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Reviews For: MyAntennas EFHW-4010 4-Band End Fed Dipole

Category: Antennas: HF: Verticals; Wire; Loop

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Review Summary For : MyAntennas EFHW-4010 4-Band End Fed Dipole
Reviews: 23MSRP: $130
40-20-15-10 Metre End Fed Dipole
Product is in production
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W6RQ Rating: 2019-11-02
still working well Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
Update to previous review. Now that I've had more experience with the EFHW-4010, I'm even more pleased with it. Thanks to helpful advice from Danny E73M (designer of the antenna) and Brian K6BRN, I relocated the far end of the antenna so that the wire is now mostly not going over our house. It is now up about 30 feet, and mostly over the side of our yard. It is now under 3:1 SWR on 40, 20, 17, 15, 12, and 10m -- so my ICOM 7300 ATU can tune it on all those bands. On 30m, it is under 10:1, so the IC-7300's "emergency tune" mode can find a match. The antenna works FB on all bands for which it was designed, and I have some DX contacts on 30m.

One thing I have noticed is that the transformer core may get hot if you TX for a long time using a digital mode like FT8 on 40m or 20m at 75-90 watts, and if it gets too hot it will detune (you notice the SWR slowly starting to increase). If that happens, stop transmitting and give the antenna transformer core a rest and when you resume, lower your power. If you transmit for too long with an overheating tranformer core, you can permanently damage the magnetic properties of the core. The EFHW-4010 is rated at 1kW ICAS, but your mileage may vary, especially depending on the particulars of your installation (like any metal objects in the near field of the antenna that can detune it). If I had known about this, I would have got the EFHW-4010-2K, which is only $20 more and is rated for up to 2kW-ICAS.
VE3HG Rating: 2019-10-24
Broke the 5K0K pileup on 10! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I usually don't review antennas I put up four hours ago but as I don't have my tower and beam up yet (we rebuilt the house and everything came down) and I wanted something simple for 40-20-15-10. Already had a 40-20 end-fed from another company which I liked a lot but wanted the extra bands. What I wasn't expecting was to work a ton of DX on 15 and 10 as the big boys get ready for CQWWDX SSB this weekend a few hours after getting it up. The antenna is mounted on an 8' post in backyard and is practically invisible as the wire rises into a tree about 40' up. The antenna is quiet and super effective with SWR under 2:1. Easiest antenna to raise and super happy with its performance. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
AJ6MA Rating: 2019-10-04
So far the best Antenna! Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
Yes, this may not be the best antenna in the world but so far the best performing antenna for me.

You know, I am one of those unlucky Americans who got stuck to live in a typical suburban home built on a lot with dimensions of 80ft x 50ft. My back yard space is limited to 50ft max. If my neighbor sneeze, I have to say "bless you" because our homes are 20 ft apart.

Thankfully no HOA. But still if you do not have acres and acres to spread 120 ft cables at 100 ft high centuries old trees at your backyard then this is the antenna for you!

I tried another brand (the European rival of this model) which were highly recommended and got great reviews here on EHam.
In order to decide which antenna to use, I setup both antennas in a very similar position and while European model was receiving 5/6 this "MyAntennas EFHW4010" did receive a little over 5/9.
I tried in different days, on 40m & 20m which I spend most of my time on SSB and CW, and every single time this antenna was so much better that the difference was like day and night.
I bought another one of these to use on the road with my IC-7300...

All you need is this antenna if you are mostly 40/20/10 meters or get the 8010 model if you like to visit 80m too.
No more radials, tuners, adjustments... Most practical and yet the best performing antenna I've had so far.
N2SLO Rating: 2019-09-05
Above Expectations Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I was in the market for either a multi band vertical, or something else. After researching various options, I decided on this end fed wire antenna. I mounted the transformer at about 25 feet on the top of the roof, on one of my tripod legs. I sloped the antenna down to the corner of the yard to the telephone pole. I was about 6 feet short (63 feet), so I used nylon rope at the end to the plastic piece and hooked it up. My expectations were low. Out of the box, set up on 20M 14.074 FT8 with Icom 9100, Acom 1000 put in about 350 watts and worked a few mid western states. I checked the PSK reporter- I was being heard all over the US. Today, I worked Germany with a 58 on SSB, SWR was around 1.4 at 500 watts. I have not tested on 40M yet. I gave this 5 stars due to easy set up, no need for any additional hardware on the roof or backyard, and out of the box performance. It works.
K6AAI Rating: 2019-05-06
Works well for me Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I had an LNR end-fed about 23 feet above and over my roof. It was never that good. It blew down and was damaged beyond repair so I bought the MyAntennas 4010 product.

I strung it horizontally between two trees, out in the open about 35 feet high. I run 100 ft. of DX Engineering RG-8X coax to it.

I'm hearing stations I never heard before and am reaching stations I never could before via my 100W TS-590 rig.

I'm very happy with this antenna. The good reviews this product has received are both accurate and deserved.
KM6XP Rating: 2018-12-23
Great antenna for low profile install Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I am a 3 month old ham, picked up this antenna after reading the reviews, the end fed just worked better for my compromise area for an antenna install. I have the EFHW 40-10, I have it mounted in a inverted V or L. The transformer is mounted 6’ off the ground to the top of a fence, I am using a Max Gain fiberglass mast in the center that has a 25’ apex, the other side of the antenna wire ends about 12’ above the ground to the insulator and I have that connected to paracord running another 15 feet down to the top of the fence at 6’. So it looks like an inverted V but the antenna wire does not come all the way back down to 6’ like on the transformer side, at first I ran without a ground connected to the transformer and swr was about 2.2:1 on 40m and under 2.0 on 20,15, and 10M. I added a short 4ft ground rod and 5ft of #10 solid copper wire as a ground/counterpoise and SWR dropped on 40M to 1.65:1. Less than 1.5:1 on the other bands. My internal tuner cleans that up to 1.1. I am in S. CAL so no lightening here but I can lower the mast to 5ft tall in less than 60 seconds. Danny has been helpful to me on the install. I have made 50+ contacts all over the US, South America, Japan, Hawaii, etc. I may not have the strongest single but until I have a place to put up a tribander, this antenna works great.
K8SAS Rating: 2018-10-28
Great working antenna! Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
Just want to tell you that my 4010 1K is the quietest endfed I have ever
used. It does the job and I am having a ball making contacts.Quality construction and a great match across all bands. I use it as a permanent one at my QTH, but can also be used portable.
W9WHF Rating: 2018-09-16
Excellent Limited Space Antenna Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have four My Antenna products which are used for fixed ops and portable. I use a 4010 (s) at home, during winter vacation and for potable ops. I have two 4010’s and two 8010’s. I use two 7300’s as rigs and a KX3. I have found the radios comfortably tune all of the above using the installed tuners on 40-10M and with effort on 80M (even the 4010). They all tune up on 6M. I have compared them to many other antennas incl. LnR, G5RV Jr. etc., etc. The only real challenger is the LnR Quad, but it is purely a Quad bander.
My antenna customer service is Superb +++++.
I had one that contracted water after 4 years of service.
It was replaced with an improved version in two days after I discovered the condition NO CHARGE !!
The products are rugged, well made and work surprisingly well
at lower elevations 10-20 ft. In my restricted conditions. Try one, you will love it!!
K8DXX Rating: 2018-03-10
Good Product, GREAT Support Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
This review is for the HP model of this antenna, capable of handling 1.5 KW ICAS power.

At my QTH, this antenna is relatively low to the ground, 7 feet at the feed point and perhaps 25 feet at the far end. It is also installed at our Florida 55+ HOA restricted subdivision. In general, I was skittish about getting it up undetected. When first installed, I had difficulty getting it to resonate. In order to be safe, rather than cutting off wire to resonate, I was folding it back on itself (which Danny later explained that when using insulated wire, actually added capacitance/loading rather than changing the resonant frequency). I purchased an antenna tuner and operated with 2.2:1 SWRs on 40 and 20. I then noticed that after long winded QSOs (running 600 watts), the transformer started heating up and changing it's characteristics.

So, I again emailed Danny. He responded immediately, kindly pointing out my error of folding back wire rather than cutting. He gave me approximate lengths to actually cut off. I proceeded cautiously removing first 12 inches then 6. I now have 1.6:1 SWR across 40 and 1.2:1 across 20, 15 and 10.

The antenna itself has worked very well. From Sebring, Florida running 600 watts PEP, I can easily work Europe on both 40 and 20. Stateside reports are also positive.

I highly recommend MyAntenna products as they are well made and the support is excellent.
K2MK Rating: 2018-02-27
Solidly built and easy to tune Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
This is my second end-fed four band dipole. I had success with another brand four band and was intrigued by the different multi-band system employed by MyAntennas’ four band. I live in a HOA restricted community so I secretly deploy my antenna on contest weekends. The transformer box is mounted to a tree (cord and pulley system) and the end insulator secured to a plastic tent peg in the ground. I’ve only been able to elevate the transformer end to 19 feet. Performance is very good. I am able to work lots of stations with 100 watts. DX can be challenging, however, I’ve worked a fair amount in a short period of time primarily on CW and RTTY.

My tip for tuning is to use a portable analyzer and slowly cut away wire while monitoring the 40 meter band SWR. Stop cutting while resonance is still below 7.0 MHz. At that point carefully review the SWR over the entire range of each of the four bands. Then very carefully trim a little at a time until the SWR on all 4 bands is acceptable to you. As you make small changes be sure to review the full effect on all 4 bands. Don’t get aggressive. Take your time.

Construction is excellent with several available mounting options on the transformer box. MyAntennas’ multi-band approach coils up 2 feet of the antenna’s radiator on a small PVC tube not far from the transformer box. This has a side benefit of shortening the overall length of the antenna by approximately two feet compared with my other four band antenna that uses three wire stubs. SWR results are very good and similar to that of the other antenna. No antenna tuner is needed.

Pre-purchase questions were quickly answered by the company owner, Danny. I wondered whether the overall wire length was long enough for CW band edge tuning. Danny decided to add two feet of wire to the overall length to allay my concerns. This turned out not to be necessary as I ended up triming off a total of 43 inches from the antenna to meet my needs.

Three benefits of interest to me helped me in my decision to make this antenna my first choice. They are: multiple mounting features on the transformer box; a slightly shorter overall length; and a cleaner antenna to wind-up after use due to the lack of wire stubs on the radiator.