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Reviews For: Radio Shack HTX-202

Category: Transceivers: VHF/UHF+ Amateur Hand-held

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Review Summary For : Radio Shack HTX-202
Reviews: 114MSRP: 199 c.1995
2 Meter Hand Held HT
Product is not in production
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K6AAQ Rating: 2005-06-01
GREAT RADIO Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Bought mine used at a swap meet. This radio has the size I was looking for, a bnc antenna connector and rebuildable battery packs. I like the fact you can power this from an external source and the front end is pretty tight. More features? If you are looking for more features, buy a scanner!
SU1KA Rating: 2005-05-16
Good Unit !! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I have got my RS htx-202 used in a very good condition for only 50 USD 2 month ago , I am using it as Mobile with Motorola 35 w Amplifier and 2 m Antenna in My car . This unit have a good RX and Tx power. sensitive mic
The Belt Clip is acting as a heatsink
Strong Handy that u can depend on !!!
VE1GSO Rating: 2005-05-09
Great Brick Time Owned: more than 12 months.
A HTX-202 was one of the first radios I bought at a flea market less than a week after I wrote my radio licence, and even thought I didn't know much about what was a good buy, wasn't disappointed by my first purchase.

I did have three of these and regret selling one of them. I use them at everything from a base station, to mobile, to a portable, packet radio and APRS transceiver. I bought one at a flea market with an intermittent TX problem and found a cold solder joint on the final driver, which was an easy fix and turned it into a good radio again.

I have never had any problems with any of the three radios I have owned except the battery pack dying and this is normal wear and tear. I am impressed on the fact that the NiCad battery is designed to be taken appart which makes it easy to rebuild the battery packs. I rebuilt mine with NiMH. You also have the akaline battery pack which you can also put in NiCad or NiMH rechargeables.
WO8USA Rating: 2005-04-28
Great and dependable Time Owned: more than 12 months.
My HTX-20s is still going strong sinc 1994. I did purchase a new power unit from Maxon in about 1998. Other than that, it works great. KISS principle.

Chris WO8USA
AB5CC Rating: 2005-04-27
Most reliable HT Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I bought 2 of these back in 1992 when they first came out. They were about $200 each. These have been the most bullet-proof radios I have owned and I have owned many. Even today, when I go backpacking, I will take the HTX-202. It has the most power out (7w with 13.8v)and is the most dependable and easiest to use HT I own.

If I had to stake my life on a radio, this would be the one. I know some have had problems with the finals, etc. But, this is mainly due to the use of 13.8v power and running the rig in the high power position. On high power with 13.8v, the rig will put out about 7w. This is probably more heat than the rig can handle. If you use 12v, they will put ot 5w+ and last forever. They are easy to work on if you need to replace the memory battery or finals. This is the best bargain in ham radio right now. You can get one for $35 used. Get one! They may weigh more than one of the micro HTs, but the preformance is the best.
N2RFY Rating: 2005-04-14
Still my VHF base station Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I bought my 202 brand new back in 1992. I listened to it intense as I studied for my "No Code", anticipating the day I could transmit on it. I'm a General now, and I still have my trusted 202. It's accompanied me on many public service events, hamfests, and what not. I still love my 202. I've got a Standard C558A, but I still use my 202 for my 2m base. It's went with me all over as I've moved and lived in other areas, and one of the first things I did when I moved into a new place was set up my 2m base with 202 and a ringo ranger. I call it the brick. Mine is still going strong, knock on wood, I've never had a single problem with it in all these years.
WO4C Rating: 2005-03-06
Tough Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have had my Realistic 202 for a long time and like most older HT's the Ni-Cads are dead, but repairable. Bought mine new back when they were over priced, but won't complain b/c I had a lot of fun with it. Yes it is limited when comparing to some of the more contemporary HT's but remember this thing came out several years ago. Many were run as mobile rigs (some still are today) and they performed efficiently. I have had mine so hot that you couldn't even hold it. I have dropped it several times - even from 30 and 40 ft heights, just wiped the dirt off and kept on transmitting. However, they're not very water proof.

I wouldn't recommend looking for one if in the market for an HT - try to find a newer HT with more features. But I also wouldn't sell mine either. I also have the more rare HTX 404 70cm version as well.

Tony - WO4C
N5VWN Rating: 2004-11-18
Nothing sounds as good Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I put it at a 4 only because it's an old radio with limited features. But I compare all others by this one. Sure it don't have many wiz-bang features that new ones have. My Icom t81 is a 4bander, yet is lacking on audio and battery lasting power. My ht's come and go, but my htx202 stays around the ham shack and ends up being what I rely on time and again. I compare other ht's to this benchmark, just the way it sounds and the way I sound to others when I talk on it. Very loud and super clear audio, both on transmit and recieve. Without that, nothing else matters. If it don't sound good and loud, you won't use it. Next time I go to buy another ht, I will be sure to take the htx202 with me to compare. If it don't at least match the audio, I'm not wasting my money again. I also like the knobs on it for volume and squelch and tuning, (which seem to be making a comeback, thank God!). It's a big radio. The stock battery has long since ate the dust. And I had troubles with the aftermarket battery. But once you get past that, it's really great. That awesome audio makes up for everything. I saw one on E-bay (11-18-04) selling for $25.00. If you see one of these and it's in good order for a cheap price, GET IT! I think you will be pleased. I use MINE in my shack as the main VHF rig. And with a $200 GP-9 antenna, this set up rules the airwaves!
KB4CWR Rating: 2004-10-21
Keypad problem Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I bought my HTX-202 when RadShack closed them out. (Bad move for RadShack, good move for me hi hi) The radio has performed flawlessly with one exception. About a week after I got the unit the numbers started peeling off the the keypad. In less than two months, most of them were either gone or almost gone. It must've just been a fluke since I went to RadShack and ordered a new keypad (after I'd only had the radio three months) and installed it myself. It's been perfect ever since.
KO6JT Rating: 2004-09-18
HTx-202 Still Works Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Hello All Got my HTX-202 back in 1992
12 Yrs. ago. Mine has worked well and still going strong RF output is 6 watts on 13.8 volts
The only Problem I have had with it is going from dead Ni-Cad to Power supply it has gave me the Error
code twice in 12 yrs. as far as programing its simple to learn & loaded with as much as they could pack in there, its an all around town Ht where the repeaters are easy to hit as we all know rubber duckies are not the best antenna. I wired up a Motorola Hand speaker mic for better sound and output with the PTT button on top not side, so
when I sit down it would not key the Htx-202
the Ni-Cad died after 12 yrs. of charging can't complain there.. I Still Like it..73 KO6JT