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Reviews For: W2LI QRP Magnetic Loop Antenna

Category: Antennas: HF Portable (not mobile)

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Review Summary For : W2LI QRP Magnetic Loop Antenna
Reviews: 7MSRP: $165
The W2LI Magloop is an affordable, QRP antenna system
designed for quick deployment, portable use, HOA/apartment
dwellers, and excellent RX characteristics. It is compact,
easily fitting into a backpack, and gives continuous
transmitting coverage from 7 MHz through 14.350 MHz,
covering 3 of the most popular ham bands. Magloop antennas
are known for their relative efficiency when compared to
their physical size, and are known for being "quiet" on
receive compared to many other antennas, especially dipoles
and verticals.
Product is in production
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W5BBB Rating: 2022-10-18
Bought a used one. Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I never owned nor used a magnetic loop antenna, but I was always curious and saw one for sale (half regular price on-line) and thought "Why not?". It arrived today. I set it up INSIDE my house on a camera tripod at about 3 feet high and attached it to my RigExpert AA-54. With a little effort, I found the 40 meter dip and achieved an under 2 SWR dip. Hmmmm. Then I decided to check the 30 meter band...(ended-up at one full clockwise turn of the dial near original the 40 meter spot) and I got another dip of under 2 SWR. About another 1/2 turn clockwise from that spot brings 17 meters to under 2 SWR. Sooooo, on to 20 meters. Another 1/2 turn clockwise (almost exactly back to the 40 meter and 30 meter spots) was the next dip at less than 2 SWR. I then hooked my SST-T2 antenna tuner into the mix and tuned all four bands to less than 1.2 SWR.
Am I impressed? Yes. Is the bandwidth narrow? Yes. Can the operating frequency be altered? Yes. Do you need an AA-54? helped with my diagnosis and settings, but...Does it work as advertised inside a house? YES.
KG7QEN Rating: 2022-09-12
Good QRP Antenna Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I bought this antenna off eBay, as I am sure many of you did as well. My antenna arrived in the mail quickly and was well packaged. Out of the box, I did have a few problems. The SO239 connector was too tight, and I was stripping my feed lines coax, trying to unplug from the antenna. I also had issues with receiving, as in I did not hear anything.

The radio club quickly responded to my emails, and I communicated well with them. After emailing back and forth, we both believed I had a problem with my antenna inner coil. The radio club gave me instructions on how to repair the antenna myself. Unfortunately for both of us, I am not very handy, so the radio club paid to have me mail the antenna back to them.

They kept in constant communication with me and informed me they were able to repair my antenna and that it was working. However, the club still chose to send me a new antenna anyway. I received my new antenna about a week after sending them my first antenna, and presto, everything worked!

It is always a little frustrating to have problems with a product out of the box. However, the radio club was more than good about making it right, and at the end of the day, waiting an extra week for a product is not a huge deal. To get this level of customer service off of an eBay purchase was both unexpected and fantastic.

This antenna pairs well with my Yeasu FT 818 and I have already enjoyed taking it in the field. If you are looking for a cost effective QRP loop and want to support other clubs in the hobby this is a no briner.
LNXAUTHOR Rating: 2022-04-11
good alternative to IC-AL-705 loop Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
saw these pop up on the bay of evil, so i got one for my collection of portable loops... fast shipping via US Snail Priority Mail... opened the package, and found: the tuning box, 3 pieces of PVC, one section of LMR and a small coupling loop (made out of heat-shrink covered stranded copper?), with both threaded through a PVC T-coupler... there was also a single sheet of instruction paper included

i hooked up a section of coax to the coupler loop, assembled the 3-section PVC mast and attached the LMR to the tuning box, then set up the antenna by a window... fired up one of my QRP rigs, a 705, and....

nothing... no signal... no peaking of received noise... hmm, i knew band condx were bad, but... so i tried two different analyzers and another rig and different coax... nope!

the loop's coax and coupler loops tested fine for continuity, so i opened up the tuning box and found two cold joints: one from the left UHF center to the capacitor and the other from the capacitor to the right center UHF connector... most likely intermittent in any QC before shipping... oh well... touched 'em up with a hot pen, reassembled the box and the loop system...

voila! signals came alive! tuning is sharp on 40M (which is to be expected), but the loop exhibited excellent characteristics on 20M and i was able to get 1.0 swr anywhere; surprisingly there was some broad-banding in the 1.5 range on 17M... i did not test 15, 12, or 10M...

this loop is a good alternative to the IC-AL-705: both tuning boxes have no-stop-limit capacitors, which i like, as i use one of my AL-705 stealth-mounted outdoors with remote tuning via a high-torque, low-RPM motor... no need for stepping or tracking stop limits, and i can sit inside during the heat of summer and play radio in comfort...

but the W2LI loop, unlike the AL-705, comes with a built-in tripod mount, along with a sturdy enough PVC mast system, and a price point less a Franklin with similar efficiency... this makes the W2LI a good deal...

both loops pack down well, which is nice for hiking or picnic-table /p...

i like this loop and i think you will too... it works well for SWL, AM BCB, WFM BCB, and is great for keeping in the back of vehicle when the mood strikes to get on the air... it is also rugged enough for rough treatment... a good vacation antenna, as you won't have to worry about setup in inconvenient spots...

kudos to the designer and W2LI team, but a raspberry for making me fix a minimal problem - pbbbbbfft!
K2DMV Rating: 2019-01-26
Works well Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I have built, or at least attempted, to build a mag loop. I don't have a lot of space for building being an apartment dweller and this a great group to support and buy from. Great quality and easy to setup.
Thanks to the earlier reviewers making this an easy choice
AC8UO Rating: 2017-08-05
Quality Antenna Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I live in a condo community with horrible HOA restrictions. This antenna enables me to stay in the hobby. I put it on my deck every night to keep "stealthy". The HOA is none the wiser. This is an excellent product.
WJ1R Rating: 2017-05-12
Excellent Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
This is a very well built mag loop that actually exceeds its advertised specifications. In addition to working on 40, 30 and 20 meters, as advertised by its maker, W2LI, the Tri-County Radio Association, it also tunes on 17 meters. The 6:1 vernier drive makes tuning easy with my KX3 by first adjusting the capacitor to maximizie receiver noise and then transmitting a low power cw tone to "fine" tune to a low SWR. I have been able to adjust SWR across the entire 40, 30. 20 and 17 meter bands to 1.5 or lower and have made DX contacts on all those bands running 5 to 10 watts.
N2LRB Rating: 2017-04-16
Works Well Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I purchased this QRP Loop with the hope that it will work in my New York City apartment. The loop did not disappoint. I was able to make a contact on 40 meters on my first attempt. The loop was easy to tune, by sound and via a panadapter (Flex 6300 using SmartSDR). The box which holds the capacitor is sturdy and the 6:1 reduction smoothly turns. I like that I can set it up or break it down quickly and stow it away when not in use.