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Reviews For: DogPark SDR for Flex 6000 series

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Review Summary For : DogPark SDR for Flex 6000 series
Reviews: 9MSRP: $95
Mac OSX full featured control, tune, and panafall scope for Flex-6300, 6500, 6700
Product is in production
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W6VZV Rating: 2019-05-20
Great Mac-based Flex SDR program Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I spent my weekend getting Dogpark figured out, up and running, and making QSOs with it. I had an old MacBook Air that was underutilized, so I splurged and bought the program as a rainy weekend project. I am very pleased that I did. This is an excellent software program that does very very well at controlling your Flex radio. So far I have only used it for SSB, and it works superlatively well. While the menus and so forth are somewhat different than Smart SDR for Windows, they are quite similar and it only took me a short time to have them figured out. If you want to run your Flex Radio from a Mac, this is the program to use. I particularly like the way that the Apple Mouse works with the software -- it makes tuning in stations a true joy. Highly recommended.
W1CQ Rating: 2019-02-07
This software is the reason I bought a Flex radio! Time Owned: more than 12 months.

I actually made my decision to purchase a Flex 6300 because of the dogparkSDR software!

I had been a happy user of MacLoggerDX for several years and knew first hand the value of the products from DogPark Software and the incredible support of Don Agro.

I knew that not only was I getting a great program but with regular updates and improvements it would get even better and it has.

I had a few (typical) setup questions that Don helped with in his usual quick and thorough fashion. Lately I've been remotely running dogparkSDR with WSJT and logging to MacLoggerDX. It's great fun.

It is no surprise this program won the 2017 FlexRadio Pinnacle Award.

* * * * *
K6OZY Rating: 2019-01-26
Feature rich and fast! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I suck at reviews, but I am a Mac fan and a Flex fan so I have to make sure everyone knows about this program.

It's feature rich... If you liked all the knobs and sliders in PowerSDR then you will love dogparkSDR. It's native macOS (+dark mode) support in Mohave is great at CPU resources are super low, 50% of one core on my 15" Laptop. The app perfectly interfaces with MacLoggerDX (obviously), and with xCAT & xDAX, I can now fully stay inside macOS for both FLDigi & WSJTX.

Support is great with fast response times. Don goes out of his way to answer everything and is active on the forums.

Please do not hesitate to purchase this for your Flex if you are a Mac user!
N8GAS Rating: 2018-01-25
Panadapter shows call signs, smooth tuning, clean interface Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
If you are a Flex Radio - Mac user like me, you owe it to yourself to check out DogparkSDR, from Don Agro VE3VRW, the same developer who gave us the highly recommended MacLoggerDX logging application. The DogparkSDR panadapter screen is high resolution, and shows call signs superimposed over the displayed signals (obtained via MacLoggerDX’s DXCluster data feed). That’s a feature you can’t currently get with SmartSDR. You get two panadapters, the same number as the Flex Maestro product.

The Flex Radio is essentially a networked server, containing extremely high quality embedded radio hardware. DogparkSDR is simply tapping that server to provide a fresh new Mac-friendly interface for the embedded radio.

Tuning is smooth both using mouse or trackpad and using the FlexControl. Perhaps because DogparkSDR is a native Mac app, I find tuning with the FlexControl to be far smoother than using Flex’s SmartSDR (running through VMWare and Windows 10). Third party apps like xDAX and xCAT (DL3LSM), plus audio routing software like Loopback (Rogue Amoeba) or Soundsiphon (Static Z) allow you to build essentially the same functionality as Flex’s SmartCAT and SmartDAX. So you can control and use WSJT-X and Fldigi without leaving MacOS.

Am I suggesting that Mac users dump their SmartSDR in favor of DogparkSDR? Of course not. Part of the fun of Flex Radio is messing with all the software controls that SmartSDR offers. But for those times when Windows 10 has hosed your system, or when you just want a clean, uncluttered interface to make some QSOs, DogparkSDR is the ticket. It’s like having another new radio.
KL2D Rating: 2017-08-13
Works perfectly as a native MacOS client for the Flex 6700 Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have had Maclogger for quite some time, and now DogparkSDR. Don makes great products and his service is amazing. Have a question? Ask and he responds very quickly!

This product works great, but if you are wondering if you like it just download it. You will get full functionality for 20 minutes at time so you can try it out.

It has some limitations compared to the windows version of SSDR from flex, like only two pans, but I suspect if it follows the improvement path of Maclogger it will eventually have full functionality. The layout is a little different than SSDR, but once you get the hang of it there are no issues.

I am using it in conjunction with MacDoppler to control my Flex-6700 for satellite work and it's works perfectly.
WB6RAW Rating: 2016-12-13
DogPark SDR software is awesome!!! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Folks, if you are a MAC owner and have, or will soon own, a FEX 6000 series radio, this is the native Mac SDR software to download and use. I have just took delivery of my brand-new Flex 6300 and love it. This Mac native SDR software is a breeze to install and operate.

I have been a long and faithful user of some of Don's other Dog Park Software products like MacDoppler (for satellite tracking and rig control) & MacLogger (for a great log book). These are also very stable and extremely user friendly programs for hams, like me, that prefer Apple OS over Windoze OS.

VE3BGE Rating: 2016-12-07
An excellent piece of software for the Apple OS Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
What a wonderful surprise it was for me to discover Dogpark Apple software. For years there had been talk of someone creating a software package to run the Flex Radios under the Apple OS. Finally Don has done just that .Like many other Apple users I have been running Flex software under bootcamp on my iMac. Now under Dogpark one click of my mouse can have the Flex radio's audio coming through the built in iMac speakers. Use of a USB microphone is easily accomplished . For people like me who can tire at looking for years at the same GUI it is great to be able to turn to the dogpark GUI just to see something totally different. Nothing is lost function wise in using Dogpark and it can show itself in a variety of ways from a simple GUI to a more advanced feature set. Added to all this is the pleasure of being able to contact Don, the designer of the software, directly. Don as well is open to new suggestions for the softeware and he is willing to implement changes when there arises a consensus among the Dogpark community to do that. That the software is easily available for trial is a big plus and I encourage anyone using the Apple OS try out Dogpark.
K4QXX Rating: 2015-09-25
Great software Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Don is a developing machine! This software is literally updated daily. When I get home from work each day, I check and install the next update. Features added daily. It is not as full featured (yet) as the windows version but it's getting close. Very attractive interface as well. Works great with Maclogger DX. I am a new Mac guy (always had windows machines) and this software is very impressive. If you have a Mac and a Flex 6000 series radio, definitely check out this software.
KK8ZZ Rating: 2015-09-04
Only OSX Full Featured Flex-6000 series software Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
...and it's great ! Recently bought a nice Flex-6300 but was very disappointed with all the fussing that it took to make it connect to the Flex, and even then it didn't work fully. Very recently, Don has brought out dogparkSDR, the first fully functional software to make the Flex-6000 series run as well as SmartSDR and Ham Radio Deluxe (not an easy task, I can tell you by experience... a LOT of experience...) BUT... download DogParkSDR free to try it for a brief period. Nice Panafall, allows antenna tuning, freq change, band change, even split... and all from a small window you can move anywhere. Want full logging, DX spotting, maps, many more functions? Buy the rock-solid MacLoggerDX to add to it and your station is complete... ON A MAC... finally something easy to use, colorful and attractive, and completely competitive with the Windows side. Great software, highly recommended for your Flex-6300, 6500 and 6700....