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Reviews: 2MSRP: £415 GBP
Ultra Lightweight portable HF Hexbeam Antenna
Product is in production
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M0AIA Rating: 2018-07-10
MW0JZE Light Weight Portable Hex Beam Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I have had GW0JZE portable hex beam in operation for a few weeks now and thought I would provide some quality feed-back.
Ant you should be very proud of yourself, It has been a pleasure end to end for me to order, receive, build / install and operate your Hex Beam.

All way through the ordering and building of my Hex Beam, Ant was on the ball and provided requested information and updates in real time.

Antenna was posted with a tracking number and arrived the very next day.
Packaging was perfect, with lots of package support around each of the components.

Build Quality:
What struck me from first laying my eyes on the Hex Beam the antenna was of a very high quality with lots of good examples of attention to detail. Its clear this is a quality design that is well matured resulting in an excellent build quality and also been mindful of the packaging size and weight that makes this super antenna truly portable.

Building the antenna:
I read the provided instruction guide once end to end the evening before taking delivery of the Hex Beam and only consulted the instruction guide once during the build to understand the different spreader colour codes and support cord directions for the mid supports and clip orientation. The instruction guide is of a high standard that is very easy to follow with a good level of actual live pictures.

My Installation:
I choose the portable light weight hex beam for a couple of reasons. First reason my QTH is up against a wood land and there for I do not suffer from high winds and the second reason my mast is a simple 5 section 2” to 1” push up mast that I can lift an antenna onto and push up the mast single handed no help required. I simply removed the top 1” section (not used) of my mast and managed to find a tube that would fit over my mast 4th section pole and also the Hex Beam stub mast and clamped it all together with heavy duty pole clamps.

Mast Heights:
Typically I have couple of heights I will operate the Hex Beam from with my light weight 4 section push up mast.
20’ normal operation through the working week and will leave the antenna at this height when away from the house (unless very high winds)
27’ for weekend operation and also attaching a simple three guide rope system (would be inclined not to leave unattended)
11” drop as low as I can for high winds – yet to try this height as we have not had any storms as yet

Hex Beam Performance:
SWR at 20’ & 27’ are well under 1.5
20’ mast height is were I seem to do most of my operating I have found the antenna to work great, providing me with a quiet front end to my receiver with a noticeable gain increase over my half wave dipole that was at 30’
The front to back is amazing and also the side rejection is welcomed that can be used to great affect when trying to work DX and turn the volume down on Europe
27’ mast height is noticeable better than at 20’ but as the Hex Beam performance is more than acceptable at 20’ most of the time I have just simply been leaving it at 20’ as pushing the mast up to 27’ feet and fitting guys ropes does not feel worth the extra effort most of the time.

M0AIA Log book since getting the Hex Beam:
WoW – first station I worked was J3/G0VJG in Grenada, off to a good start I thought 😊
DX I have worked over the last few weeks, Hex Beam performance speaks for itself - United States, Canada, South Africa, Hawaii, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Rodrigues Island, Reunion Island, India.

Thanks for a truly great antenna Ant

Kind Regards
Paul M0AIA
M0RCX Rating: 2016-08-09
Excellen Time Owned: more than 12 months.
ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT D-HEXPEDITION PORTABLE HEXBEAM has evolved as a result of customer requests to have a lightweight portable Hexbeam that can be packaged away into a small lightweight holdall and easy enough to carry on aircraft etc.

The design is based on the ever popular and reliable G3TXQ HEXBEAM as currently sold by Anthony.

The spreaders are in four couloir coded sections which simply slot together similar to modern tent poles. The end spreader has the cords attached to meet the top of the centre post and to each of the other 5 remaining spreaders I.e. 1 to 2, 2 to 3, 3 to 4 etc.

The centre pole and stub base are newly designed with lightweight wing nut fastening for each of the 6 bands as opposed to regular nuts. The centre post fastens to the hub using a single through bolt and wing nut.

Wire elements are pre assemble cut to length and packaged separately as with any other hex beam product. Feeding the elements is easy removing stay wires to stand in centre of antenna and working from back assemble 6, 10,12,15,17, and 20m elements.

Wire retaining loops are held to centre of stubmast and spreaders with very strong Velcro fastenings . Mine have got very wet and no affect what so ever.

Once built the antenna is very light and can be held upright in one hand like an overgrown Olympic torch.

An optional stand pipe at bottom allows a set of nylon retaining cords to take tension preventing moving too much in winds. I would recommend for what it costs adding it to a purchase..

Erecting can be fiddly if like me you were using a drive on mast with a tilting connection . I used a step ladder to rest mast on then climbed steps to attach the beam to the rotator . The beam sags quite a bit but like so many miricales of science seems to sort itself out when vertical as spreaders fall into place.

Feeding was via a ferrite choke connected to 20m element running coax down and a small loop at rotator.

SWR readings were all very acceptable indeed and if I say so myself performance was up on the regular Hexbeam.

Does it replace a Hexbeam for daily use at QTH no absolutely not as spreaders are more susceptible to move than the MW0JZE Hexbeam BUT this is a bespoke antenna for portable use and it performs flawlessly.

This antenna recently accompanied me to Mauritius Island and I was very very pleased indeed.


Consider a push up telescopic mast to assist in an easier mast installation