF radio
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VE7REN Rating: 2022-11-20
Great radio,Excellent capabilities,Lacking reciever Time Owned: more than 12 months.
nov 20/2022 update-

this radio is amazing with capabilities and the transmit performance is excellent. i have used 2-ts 2000 here in my shack for ALL bands with 100s if not,a thousand or more qso,s. the only thing lacking is the reciever! as ive mentioned before. An external speaker of good performance will help,along with some tailoring of the hi and low filtering. overall a very capabale radio that i would recommend!

dec 2/2019 review
my 2016 model ts-2000.

I just acquired in new condition. ive always wanted to try the ts2000,but have opted for other radios over the years. finally acquired one,and I can say,it is a nice radio feature wise,but...... the receiver is lacking.. big time. I cant find the sweet spot like I can with my 7300,7410,756 pro3, and yes,my 718 sounds better in receive. no lie. I'm happy with all other aspects of the 2000,but the receiver just isn't pleasant like other radios.. I knew this going into the purchase!

Verdict... if your looking for a overall flexable radio to do everything. get this one. if you want a radio to work some dx,and daily rag chews,get this one.if you like daily rag chews and dx along with being enjoyable to listen to for long periods.. look elsewhere..would I buy again?,yes.....,i did in febuary 2019.The the price was right on one of the LAST new ts2000. I purchased this radio from DX Engineering.overall still not a bad radio,but leaves me wanting more from the reciever
N4ALR Rating: 2022-05-31
Great transmit, noisy receive somewhat Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Having had a ts2000 since 2009, i have had a good bit of talk time in those years. It is great for a rag chew and dx contacts. No transceiver is great without a great microphone . My microphone is the heil with the hc5 element in it. Get plenty of great comments on the audio. You have to run it fairly warm, but it will drive my alpha 8410 with ease. The antenna will bring out your transceivers performance. Lots of times complaints about noisy transceivers, it is the antenna to blame The antenna that i have is the full wave loop. It allows the ts2000 to dig out signals, with it horozontial polarization.
Never really liked the sideband on 2 meters. It is hard to get on frequency with other stations.. all in all a great transceiver.!!!
AD5NM Rating: 2022-05-14
Very Reliable Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I've had my TS 2000X since they were introduced and it is as reliable today as it ever was. A bit unusual for an early model of a new design yet it has seen a great deal of use.
KE7KK Rating: 2022-05-13
it will go dead Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
If it hasn't failed it will, had broke, all my buddies had one broke just horrible
N4BOZ Rating: 2022-04-23
Decent Shack-in-the-box Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I've owned this rig for probably 4 years+ now, bought it at a great deal from a church that was clearing out their ham shack because they hadn't used it. My intention was to flip-it and make money and invest in an ICOM 7300 because it had just come out.

BUT, I hooked it up and have used it as my main rig for 4+ years now. I've worked 64 countries. made 1000's of QSO's, have done FT-4, FT-8, PSK31, RTTY, WinLink to send emails, etc. all by adding a SignaLink. It is great on 2m, 70cm with lots of power. I use it with a Heil ProSet Elite and get great audio reports from nearly everyone I talk to.

