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Review Summary For : DX Commander All-Band Vertical
Reviews: 87MSRP: 150
A Multi-Band (40m - 6m) 1/4 wave vertical antenna system that makes use of the original DX Commander pole. Premium version includes everything needed to get up and running: - DX Commander Pole - 8x Stainless Steel hose clams - 75cm of 8mm tubing - 10cm heat-shrink sleeve - 45cm black shock cord - 100cm 3mm Heavy-duty cord for attaching elements at top - 6m 550 Paracord for guying the mast - 100m insulated wire (enough for all elements and 20x 4m radials) - Ground Plate with SO239 connector and fly-lead - Driven Element plate - 6mm Nylon guying plate - 3mm Upper spreader plate - Enough nuts, bolts and connectors for 6 elements and 11 radial connectors The DX Commander is based on the same technique / principle as a fan-dipole.
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KB2YCW Rating: 2021-04-16
This antenna is hard to beat Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
This is a fantastic kit. Ordered it one week had it the next week.

1. It's lightweight.
2. It's inexpensive.
3. It's simple.
3. It WORKS.
4. You don't need a tuner.
5. Small footprint. Great for a small back garden.

I had a hustler trap vertical before this and I was never very thrilled with it. Assembly and tuning of the DX Commander took me two afternoons. The first afternoon I was able to assemble all of the elements / radials and fit them to the plates. Once I got that sorted I was able to raise it and take a few quick measurements and most of the bands landed pretty close. It was just a matter of adjusting the elements in the second afternoon to get each band where I wanted them and I was off to the races. The wire that comes with the kit is fantastic stuff. You get extra parts and extra wire so you can get by if you make a mistake.

This antenna outperforms all of the other vertical antennas I have owned or made myself.
Fantastic system. Very happy with it and I would definately buy it again.
W1SFS Rating: 2021-04-15
Excellent antenna, fun project, superior quality Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I purchased the DX Commander Classic All Band Vertical a few weeks ago after watching many of Callum M0MCX's Youtube videos about that antenna and many other radio-related topics. I liked his style and approach to amateur radio, that being "have fun with your radio". I had read the manual and watched several videos before it arrived. I got an email about three days before it was delivered, direct from the company owner Callum, basically saying the antenna was on the way and to contact him directly if I had any problems. I took Cal's advice and set aside an entire weekend to build it as it comes as a kit and not a fully assembled system. I carefully arranged the parts, measured the elements, cut radials (Cal provides everything you need) and built the antenna. The build and initial tuning took a full day, but I went slow, did some calculations, measured three times, and cut once. It all came together beautifully with an SWR of less than 1.5:1 on all the bands I set up for. Although I didn't order the 80m kit, I had some extra wire on hand and added an 80m element as an inverted L. I emailed Cal to tell him how it worked out and to thank him for a great product, and he responded within a day. In short, a great product with a great family-run business behind it. It's a relatively low-cost option for a multi-band antenna that is much more efficient than a G5RV and takes up less space. You won't be disappointed.
G4YTK Rating: 2021-04-07
Dx Commander Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
It was time to replace my R5 vertical but what with ? was the question. A cobweb or Gap titan or what's this DX Commander all about. After many hours reading reviews and watching YouTube I decided on the Dx Commander Classic. I watch lots of Cullum's YouTube videos which were very informative. I did have worries about the radial system but after an e-mail from Cal my mind was put at ease how simple it would be. The antenna arrived early and I took my time setting it up. I have made it permanent by concreating a small pole in the ground, sitting the DXC over the top of it. I also concreated 3 large storm camping peg into the ground to guy it approximately the 1 meter point. I have run tests using WSPR running 5 watts. The results are very pleasing with my UK signal easily being equal if not stronger than other UK signals. My signal is normally up by 5 to 10 db compared with other UK stations over 5 to 10,000 miles. What fun I am having and to have a dx pileup busting signal on 40m cw is amazing. Looking forward to band improvements so I can try it on 10,12 m. Thanks Callum for a great product and for saving me £300 compared with other antennas. Another great thing with this antenna you can understand it and if something ever goes wrong what could be simpler than replacing a wire element. I have had some 35mph gusts of wind, yes it sways but that's all. If we were due some 40mph gusts of wind or a thunderstorm may be I would lower it by slackening 3 jubilee clips reducing the height by 3 meters.
KD9ROL Rating: 2021-03-29
Great product! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
This is actually only my 3'rd antenna build. The first was a "Big Gun" Quad CB antenna built in the late 70's, the second was an MFJ-1836H Cobweb built in December. The Expedition was delivered just in time to take with me on a visit to Florida, and once I converted the suggested element lengths from metric to feet & inches, the build was very straight-forward. For me, the most difficult part was threading the shock cord segments through the collars for the clips. That was due to arthritis, not a defect of the part. The initial build resulted in the three main bands (40, 20, & 17 meters) showing an SWR of 1.2 or less in the middle of each band, with 17 being 1.1 across the band. I haven't done any trimming yet, and may wait until I get back home to try fine-tuning it. I've had the sections collapse (with no damage), and I suspect the intense Florida sun expanded the black fiberglass enough to loosen the gripping power. I have since taped the seams & added small zip ties to assist. Set up as a portable here in Northern Florida, I have logged contacts in TN, TX, & IA on 40 meters, and even my 1'st international contact when I logged Sao Paulo Brazil on 17 meters. When I return home, this will be used until I get a tower erected to get my cobweb antenna higher, and add a 40 meter inverted V dipole. I may consider adding a Classic DX Commander as a permanent addition as well. I'm very impressed with this excellent, affordable solution.
KI5MCA Rating: 2021-03-09
Fantastic, well performing kit! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
What a fantastic kit! This was my first antenna build - and it takes some time, but is not particularly complicated to assemble. Callum provides excellent documentation and superb customer service. It's a really fun way to spend a nice day outside (it will/should take the better part of a day, minimum). What a performer! I had previously been using an OCFD, which works, but the night I got this antenna up I started getting 57-59 on DX running a barefoot 7300! Quite an improvement, as I wasn't even able to hear - much less hit - stations of this distance on SSB with my horizontal before due to height limitations. I couldn't be more pleased with this kit, and now eyeing the expedition model for those long weekend beach trips!
G3PRK Rating: 2020-12-18
A classic design. Low angle and omnidirectional. Just works. Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Yes a beam can put more in the direction you point it at, but and there are few buts, the DX Commander is low cost easy to set up and guaranteed to get results, quickly.
I am now on my third Classic ABV (none have failed BTW) and I will keep the 20m Moxon but the rest 40m to 10m will be on the vertical.
The Cobweb suffered wind damage the 18AVQ died but the DX Commander just sways and takes it. Love it.
Can't be beat for quality, cost, ease of set-up.
A keeper.

