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Reviews For: Yaesu FT-847

Category: Transceivers: HF Amateur HF+6M+VHF+UHF models - non QRP <5W

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Review Summary For : Yaesu FT-847
Reviews: 168MSRP: 1599
HF+2M,6M and 70cm Transceiver
Product is not in production
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MM0LBX Rating: 2023-05-02
Fine radio, lots of fun. Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
Bought a second hand 847 from Ebay, a bit sceptical as it was kinda cheap. I took the plunge and bought it,very surprised with it. Mainly used for VHF/UHF & satellite, a new mode for me, absolutely love it on VHF/UHF.

Managed a few satellites with it so far and will keep trying, after been on HF for so long, it's exciting to learn a new mode and test the brain. A good understanding of the manual is needed as it was a change for me.

DSP is for me, very usable, takes a little of getting used to but works well on HF. Like the way the notch works, RF amp is good especially when working satellite.

HF - Haven't really had decent QSO's on HF, seems to receive well, okay, no where near as well as my MK5 but that's a different animal altogether. Some intermod on 14mhz with really strong signals but I can live with that as not main radio for HF.

Internal speaker is not great, tinny. I use a headset so not a problem. Volume is either full or silent on the internal spkr, doesn't seem to be an issue with the headset. Volume control is tiny for my fat fingers but again I can live with that.

The main thing is I'm having a lot of fun with it. I have a FT1000MP MKV, FT-450D and now the 847 to add to the collection, this rig makes me think the most of all them all when flying it which is good.

Ever since I got my license 15 years ago, I always wanted one, now I have and delighted with it. I'm still learning how to fly it properly.

Would I sell it, not a chance. If like me, you've been on HF all your radio days and want to try VHF/UHF and satellite, definitely get one, you won't be disappointed.

Overall, very capable on VHF/UHF and capable on HF for most requirements. I love it.

VY 73,

N4MJG Rating: 2023-03-24
Great rig since 2001AND STILL worksat 22 years Time Owned: more than 12 months.
As of march 2023
i learn something new as of today when you monior make sure you turn off your monior or will get feed back when run your
mike gain up about 12 o clock
my 847 is 22 years when i brought it back 2001 of course it was out since 1998 but i brought from Gigaparts a fellow friend had it then sells to me i wanted a radio it was little cheap when i brought like news it has never gave me any problem what so ever.
the rig is no longer beging made they stop making them on 2005 i'm glad kept mine !

SKCC 7305
NAQCC 5233
OMISS 11548
General LIC SINCE 2007

My 847 been great working since i owned for many years of 2001 i brought new , I never have any problem 2005 i pass general lic. got on hf and 6 meter beside 2 meter 847 works greatthe 847 stop making 2005 no longer begin made so i kept mine.

SKCC 7305 SINCE 2005
NAQCC 5233
OMISS 11548
ON6AB Rating: 2023-01-09
Great on HF and above Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I don't understand how this rig got all these negative HF comments. Is it because VHF hams are not able to operate an HF rig? Is it because nobody has the CW filter installed when operating CW? Is it because VHF hams generally have bad HF antennas?
I would be happy to say all the above is not true because to me, the FT847 is a very capable HF rig. Way better for instance than the FT897 / FT857 range.
I participated in the big CW contests with it and it holds its own without problems. Using the FT847 on CW instead of my FLEX3000 is not a punishment.
The CW filter in combination with the SHIFT and the DIG filter is taking care of most situations.
Of course, the FLEX is better and the FT847 RX is overloaded much earlier but that's where the "RF AMP" button is for.
You will be hard pushed to find a signal that's copyable on the FLEX but not on the FT847.
Just my 2 cents...
YO2LOG Rating: 2022-10-24
First test, very good rig Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
FT-847 is on my desk! Why did I choose this model? Because it dictated, again, the heart and not the reason, just like in the old days with the TS-570, KX-1, FT-1000...stations that stuck to my soul!

Although I got home with the station after 2am from the meeting almost 200 km away from home with the gentleman who sold it to me (tnx for the effort to get it there!) I couldn't resist the temptation to put it on in operation and to button it for a few hours.

A radio amateur with a little more brain than others said, among hundreds of opinions on, don't expect more from this flagship Yaesu transceiver than what it was designed for: an excellent station for VHF/UHF, where the HF part is a bonus to create the much-desired shack-in-a-box! More in Romanian, don't have exaggerated claims from HF, a segment in which it does not excel in congested band conditions or contests, and the receiver is not the loudest in the parking lot!