This radio is a solid performer, albeit not the best HF receiver on the planet. It's provided years of use and works as intended.
WB4IVG Rating: 2021-04-07
It Has Its Place, As was Said, "A Jack of All Trades Time Owned: more than 12 months.
And the Master of None!" Is how the old saying goes and true for this radio, The "Swiss Army Knife" of radios........... You would not however want to take a Swiss Army knife into combat..... But it is much better to have that knife than no knife at all! Pretty much sums up the TS-2000. I have been a Ham since 1966 and have owned almost any radio that you can name. I still own quite a few of them, according to my wife WAY TOO MANY! That said, I have done a direct comparison between the TS-2000 and several other radios including the Icom 746PRO, an Icom IC-706MKIIG, Yaesu FT-897D, Kenwood TS-430, TS-440SAT, TS-570DG, TS-940SAT, Icom IC-775DSP, Collins KWM380, and the RF Harris RF-3200. Without a doubt, the TS-2000 is a good Mediocre radio, nothing and I mean absolutely nothing stands out about the transmit capability of this radio. I have never been given one complement about the Tx audio. As for the Receive it definitely has no edge on any of the radios that I listed above in fact several of them outshine the receive capability of the TS-2000 by a large margin. The TS-2000 is a good middle-of-the-road radio with a ton of features, however several of the above-mentioned radios are a pure pleasure to listen to, in fact, I kept my TS-570DG because it was a better receiver in many ways than the TS-2000 and the TS-590S that I sold. I will never sell my TS-2000 simply because My Dad now (SK) bought it. But the IC-775DSP and the TS-940SAT sit in my HF Desktop positions. Even the little FT-897D has a much better and simpler receiver to use. No Radio no matter who made it is a pleasure to use if you spend more time in the menus than you do using the radio! I'd rather go to a cafeteria than stare into a menu wondering what the true outcome will be. It was said long ago, "If You Try To Be Too Much Too Many You Wind Up Being Too Little To Everyone!" this is certainly true in the case of this radio! It is sort of like kissing your sister, it ain't too bad but it ain't too good either!
W3KKO Rating: 2021-04-05
Very capable rig Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I picked up a 2010 TS2000 from the family of an SK last year. I use it at home alongside several other rigs (primarily an FTDX3000 and a FT857D) and run all 3 through a SP2000 speaker and wire antennas. The TS2000 has its advantages and disadvantages, but overall is nice to use and I think represents excellent value, especially at the $$ they are going for used. The style is unlike other rigs and I am one who likes it. I really appreciate the back-lit buttons although they are small and take some getting used to. The rig appears menu intensive, but really isn't and working through the menu is not a huge chore. Many are set and forget. Most needed features are on buttons or knobs. Using programming software would probably be helpful. Receive audio is quite good and pleasant, not at all tiring, and closer to the 3000 than the 857D but certainly not in the 3000's league. The older style DSP is very functional and can cut out nearby signals fairly well. NB works very well on the QRM around my neighborhood. Being able to monitor VHF/UHF FM on the second receiver while on HF is nice. The receiver pre-amp is really meant for 20M on up, and works well. Don't ONLY go by S-meter readings alone. I've compared to my FTDX3000 and yes the 2000's S-meter is typically a bit lower on the same signal, but to my ears the level is about the same, which is really what matters. Transmit audio reports are very good overall....I've heard "sounds like a Kenwood" more than once. I like the capable on-board tuner (works on HF+6M only) and it is wider ranged than advertised. The tuner can also be set to track in receive which is good. Connecting to a Signalink for wjst-x and fldigi was easy as I just use ACC-2 and VOX. Working 2M with 100W is a blast. I will be trying the satellite features soon. The term "Swiss army knife" is cliche, but really does apply with the TS2000. Compared to my 857D (which I love), the TS2000 is a better shack rig, and well worth considering to cover most all bands if the budget is tight...and even if its not! I enjoy using mine.
VE3PTC Rating: 2021-03-19
works well for boat anchor Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
well. i have always used either an ft 991a or ft 847 to take care of 2m,70cms and occasional satellite work. about 4 years ago,
i picked up an early model ts2k in a swap, and it was awful ! hf receive was very noisey, and on tx , everytime i switched to a new band, i had to re set the mic gain as alc was all over the place.
however, i was extremely disappointed with 2m and 70cms. even with preamp on, it was deaf as a post!
soon got shot of it.
about 8 months ago, my trusty ft 847 started to go off, and it was time to look for something else. i considered another ft 991a but saw another ts2k advertised fairly locally to me. owner said he only used it for 2m digi.
it looked brand new, and bonus, it was fitted with the cool blue led display. after a quick rx on hf and 2m, a deal was done.
back in the shack, and full testing. alc/mic gain set once and good for all hf and 6m bands.
however, i found the vhf and uhf to be far superior to the last one i had, and i rarely turn the preamp on for 2m and 70cms!!
biggest surprise was rxing local airport on subband and airband freqs on ts2k there is no preamp available. it still outshot the ft 847 with its preamp on by a large margin.
is it perfect, no, but for now its doing a grand job for this yaesu fanboy! i have looked for faults, but have come up short. its a keeper ! im sure if kenwood made an updated model with 1.2gigs included , they surely would sell a boatload!
AL1VE Rating: 2021-03-01
Long Time Rover Workhorse Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have had the TS-2000X since 2006. It has been my main rover and base rig for all that time. Along the way Ive tried other Icom, Yaesu, and Kenwood rigs, but stayed with the TS-2000X.

ADVANTAGES: Number of bands, power output on all bands, built in tuner (for coax fed antennas) and ease of use.
This rig is robust enough that I can move it to the vehicle and not worry if it takes a few "bumps". The tuner works as it should, I don't need to check through excessive menus, and the buttons are easy and large enough to hit while driving.

DISADVANTAGE: This isn't a small or light transceiver. For my backpack or suitcase trips I use either my FT-817D (QRP battery outings) or the FT-897D (HF or 50MHz outings), but then for them I also need to bring along a small tuner. They also don't provide the output I need on 144, 432 or 1296 and each has been back to Yaesu for filter replacement.

Maybe I was lucky, but I've been impressed with the receive capabilities of my TS-2000. Using VHF or UHF, in-the-field it does a pretty good job of suppressing intermod from extremely close commercial repeaters and cell towers. (can't say that for the FT-897D).

Yes, the TS-2000X works with all the new digital modes. The fan can be a bit loud at high power/long duration transmissions). My best digital receive experience has been MSK144 EME with a single 17b2 yagi without an external LNA and 30' of RG8.

Plan on keeping my TS-2000x a few more years and yeah those new SDR rigs are enticing, but it this rig still does what I need it to do, why change?

N4AK Rating: 2020-08-22
This rig is a bargain! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have owned my TS2000x since September 2006. I have operated it on all bands and modes with no problems. This includes meteor scatter, SSTV, PSK-31 and Olivia. I can't believe the flexibility of this rig when paired with Ham Radio Deluxe! The antenna tuner matches my 160 meter version G5RV, and my 80 meter dipole with no problems. I also operate it with a HF beam antenna and a various VHF/UHF antennas. I think it really shines on the digital modes as it is so easy to simply select a low power level for a mode. Example 30 watts for PSK-31 with the turn of a knob. If you are into all modes or just want to experiment with some of the newer modes...this is the rig for you. By all means try it with the free software HRD for some real fun and "mind candy." With current pricing for the TS2000 at under $1500 with nothing else but a power supply to purchase this is a bargain. I am still learning new tricks with this rig! You gotta read the manual to get the best results from the little jewel. I just ordered my second unit....scared the weak dollar is going to drive prices up. N4AK