Here is an update on my third DX Commander ABV.
This version has 80, 40, 20, 17 and by the use of the third harmonic of 40m the 15 meter band. That is a total of 4 verticals and 5 bands.
I initially used the recommended 3.5 meter radials (25 of them). These were laid on the ground and in 90° spread.
After a few tweaks I found that the middle spreader had moved out of alignment with the other spreaders. This meant 20m was touching the 40m vertical resulting in poor 20. After correction the SWR was better on 20m but only 2:1.
I added 4 quarter wave radials (5.03m) and the SWR dropped to 1.12 and less than 2 over the entire band. Here are the results

Res. freq. 3.665 | SWR @ Res.1.73. | Less than 2.5 over band.

Res.freq. 7.06 | SWR @ Res.1.08. | Less than 1.6 over band.

Res. freq. 14.15 | SWR @ Res.1.12 | Less than 1.18 over band.

Res. freq.18.12 | SWR @ Res.1.11 | Less than 1.4 over band.

Res. freq. 21.25. | SWR @ Res.1.02 | Less than 1.5 over band.

I had the benefit of a Rigexpert AA55 Zoom analyser but I'm sure the same can be achieved using the SWR meter on your rig.

This is a well designed, low cost, excellent antenna that does exactly what it says on the tin.
I am VERY pleased with the performance, price and support.
Thanks Cal.

K3KDX Rating: 2020-12-13
Best antenna per dollar I've seen! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Amazingly simple and easy antenna - and what a performer! Take your time with the initial cutting and install and all will be well - for a long time to come. The best antenna per dollar-spent that I've ever had - and ever seen. Multi-band, quiet, reliable, and a performer. Darn near perfect tune on every band... My other antennas rarely get switched to anymore since I can scan all bands reliably with no re-tune. So easy to put up-take down once initially constructed and tuned. In the first month of use I worked all continents, all states, 115 countries, etc. multi bands and modes....with 100w or less. I'm a believer....just take your time with the initial measuring, cutting, and won't be disappointed.
W5KY Rating: 2020-11-19
DXC ABVertical Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I love this antenna. It's great.80 thru 6m with no tuner. (I use the ATU in the radio for 30m) I've had this for 5 months now and I live in an HOA neighborhood. I thought that I was done with HF since I moved from the country and my A4S on a 70 foot tower, but not so. Back to making contacts all over the world. I placed a second layer of guys on this antenna and it took 52 mph wind gusts without a problem. It just works !
M0JSX Rating: 2020-10-26
Simply stunning Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
What can I say? After using the antenna for only a few months I am blown away by the quality of the parts and the level of service and dedication Callum offers to his customers. I had a small issue that I consulted Callum and a new spare part was on its way to me the next day. Can’t get better than that I’d say!
2E0VRI Rating: 2020-10-14
Excellent and Educational Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
This outstanding antenna is not an off-the-peg antenna you can just deploy and use, but rather an excellent kit of components needed to make an outstanding piece of kit. There are lots of videos showing this antenna so no need to describe it further here, but here’s what I like most:
1. First HF QSO on 40M with just 10watts from JO01.
2. The love put into the kit assembly shines through to the product.
3. I learned a lot about antenna design from building mine.
4. It can be installed temporarily so could be used on trips with relative ease.
Thanks for reading, keep safe y’all.