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Reviews For: TYT MD-9600

Category: Transceivers: VHF/UHF+ Amateur Base/Mobile (non hand-held)

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Review Summary For : TYT MD-9600
Reviews: 19MSRP: $359.00
Dual band DMR and analog transceiver
50W out put power

Dual band dual standby ,dual time slot

Single call match, group call match

USE TDMA digital function
Comply with digital protocol ESTI TS102361-1-2-3
Compatable with Mototrbo
Analog and digital combined
ANI function
Encryption Function
Remote Kill/Stun and activate
Short Text message function
Call log check and edit function
Short Text message check and edit function
250 zones, 16channles for each zone
Draft message edit function
PC Password protection function
Contacts check and edit function
Upgradeable by firmware
Voice prompt
Color LCD Display
Low voltage prompt
Encryption Alert
VOX Transmitting
Monitor function
SQL Setting
Product is in production
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SQ2TAC Rating: 2023-02-05
With opengd77...there is no better at this price! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
After installing the opengd77 software, it is one of the best digital/analog radio I have ever owned. With the original firmware, it is basically unusable, but after modifying the firmware, it's a completely different trx. The FM receiver is better than the Icom 706mk2g and comparable to the Yaesu ft7900. There are minor audio issues, but they can be easily and cheaply fixed. Setting up the radio for operation using a PC is very simple. If you want a basic radio for FM/DMR operations, there is no better at this price. I already have two :-)
KX3DX Rating: 2022-12-08
Excellent with OpenGD77 Firmware Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
The OpenGD77 firmware team ported their version of firmware to this radio several months ago and it was receiving good reviews on their forums. I found a used MD-9600 in perfect shape and burned the open source firmware. I was able to load my existing GD77 handheld codeplug to the MD9600. Two different radios, one codeplug! The radio works beautifully, and for the most part, the controls and features are like the GD77 handheld. For those unfamiliar with the OpenGD77 firmware, it allows talk groups to be assigned to a channel. Priceless.

Dave kx3dx
VK3TQ Rating: 2021-06-27
Disappointing Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Hi Guys, Honestly I am a pretty geared up D-Star user , Since 2006 . 2 or 3 years ago I decided to get into DMR. I want to point out I am passionate about all digital voice protocols Including C4 and free DV
I want to point out I own other DMR radios, like the MD 380 and a 390, which once you master the the steep cliff of writing code plugs, and learning what goes where these two radios have been really good, I use them for so many things, even backing the caravan with the Mrs (a VK as well).

But he MD9600, Honestly as WB1NUT says a train wreck, that just defies belief. I have done all the firmware updates, updated the CPS Not much different

The ext speaker jack has failed

Some of my programmed zones just lose their programmed channels Frustratingly my BM and DMR+ Zones,do it alot but analog ones too. So to fix ...disconnect the power wait for a day, plug it in and bazinga all works . Never has this happened in a Icom or even a Yeasu I have owned..Bizarre

Also has problems retaining the contact DB...Just intermittent and yes they are enabled.

The radio constantly pops out the speaker (the external one) and the volume control Gees who put the log pots in. Just turn pot 1mm for loud audio DOH! What a fault.

Also it is not really dual RX I havent been able to get it to work properly Other than that radio has good loud audio and works with my MMDVM OK Close range it works well, but in sensitvity, does not even come close to my Icom 5100 or 2820, which are so simple and just work, the 2820 hasnt missed a beat since 2007.
Would I recommend the MD9600 NO, it does your head in Save your money and buy an Anytone or a Motorola if DMR is your thing

Pete VK3TQ / VK2LD Narrandera
KG5WFV Rating: 2020-12-27
Was very Skeptical on Purcahse Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I was in the market for a Dual band radio. I was going to buy a TYT MD9800 being quad band... I never used 220 and 28mhz isn't my thing even if I had the license...

So I decided to buy the TYT MD 9600 being Dual band and DMR compatible. Being $280.00 USD for a Chinese radio wasn't cool.
Since that's half the cost of a new Motor Trbo DMR 5550 or same price as a used 5550e.

I went ahead a rolled the dice and was hoping not to be disappointed.
DOA right out new box... Radio didn't have pixels and was blank screen. Did some research and seemed others had this issue but according to YouTube it was a super simple fix with the right screw driver.

