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Review Summary For : Yaesu FT-101 Repair
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Yaesu FT-101 Alignment and Repair. 30+ years of operating, collecting, and repairing the FT-101 line. New parts plus parts-rigs for hard to find components; board extenders for live chassis testing; tube testing/matching; single board thru entire radio.
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AB3ME Rating: 2017-10-22
great service Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I bought a FT-101E at a ham fest that belonged to a silent key. Everything looked great and I got what I thought was a good deal which included the landliner speaker and YO-100 scope, only to get it home and find out it had very low output on entire 10 M band. Sent it off to Al due to good reviews here on eHam...and must say they are all correct. Al is still working full time and does this as a part time thing, so, I was not expecting a quick turnaround..LOL...took a while, but was worth every minute of the wait for him to get to it. 6 page checklist of what he actually does, pictures posted on his website of what he finds and how he fixes it, now where else will you get that kind of service. I got the 101E back in basically factory condition and could not be happier...and an extremely fair price and of course shipping costs both ways. End result, I paid as much to get this radio put back into original condition as I paid for it originally but am tickled pink at it's performance, audio reports and output (it will easily do 150 watts PEP) when tuned for 100 watts and that is impressive. I have a FT-101F I wish to sell, but just may send it to Al for rebuild as his work is that good. You won't be sorry using Al...just be patient and he will do an excellent job for you! highly recommend his service to anyone!!!! AB3ME
WD5FMQ Rating: 2017-10-11
Premiere FT-101 Resource Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Bringing a 40-year-old FT-101EE out of retirement, I needed some unique replacement parts, which I thought would be impossible to find except perhaps in overpriced eBay junk rigs abused by CBers.

I was pleased to find Al's (NW2M) FT-101 Repair Website - but just as much, his "community service" FT-101 "home page", a treasure trove of FT-101 and related information, including a complete and annotated service manual.

Contacted Al, and was pleasantly surprised – by the speed of his reply, and that he actually had new old stock parts. I ordered what I needed, Al quickly filled and shipped my order (at very low prices), and kept me informed of the status of my order immediately as each event occurred. My prized rig from 1977 is back on the air. Now, I'm getting some more parts from Al to spruce it up.

I've never met Al, either in person or on the air, but think of him as a friend more than as a supplier. He's prompt, courteous, friendly, extremely knowledgeable, provides quality parts and guidance, and has invested an enormous amount of time and talent in providing, for free, the best and most extensive FT-101 information resource I ever hope to find, online or off.

No, I'm not related to Al in any way, but am pleased to recommend him, his products, and his services to my fellow hams.

Dick, WD5FMQ
KB3CJJ Rating: 2017-09-13
Quick and Excellent work Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I sent Al NW2M the head unit for my Yaesu FT-857D. The display had gone dark. I know Al's specialty is the FT-101 series- but he has all of the tools, knowledge, and skills to work on almost anything. His desoldering station made quick work of a miniature thru-hole connector that had to be removed and the display board swapped out. Traditional desoldering methods will not work on these delicate boards and connectors. He kept me posted with photos on this FT-101 Repair pages on FB. You cannot tell the board has been repaired. It is great to have the FT-857D back in the car and operating properly. I will always use his services on anything I cannot handle myself.
KB2MFS Rating: 2017-09-02
Fantastic custom repair experience Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I contacted Al NW2M regarding his services and received a quick response. Al is passionate and very knowledgeable with these old classics. He communicated often and well concerning my rig. He cleaned the entire rig and documented everything he inspected, changed, or adjusted. He provided a six page report of all actions concerning this rig. He has access to many hard to find parts for this radio series which returned it to service once again. This is a great service run by a FT-101 expert. If you need to get an old Yaesu FT-101 back on the air and need help, this is where you need to go. I am usually critical of Vendors as I deal with many at work. Al does everything right. Knowledge, communications, passion, details, documentation, and pricing. I wouldn't hesitate to use his services again.
K8EB Rating: 2017-02-15
FT-101ee Repair Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
Sent my FT-101ee over to NW2M Al is the very best source for repair of these classic radios, his work is second to none and very complete. After repairs are complete you will even get a complete copy of all work that was done. His time to complete to repairs very fast and his communication is great even sent couple of pix of the work being done. No where can you find this type of service today. Soon I'' be sending another for some work.
N5XJT Rating: 2016-12-23
Great Yaesu Service! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Al diagnosed my power supply issues quickly and accurately. He is really knowledgeable about Yaesu products, is quite a personable fellow and offers fast accurate parts and repairs. I highly recommend him. In addition, his website contains a vast amount of Yaesu product information and I suggest a visit.
K3RRR Rating: 2016-12-21
Amazingly Fast Diagnostic and Repair Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
Technically not a FT-101 radio- but Al / NW2M took a look at my AZ/EL elevation rotor from Yaesu, the G-5500, that I use for Satellite work. I lost the meter deflection for the AZ and EL axis. I contacted Al and he knew from my description and the schematic what parts were likely the problem.

Within minutes he isolated the parts and sent me the specific Mouser page links to the exact parts (a voltage regulator and a crispy 10 ohm resistor.) The parts were ordered and installed - and Al's recommendations totally solved the problems and my Yaesu rotator has been fully operational and highly used ever since.

Al has all of skill sets, diagnostic and soldering equipment to make first-rate repairs - as good as I have seen in my 53 years as a ham. I highly recommend Al and his services - not only for your FT-101 radio - but for all of your ham equipment repairs.