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Reviews For: Behringer X Air XR12 - Digital Mixer, Compressor, Noise Gate, et

Category: Audio Accessories for Transmitter & Receiver

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Review Summary For : Behringer X Air XR12 - Digital Mixer, Compressor, Noise Gate, et
Reviews: 2MSRP: 249.00
12-Input Digital Mixer for iPad/Android Tablets with 4
Programmable MIDAS Preamps, 8 Line Inputs, Integrated Wifi Module
and USB Stereo Recorder
Product is in production
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WA6PBJ Rating: 2019-01-19
Amazing AM tool ..and SSB Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I find this is the ONLY tool I have wanted to realize EQ, compression, gate, and even effects (not really used) as the front end for my AM rig. Talk about broadcast quality in a single box...controlled from a laptop on the fly! This unit does it all. It even has memory so i can set the profile for different mics. And it makes a cheap mic sound outstanding. I use it on SSB but my rig has an internal compressor and EQ. Even so..this unit really packs it in! To me it is more than worth while and NO MORE AUDIO RACK!! Not even commercial AM broadcast 'ole skool' controllers! This is most cost effective too.
K7APS Rating: 2016-11-24
Mixing, Eq, Noise Gate, Compression - All in One! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I went into the store to buy an Alesis or maybe a Allen and Heath mixer, but I purchased a Behringer xr12 instead. I sure am glad I did. It has a bit of a learning curve because all of the mixing is done on a PC, Mac, iPad, or Android tablet. But it has several awesome features which make it stand out:

* 2 Aux out. I can send my mic to the radio on an aux out and leave stereo LR for my PC. (No Aux out on the Alesis. That is the main reason I was thinking about the Allen and Heath.)

* Eq, compression and noise gating on each input. No need to add a separate unit. The EQ is 4 or 6 band. Each band can be parametric or several other eq types. (The Alesis only has one band of parametric and only on a few channels.)

* A 100 band spectrum analyzer so you can see your signal are you are shaping it. As well as a 31 band graphic equalizer.

Amazing they pack this all in for less the $250. I don't know why you would use any other mixer or the W2IHY equipment. I am sure they are great, but the xr12 does the same thing in less space for less money.