I fixed my radio in less than 30 minutes. As of today it's been 1 year and I have never had a screen issue with it so far after cleaning the contacts

Just be super careful not to bend or fracture your screen connector that you will clean for a defective screen with missing pixels.

Besides this issue, I'm not very impressed with the quality of the screen. It looks vintage with the pixel size and only displays white on black. No color like the TRBO radios or like the MD380.
The screen size is great tho....
It displays more information which is very useful.

I like how it also slides right to left to display moving words. It's helpful to display more information on channels.

The over all look is very nice. It looks like a true commercial grade radio. Very professional looking. The features inside menu is great. My favorite feature I fell in love with is the password protection feature on power up. No one can use your radio or see your channel information without your made up password. They can't even by pass it by cps because you can also password that too. This is the only feature that keeps me from buying another brand. This is a must for my radio. No one can steal your radio and utilize it illegally. And if you got illegal frequency's in your radio no one will find out even if you loose your radio. Once the person Powers off the radio they need a password to access the radio after power up.

Another thing I love about my MD9600 is that I was able to copy my MD380 and write to the MD9600 saving me hours or days from having to program it.
That's something Motorola would of never let you do.

The size of radio is no different than a Motorola PM400/CM200
Although the MD9600 is all metal no plastic other than the front face. It weighs more than a PM400 and has a nice Mainboard inside using Mitsubishi Japanese Parts. Not bad for Chinese radio. They stepped it up using quality parts for a Chinese radio.
Most Chinese radios circuitry isn't worth a darn.

The mic has a nice feel and look... Not lightweight actually feels heavy.

To be honest I really do love moto Trbo radios but this TYT is just so durable and the password protection on power up and the compatibility of MD380/MD9600 CPS write to radio is so convenient... Im planning on sticking with TYT for now on.

Trust me programming can be fun when you have very little to program.... But DMR ugh ...... when it comes to DMR channels... Ham radio 2.0 was right. 1,000 channels isn't enough for the code plug to have a radio that is connected to the whole nation.

Bypassing hours spent programming 1,000 channels is the best thing ever. I spent 5 days straight programming my code plug got my TYT 9600. So.... I ain't doing that again with a MOTO Trbo 5550e... No way.... Plus even if someone had a code plug to share I'm OCD with programming and organization. So I'm sticking with TYT MD 9600.

Here are some cons....

I don't like the power wire "2" independent wires that's too tangly. Why can't they use a Common standard fuse instead of a CB radio style glass
We call that Tacky!!!

Not being able to slide up and down channels in zones in CPS.
Makes starting a new zone in CPS more time programming..

They could of gave some options for color screen display or added color like MD380.

You can't scan Frequency's like you can on a Baofeng uv5r.
In this case Repeaterbook is your best friend to find what's near you.

Also, you can't scan a PL tone on this radio. Discovering someone's repeater tone is done manually and takes too long.

Wish this radio did MDC1200 or had some bells and whistles sounds. Us nerds like to tinker with our gadgets and feel special to play with sounds. Lol

My TYT MD 9600 is a Version 1 so you would think it would have that squelch issue....

I've only had that issue in certain places. As a truck driver over the road there was only 1 place I've been to that would get that and that was in the fuel island at the truck stop.

That's pretty normal for interference... I've never had the issue others was talking about..

I was thinking about getting a TRBO 5550e...... But every time I thought about having to program all the DMR 1,000 channels....

I got turned off... Plus the password protection is a must... I'll never own another radio without this feature. After using it, it's now a priority feature for me.

This TYT MD 9600 being Dual band too.... It's just too ham friendly. It would be. Great choice for GMRS and would be a great radio. It is expensive but.... Being half the cost of Motorola gear...

TYT was lucky to put the password thing on with ability to just read a MD380 unplug.....
Plug a MD9600 in and hit the button Write and it actually write..

They was lucky to do this.... Cause if they didn't.... I'd stick with Motorola...
I'd say it's worth the money. Let's see how long it lasts..

So far so good.

My friend RJ has a TYT MD 9800 Quad band and he's had it since 2014 and he talks daily and it still works being 7 going on 8 years...... So I think just maybe I'll get that with my 9600.