That's how I went on the road, reconciled that on short waves I have, for telegraphy, the ultra-quiet FTDX-3000D, and for digital, the eternal workhorse FT-450...

And now some immediate observations about the FT-847: small station, looks good on the table (the copy that arrived in my possession looks like new, with only a few fine scratches, hardly noticeable and in places that do not jump out at the eyes, with the front panel flawless ), but good and portable; with many useful and well-placed buttons, buttons a little too small and cramped for someone with oversized fingers like mine; menu not too thick and, how good!, intuitive; the fan is a bit noisy, that's how it is from its mother, not from wear and tear; the liquid crystal display is inferior in quality to that of the TS-570, but practical and not disturbing; it has no SWR-meter and no VOX, but it has a lot of useful functions, which I immediately tried, unfortunately the selection of cw filters, on audio, with values ??from 25 to 400 Hz is done from the menu; noise reduction and low/high cut work unexpectedly well!

And now the practical test at reception on HF, the part on which he recorded the most negative opinions, undeserved, I say: that's right, it's not FTDX3K or FT1000, but with a little effort it has unsuspected qualities. So with RF Gain not pushed to the maximum, listening in headphones, with DIG.FIL. at 100 Hz and working a bit with IF-SHIFT and NR I listened comfortably, although it has no dedicated cw filter, DX-pedition TY0RU on 10115!

I'm sure that by installing a good telegraph filter, plus the suggested diode modification, for a decent noise floor, it can perform on shortwave, although it's not a true contest station. But I didn't get it for that, but for the VHF/UHF full duplex cross-band capabilities for the satellite, which I'm not vouching for... I'm discovered, I don't have antennas yet, but I've heard from other people's reviews, that transceiver would be great...certainly not on the level of the IC-9700!

Anyway, it's a promising start, and if my FT-847 proves to be reliable (it has lasted 20 years without repairs), I think it will be sitting on my desk for a long time!
AF5CC Rating: 2021-12-16
Good on satellites Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I agree with N8FVJ, the FT847 is a great satellite radio, not so good on HF. I have had a couple of these recently to use on the satellites and to take roving with me as they are a little smaller and lighter than the TS2000 I had. They hear very well on 2m and 70cm. I think it hear the satellites a little better than the TS2000 did. They are pretty easy to use in satellite mode as well, easier than the Icoms are, about the same for user friendliness as the TS2000. The 12 satellite memories are more than other satellite rigs of that era had, but since it can't do any form of dual receive, you will end up tying up some of the memories for FM satellites as well.

My only complaints for the satellite features of the FT847 was that the speech processor doesn't work in satellite mode for some reason, and the sub tuning knob is really stiff, making it pretty useless for tuning for doppler shift on the birds. The 50 watts on both bands is nice, as is the DSP and built in keyer.

If you want to use this rig on the digital modes it isn't that well designed for that. The 3 conductor digital plug on the back is for HF only, and will only do PTT through that jack, not through CAT commands. The data jack on the back is for VHF/UHF only and only works in FM mode, really designed only for packet. More than likely you will end up using the mic jack like I did if you want to do the data modes on both HF and VHF, or use CAT commands for PTT switching. It uses a null modem cable for CAT control, not a straight through DB-9 cable.

It is really noisy on HF, and the receiver falls apart under strong signal conditions. Did make some nice FT8 QSOs on it while I was waiting for another HF rig to show up, though, so it will work on HF. Really better to use on VHF/UHF/Satellites, though.
KA4ETV Rating: 2021-12-16
Great Radio Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Don't understand all the hate this little radio gets. Has it all and the HF receive is fine. Always like the Yaesu Digital Filter on this rig. Great all round performer. At current prices makes a great all in one rig for all experience levels.
N8FVJ Rating: 2019-09-04
VHF/UHF, HF less good Time Owned: more than 12 months.
My previous review was for VHF/UHF only. I will downgrade to a 3 rating when considering HF use as many of you will. I should have stated it is a rather poor performer on the HF bands. A lowly FT-747GX is a better HF receiver than this FT-847.

Earlier 5-star review posted by N8FVJ on 2017-08-05

After searching for a good used VHF/UHF all mode dual band transceiver, I acquired an used late model Yaesu FT-847 in like new condition for $750 shipped.

Previously I bought a used FT-FT726R. It did not work on FM, so I was refunded & seller graciously told me to keep it. Shamefully, I sold it for parts & kept the SP-102 & MC-1 desk mic that works on the FT-847. The SP-102 speaker is far superior to the FT-847 internal speaker.

