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Reviews For: Electro-Voice 309A Mike Suspension

Category: Audio Accessories for Transmitter & Receiver

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Review Summary For : Electro-Voice 309A Mike Suspension
Reviews: 3MSRP: 175
A top-quality suspension widely used in the broadcast, TV and
film industries
Product is in production
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WA3VJB Rating: 2023-02-23
excellent mic holder Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I've had this mic holder for more than 30 years. In fact it's the original tan color 309, not the newer 309A, otherwise identical. It does an excellent job on either an RE-20 or my present choice of the E-V RE-27 N/D.

A few years ago I came across a company that has improved the design of the suspension bands. I was still using my original factory set, with their long life probably due to a non-smoking, gentle environment.

But I've heard that the bands deteriorate and that the quality of the EV replacements is not as good as the originals. So, I put away the originals for safekeeping, and bought a set of these that I recommend to those needing. (link)

I also purchased the improved nut that allows a deeper amount of threading onto the boom. This too, is a significant improvement, especially if you swivel the 309 in relation to the boom.
W6LBV Rating: 2015-08-28
Making Mikes Motionless Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I own and use an EV 309A acoustic suspension mike mount in my home station. Along with an EV “professional” microphone (RE-320), the 309A has been in service for over three years with fine results.

My personal experience, however, only duplicates many individual purchasing decisions that were made years ago by thousands of broadcast radio stations: this product is a “keeper” and an “industry standard.”

The 309A does have one liability, but that problem is no different from other acoustic suspension mounts: in time, the rubber suspension bands will dry out, crack, and eventually break. Replacement bands for the 309A are available and they are easy to install, but they are expensive.

The quoted MSRP is a fiction. Typically the mount (complete as a kit of parts) sells on the street for around $100. Kit assembly is straightforward and it takes about five minutes.

And as long as you may be interested in looking beyond the “ham radio-only” audio marketplace, check out what else is available from well-regarded manufacturers in the “professional market.” Look at microphones from the “big five” professional component manufacturers, look for “real world” audio processing decks, and glance at microphone support stands from companies such as O.C. White.

You may well find a professional-level product with higher quality and an equal or lower price than the (typically over-hyped and over-priced) “ham radio-only” gear. This is 2015, and today we Amateurs have an abundance of choices.

You will find “professional” grade audio equipment in many quality ham stations. You won’t find much “ham radio-only” stuff in broadcast and recording studios. Don’t restrict your thinking or the quality of your on-air signal!
K5NT Rating: 2015-08-25
A top-quality accessory Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I wanted a suspension mount to go with my Heil PR 40, and ran across a mention of this product in another eHam review. The 309A is a sturdy mount widely used in the commercial broadcast and TV/movie industries. The suspension portion is designed for the popular RE20 and RE27N/D mikes, and is a good fit for my PR 40. The inner frame that holds the mike is made of aluminum, and the suspension bands are made of molded neoprene. The outer frame is made of steel and is tall enough to allow the mike to be hung vertically for video work. I chose to drill new 1/4” holes 1 and 15/16” above the existing holes, allowing the suspension to be mounted higher up in the frame. This makes the unit more compact, and it fits into my station setup more easily. A hole at the top of the frame accepts a standard 5/8”-27 Thread adapter, which is provided. In my setup, the 309A hangs from a Heil mike boom mounted behind my transceiver. Assembly is straightforward, and several videos on YouTube make the process easier. This is a high-quality, lifetime investment.