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Reviews For: Hammarlund HXL-1 Linear

Category: Amplifiers: RF Power - HF & HF+6M

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Review Summary For : Hammarlund HXL-1 Linear
Reviews: 7MSRP: 1200.00
1500w p.e.p. ssb input, 1000w CW. Ruggedly built to give a lifetime of service. Simple design. Coverage from 80-10 meters. 3 element adjustable Pi network output. Husky solid state power amplifier. 2 572B's.
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KA0AAM Rating: 2013-08-12
Great Amp. . . Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
Bought this Amp used. . .Was told it was working.. .Well. . .it wasn't. Cosmetically it was beautiful, but that is where the buck stopped.

After replacing the power supply unit, a few diodes, and a couple of RF Capacitors, the HUGE 75K 100 watt bleeder, this thing fired into life.

Mine has the "MODS", that supposedly produce 2000watts PEP in SSB mode.

Simple to work on. . .

extremely easy to load up. . .

I like the simplicity of it.
I like the quick loading of the Amp.
I like the extremely good ventilation of the unit.

For a 50+ year old Amp, it is tough to get a better deal.

It is, in my opinion, equivalent to the Heathkit SB200 amp in the ease of operation and toughness.

Don't expect to lift this Amp up with one hand.. . .it probably weights close to twice as much as a SB200 amp.
NE7X Rating: 2010-01-28
TANK and keeps going! Time Owned: more than 12 months.

For a 50+ year old amp, is built to last another 50 years. Has tuned inputs, can run on either 120 or 240 VAC and has built in T/R relay. Mine blew two electrolytic filter capacitors and the 75K 100 watt bleeder during a contest, however I easily replaced the caps with computer grad and found a new bleeder on Digi-Key Parts.

Thomas NE7X...
KI4VEO Rating: 2007-09-21
A TANK, and built to take heavy use Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I picked this unit up from a fellow on eBay. It was part of an SK estate he was selling off. There was obviously a lot of interest and the bidding got really fast and furious in the final moments.
It needs a fair amount of cosmetic work - the front panel trim ring needs to be rewelded and there are a number of "extra" holes drilled in the rear for no obvious reason.
This is part of my winter restoration project which consists of the HX-50 exciter and the HXL-1. I alreaady own an HQ-110A and a HQ-160 - both were in fair shape when I obtained them and were easy restoration projects.
I'll post more on this after completion. If you ever have the opportunity to grab one of these old gals up, do so.
W8IDL Rating: 2004-10-22
A GREAT, FUN AMPLIFIER! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Have owned the HXL-1 for many years. They are quite uncommon and often a topic of discussion while on the air. Almost every manufacturer made a 1000 watt amplifier in the 1960's, and I would rank this amp right up with the Collins 30L-1. The input network needs a little updating, and this is well worth the effort as detailed in another review. The modifications are easy and minimal. This amplifier tunes quickly and effortlessly and is very stable in operation. I originally drove it with a matching Hammarlund HX-50 transmitter, but the HX-50 is long gone and the amplifier has been driven with many more modern radios through the years. It is one of those radios that is really a joy to operate!
KA5TIZ Rating: 2003-11-12
A Good Place To Start Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I rate this amp a 4 not because it is a complete well designed amp from the factory, but because it is the best unit available if you desire the best possible amplifier using a pair of 572B's. The tubes are positioned vertically and the original fan is good for cooling. The transformers are top quality, and the tuning capacitors are as good as you will find. It is a nice looking case that has good ventilation and is very durable. The original input network is a horrible design that will cause the amp to break into parasitic oscillation on virtually every unit manufacture if not modified. In the 18 years I have been using this one, every one I have encounter has oscillated. With modifications described in Richard Measures articles the amps have settled down and work like champs. I wound a toroidal input transformer that gives a good broad banded impendence match, and replaces the taps on the filament choke in the original design. Second, I inserted a parasitic suppressor on the input side of the tubes, and installed two new parasitic suppressor on the plate caps of each tube. Third, I removed the neutralizing cap and put an air dam in that place to help control cooling. Forth, the high voltage capacitors failed so have been replaced and I put in a heavier string of high voltage diodes. Fifth, I changed the load resistor for values that produce far less heat and I made a pair of heat dissipating caps for the plate connectors. I am saying that if you buy one of these amps you are buying a great box for a start to a great amp. If you do the work well you will have one of the best 572 B amps available and it will deserve a ratting of 5+. Maybe you can get lucky and find one that someone has already fixed. Nobody made an amp with more potential for two of these tubes, and we are fortunate to have good information that allows us to develop a really great amp.
WA2MGB Rating: 2001-04-13
If you can find one, BUY IT! Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
Built around 1963 my HXL-1 (Serial #158) I picked up used for about 300. She puts out 800W on CW and is factory rated at 1.5 KW PEP. I was lucky that it came with the original manual! A breeze to tune-up. Punches through the worst pile-ups. Beware, she is a tank, weighing in at 71 lbs... but still very usuable as a "table top" amp. Uses a pair of 572B's. With this level of output and excellent audio/signal reports you can't go wrong! But just try to find one of these dinosaurs!
AD6KB Rating: 2001-02-12
Great old amp. Not many around. Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I bought this amp about 6 months ago in "like new" condition in original box. Plugged and played immediately. Good solid 600w CW on all bands but 10m (500w there). No oscilliscope here, but guessing at 800w p.e.p. out with great audio reports from domestic and DX stations. Clean front panel design, but looks like a Hammarlund product. Goes well with my old HQ-110 receiver. Very quiet fan, but the TX relay is pretty noisy. But I got used to it. I am no techie, but this thing appears to be really HERKY in construction. I excite this with a TS-570 and use a HiGain DX77 vertical. Would like to hear from anyone else who has one.