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Review Summary For : DXLab DXView
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A locating and Rotor controlling program that includes a world map where you can point and click to point your rotor to. Also you can enter the grid square or call prefix and run the rotor short path or long path. DXCC is supported along with greyline. It runs in real time. Rotors controlled are the M2, Yaesu and Hygain DCU-1 protocol which will run the Rotor EZ board modified HyGain rotors. Originally it would only do the M2 and Yaesu but after asking AA6YQ to include the HyGain DCU-1 a new version is released today that does them all. All com port options can be selected along with many of the rotors special options. (each one has some different options.)
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W6LAR Rating: 2001-02-17
A clever piece of work.... Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
After hunting all over the web looking for a pointing and control program for my newley acquired Rotor-EZ board by Idiom Press that made my HyGain rotor controllable from my PC I was just about to give up until I found this authored by AA6YQ, Dave Bernstein.

He had written DXView and it did control the M2 and Yaesu rotors. I asked him if it would also control my Rotor EZ board with with the HyGain rotor DCU-1 command set. He said it did not but if I gave him the command structure he would try and build it into DXView. After the past week or so between his work and my beta testing the new version of DXView for all three rotors is now ready for release. You can get it at the listed web page. It really makes my rotor shine and should do the same for M2 and Yaesu rotor owners too.