Thanks for reading
OZ5GOL Rating: 2019-08-17
Great radio Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
This is a fine dual band radio, doing both digital and analog. Easy to program codeplugs in the program "ContactManager"
NJ6F Rating: 2019-01-05
Great HIgh Power Dual Band Radio Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I will try to cover alternate points of interest and am TIRED of the older negative reviews. Best rich audio on receive and mic audio is perfect.
I want to mention after (10 months) this is a great radio and make sure you have updated corrected firmware and software versus the early base 1.18 Firmware. I am running 6.03 firmware since mine is a GPS version with 1.27 CP. Simply select the non-GPS 4.03 version if you do not have GPS. We have all heard the advice of many to make sure both the firmware and code plug software match or updated to latest available. I take a full 100K contacts, and tried for more but surprisingly it was 100K contacts exactly. Simply add the countries you are interested in per internet until you achieve close to 100K on the # of contacts indicator. I did have a small mic ONLY, control problem where it went into xmit on channel up or down and menu did not work but used the TYT code plug organizer, saved the file and all worked well. I programmed all digital with minimal power out 5 watts, so you can run it off battery power or not. It remembers the 4 available power levels for each digital and analog channel which you can change on the fly on the radio and then modify and then download/save. I have grouped in the code plug various TAC310 channels together for instance, if you have available repeaters. When you upload the code plug your contacts will be off, need to turn on every time you upload. I use a Audiovox VR-1 TV volume controller from audio out, into a 10 watt audio amp and dual speakers. What I like is I can operate it portable using great NEC 18650 e-bike lithium batteries getting 16.5 or more per pack tied in series for 33 volts converted down to 13.8vdc via an adjustable constant voltage converter limited to <5 amps which you can find with digital readout for E and I on an inexpensive DC to DC constant voltage converter cheap at 10 or 15 dollars for reference. I use a 440 loop typically used for SSB mode horizontal, but I use it vertical and works great, fits in pack and is balanced and has some gain. There are mods to change the brightness of display as well as color from light blue, to green or orange if you wish. I enjoy the ability to have power for simplex operation on digital when and if net goes down, and control of menu and channels from the microphone. Have fun and enjoy a good mobile rig.

KG5VW Rating: 2018-05-23
Batting 50% Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
Bought two of these from different sites about a month apart. The first one I got from a fairly well known DMR radio dealer and I think I may have gotten one of his "refurbs" (at full price!). About 3 weeks into using it I noticed the speaker mic lights would come and go and the buttons would freeze or go into la la land in the menu somewhere. It steadily got worse over the next few weeks so I sent it back for a refund (which I didn't get it all back from the dealer!). Second radio I bought from MTC Radio and it has been flawless. The radio does have some "quirks", for instance when it powers on it always goes back to the top side A no matter which side you have selected. A minor thing, just programmed the zone so my most frequent used channels are in side A. Another thing I don't like is the first side to capture mutes the other side. If a station waits too long to key back up the repeater and you get a signal on the other side, you may miss that station's traffic. Dual volume settings or a priority mode to selected side would be nice. On power down sometimes it goes wacky with noise or a digital hang like a weak signal on DMR. So far I've had this radio in my pickup truck for about 3 months and it seems to perform pretty well. I get good audio reports and the rest of the radio seems to function well. Debating myself on whether or not to buy another and take a chance or go with the CS800D. I was hoping to have two radios programmed exactly the same but that only lasted a few weeks before the first one failed.
AD0WX Rating: 2018-04-29
Junk Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
This radio should not be on the market. The version I received has the "binary" volume control (muted or blasting). There is an loud pop every time the squelch kicks in. The mic LED stays on as long as power is applied to the radio. There is no controlling the dual watch, so if you have both the A and B side programmed,and you are talking on the A side, if a B call comes in it interrupts your conversation on the A side. Now the display has gone blank (lights up but no text). No way to know what channel I am on. Buy a CS800D! (I have that radio, it works great, and they have awesome customer service)
OE3JTB Rating: 2018-03-24
Compared with the price its good Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
Owned this for three months.
Compared with the price, its a nice dualband radio for DMR and analog mode.
Today no alternative firmware is available (as MD-380) but also with the original firmware its good.
Modulation in digital and analog is very good, receiving also.
I did an universal codeplug for DMR+ and Brandmeister, talkgroup are linked in before pushing PTT for the first time in Brandmeister.
Most of the parameters can be programmed with the radio itself, so even you have no USB cable and PC with you (holidays) you can setup for regional conditions. