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Reviews For: Deepace KC901C Vector Network Analyzer

Category: Antenna Analyzers

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Review Summary For : Deepace KC901C Vector Network Analyzer
Reviews: 1MSRP: 899.00
Product Description
Compare with KC901S
different frequence range
KC901S: 3GHz
-Test frequencies up to 1.5GHz with 1Hz resolution and stability better
than 1ppm.
-Vector measurement on S11 with 0.01° phase resolution and 0.01db
amplitude resolution.
-With vector measurement capability of S11, it shows the smith chart,
RL(Return loss), characters of phase position, and frequency.
-In S21 scalar measurement, it has the function of single frequency S21
within range of 100dB.*
-With its non-volatile calibration data built-in, on site calibration is not
necessary if performing a qualitative measurement. While performing
rigorous test, you may use the SOL to enhance the calibration.
-A handy field strengthen meter with a wide dynamic range.
-Built in DDS, audio signal source function.
-Data can be saved in the Memory Card or be transferred into PC via
-3.5 inch color-display
-Excellent response speed with accurate key feeling, less than 3s ready to
-Functions are stable and reliable with the excellent hardware/software
* in accordance with Technical parameters
Product is in production
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N7LRY Rating: 2016-05-18
Fantastic and convenient analyzer for the price Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
The KC901C is a fantastic handheld Vector Network Analyzer for the price.

I am a retired chief broadcast engineer for an international news agency. I have been a ham for nearly 30 years. I have seldom found as good of a deal in new test equipment as this. This Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) has capabilities robust enough for the seriously tech savvy ham while not being so complex as to make it overly daunting for the average ham to use as an antenna analyzer or basic spectrum analyzer.

My first experience with test equipment from KeChuang Institute in China was with their product KC901H (discontinued).

The KC 901H was a scalar network analyzer that covered 100 KHz to 3 GHz. It had a total of three connectors, 2 N connectors for SOURCE and RF IN and a DC power connector. It took a standard 12V power supply with a barrel connector center positive like several devices have these days but will handle DC11 to 32V. It had one metal knob for an encoder with push selection and a 24 button keypad. The keypad consisted of colored hard plastic keys that was designed to sit flush with the enclosure. My copy one side of the keypad wasn’t quite flush. This made using the included stick on overlay problematic. The overlay wasn’t necessary and was only included to help seal the instrument from contaminants and moisture. Physically it seemed to be very well built and solid. It had a robust metal enclosure, not cheap plastic. The bright color screen had a replaceable front glass plate to protect the display from damage. It also included a carry strap. I wish It came with or had available a soft protective case like the MFJ antenna analyzers. Operationally it was simple to use. The menus were easy to understand. It had two cursors to aide in making measurements and you could select the center frequency and bandwidth to examine in good detail. Its display read from +20 to -140 dbm. You could set what you wanted your reference to be. It was great for generating SWR profiles of antenna systems and tuning or verifying duplexers. But I wanted more information for antenna design I also wanted to export my tests and I wanted updateable firmware. I wanted phase measurements and smith charts oh my. Enter the KC901S and KC901C.

The KC901C along side with its sister KC901S are the latest in handheld network analyzers from the KeChuang Institute. They are identical with the exception that the KC901S goes up to a full 3GHz and costs $1300.00. I like most hams only need up to 1.5GHz so I saved a few hundred dollars and went with the KC901C. This instrument clearly has the same lineage as its predecessor. It shares a similar well-built metal enclosure but is a bit shorter and thicker. Its hard plastic buttons have been replaced with a backlit silicone/rubberized keypad. I am not a fan of the silicone/rubberized keyboards. In my experience they have a tendency to fail with use. We will see how long this one holds out. I may order a backup just in case. The style of the metal selection knob has been refined and now sports a rubber ring around it. Aside from the power and the same two N RF connectors they have added a BNC connector for AF GEN. They also added a micro USB port and a micro SD card slot. The USB port is just an alternative to the micro SD card. They both can be used for saving display information and updating firmware. There is no mention of computer-controlled automatic testing at this point. This instrument added the phase measurement I wanted and will generate smith charts. It is valuable knowing the inductive and capacitive components of a device under test (DUT). The manual says that it will only accept a maximum of a 4 Gig card. This was impossible for me to find so I used a 8 gig with success. Unfortunately the KC901C doesn’t have the capability of formatting the card itself and this needs to be done with your computer. Hopefully this will change with a future firmware update. The KC901C will save its display in the form of .bmp files. This is how the VNA records data.

In short this is a good basic instrument capable of accomplishing S11 and S21 tests. It can perform SWR plots across a given frequency range, generate smith charts for antennas, tune diplexers, do field strength measurements, do spectrum measurement to find interference sources, check the bandwidth of a signal, test crystal filters, and a host of other possibilities. If you need a good quality reasonably priced VNA for you shack. This just might be the one. It only took a couple of days to get mine delivered after I made my order. The company’s customer service is outstanding. And they are also Hams!! This is truly designed by and for hams. I think it is a great deal for the money!