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Reviews: 3MSRP: €832.50
Multiple measurement, remote sensor Rf Vector meter,
Product is in production
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SP7IDX Rating: 2018-07-17
SM0RF - Just simply the best - jump in Star Wars :) ! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.

I had previously LP100A was very good but I wanted to step forward and bought
I am very impressed with this device, it's like a jump in Star Wars !!!

Fantastic piece of equipment! fantastic machine!
I use a Flex6600M + Flex6300ATU to drive my 2 x Amplifier Expert. The screen on the SMΩRF is big readable and color - I decided on GREEN color, you see the very well, Immediate response, auto ranging, swr, multiple measurement, with built-in audio signal generator and oscilloscope, alarm / protection,
Excellent HQ quality build - ideal my radio shack :), plus Josef OM7ZZ excellent customer service.
This is a big big step up from regular watt meters, but this is more than a Watt meter!
You will be amazed at what's on.
This is an amazing piece of equipment.% Professional and laboratory!
Thanks Josef OM7ZZ -super job!
I recommend and guarantee that you will never be disappointed! SMΩRF will open your eyes
VK4SX Rating: 2017-01-26
Excellent Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Hi second comment on this power meter, yes I agree with the previous comments in regards to more features, I hope as it matures we see some other features opened up in FW,
BUT as far as an accurate meter with the ability to read Milli watt power levels, I doubt very much anything out there to compete,
you can set Mic & CMP levels just by pressing the PTT, too much CMP it will read the modulated ptt break,
extremely accurate down to 500mw,
check out how many top digital meters will measure that little RF,
PM II 10W, WN2 2W, LP series 8w,
expensive ? Yes, worth it ? Yes
a major item in a Ham shack is a decent power vswr meter,

Earlier 5-star review posted by VK4SX on 2016-01-05

ok short quick look at the new Microham SMΩRF Vector Signal meter, this is a first look, as this is an extremely Deep piece of test equipment, I have only scratched the surface in setting up today, it is a very very exciting, accurate meter, at home in a Lab as well as a ham shack, the many measurement functions add another dimension to the word Measurement?
first Remote sensor orientated piece of test equipment that I have had, that very accurately measure 0.01 of one Watt, 2w, 5w etc
I used my #7XXXX K3 & ELAD FDM DUO with SMORF set to 1W scale and measured 0.01w thru 1w, then changed to 5w scale, and set K3 to 5w, PERFECT, this will be a boon to QRP or QRO stations, the sensitivity and ability to measure low power accurately is fantastic, with High Gain LDMOS amps becoming more popular, this meter is a must, NO more minimum power setting (5/10w) to get a VSWR reading, that alone is a bonus,
scales are 1W,2W,5W,10W,20W,50W,100W,200W,500W,1000W,5000W
you will need a week solid to soak up all features,has AUTO OFF after inactivity, runs extremely cool (VK) Is as BIG as my K3, but not quite as deep,have not tested LAN operation as yet, has PSK31 MOD/IMD screen, and a whole host of other stuff to much to mention here,
I will revisit this review when I learn some more about it,
SMORF supplied in Australia by RFsolutions QLD Australia, Tnxs Carsten & Mona
Dennis vk4sx
encoding is removing the Omega symbol in the name, so have replaced with O, SMORF
KN7K Rating: 2016-05-28
It's great, but would like to see new features Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I have SM0RF for about 2 month.
It replaced Power Master 1 from Array Solution.
Generally I am satisfied with with it, it is very accurate and feature full device.

Initially I had an issue with Network connection to my PC.
Worked with Microham support and isolated issue to SM0RF: SM0RF connected to Netgear switch and my home network. All work good until the point SM0RF power is turned OFF. At this point all devices at my house had intermittent Network drops. This was going on for 2 weeks until I disconnected SM0RF from network and no more Network drops.
Resolved it by installing separate Network card to my PC and connecting it straight to SM0RF.

I cannot connect SM0RF to my Microham Keyer II and Station Master to iLink. It require update of my router from Ver 8.1.4 to the latest 8.6.3. Any time I try to download the SW and install it on Windows 7 I am getting “file corruption” error. No Microham support in this case – recommendation was to leave it disconnected.

The biggest issue for me right now is a sleep mode – I found (after I purchased it) that in sleep mode RF board is “sleeping” as well. In this case on some bands where I have very narrow bandwidth, I can get high SWR and start transmit, there is no protection. I have to remember to wake it up by pushing any button. It is not safe and not convenient. There is only setting for Sleep mode 5-120min, no way to disable it or at least I cannot find it yet.

For the price of SM0RF I would expect more features to be available:
1.PSK screen,Technical screen,Scope on PC screen
2.SM0RF remote could offer more customization – turn off extra filed when only one sensor used(I do neet 6 fields for daily use) and would like to monitor only 3.
3.SM0RF screen size should be more flexible to my needs – currently only full size or compact mode.
4.SM0RF could offer customizable skins on Remote Control window to blend better with my other application on screen.

Hope Microham keep development SW features for PC and make them more flexible.