These is no real comparison in-between the two transceivers, spend the extra $400. No only is the receiver more sensitive, the FT-847 has many more features. The FT-847 is light years ahead of the FT-726R.

The FT-847 has a very sensitive VHF/UHF receiver. Even 6 meters compares well to my Yaesu FT-625RD I sold. The FT-625RD is known as a stellar performer despite the older design.

I tried the FT-847 on HF and it does handle 75 meter summer band noise very well. Many have stated the HF performance is lacking, but I did not buy the radio for HF use. If you want an all mode 160 meter to 70cm radio, I would not be that quick to dismiss the FT-847 HF performance. I did compare the FT-847 to a Kenwood TS-590SG and the difference is apparent. The TS-590SG has noise reduction & makes for easier armchair copy on signals with poor band conditions. However, unless you are a contester or very weak signal DX chaser, the FT-847 performs well enough.

As I mentioned the SP-102 speaker really improves the receive audio. In fact, I never used a finer external speaker & the SP-102 runs circles around a Palstar SP30B external speaker.

On 144mHz SSB there is quite a few external carriers on the band in my location. They sound like birdies, but are not internal to the FT-847. The handy auto notch filter does a fine job removing these signals. The DSP filtering tunes the audio in a fine manner for easier reception.

The VHF/UHF output is 50 watts. That is enough power to drive most high power amplifiers. The radio is, of course, made for satellite communications. The only other used transceiver in the FT-847 class and price range is the Kenwood TS-2000. Being available as new as of date of this review, it is more expensive vs the FT-847. Although FT-847s costs in-between $700 and $1100 used, the TS-2000 is rarely under $1100 used. It is said the FT-847 has a more sensitive VHF/UHF receiver, but many would not likely notice the difference.

It does appear the FT-847 was Yaesu's last effort for an all mode VHF/UHF transceiver. The early models do have issues with the power switch failing, so try to purchase a later model. Later models have the CAT interface vs early models that do not.

In my opinion you cannot go wrong with the FT-847. And, with careful shopping it is around $500 less expensive than a used Kenwood TS-2000.
DL1ESZ Rating: 2018-04-28
Solidand great Time Owned: more than 12 months.
i owned my since 2003 first by in Euro. Was a long decision what to by after get the licence.
Ive worked with the FT847 satellite 2m and 70cm analog FM and D-Star with extension boards. Also use for 9k6 Packet. After get on SW in 2006 i use it with the MD100 Mic for SSB on all Bands, in SSB and CW (most with my ATAS-100 Antenna on Balkony).
Also with digital modes like PSK31, JT65,JT9 and FT8 with a selfmade Interface (including Transformer isulaton and opto coupler, usb hub, usb soundcard)
Making 1500 contacts with my novice licence and more than 4000 QSO with the full licence in SW) without any problems with the rig over the last 15 years.
Solid and very good. Would buy again, shure, was a good decision to get it.
AG4B Rating: 2017-11-05
Garbage Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Of the several hundred pieces of Ham gear I have owned since 1964, this is the worst piece of garbage of all. I have the FT-847 and the FC-20 tuner. A $1500 rig with a $2.00 on/off switch that died after less than 100 hours is not acceptable. The replacement switch cost over $25.00. I'll take a hammer and bust this piece of crap in a thousand little specs of dust before I spend that kind of money. My Heathkit HW-101 was much more desirable. Worst Yaesu radio I have ever owned and I have owned several Yaesu's All were good until this one. Very noisy receiver without the very costly filters. I enjoy my 60 year old Drake 1-A receiver 1A over the FT-847. This could be such a wonderful radio but to much stuff of low quality parts makes it expensive junk. Even the FC-20 tuner is very marginal. Very shallow SWR range compared to my cheap LDG tuners which work very well. This is the only rig that I'm disappointed in over 50 years of Amateur radio.
W4KVW Rating: 2017-08-06
OK on a good day Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Had one for several weeks & the receiver needed lots of help.The filtering was terrible on a crowded band.VHF/UHF was OK but any band that was crowded made for some tough operation because the front end has very little rejection.It's a nice looking rig but it would drive me crazy if it was my fully time main rig because of the issues with the lack of rejection from other signals on the band.Maybe as a Satellite Rig it would be OK or for repeater use but don't buy one if you work DX on the HF Bands or 6 Meters or you may never hear the DX at all.It was far from a keeper for me.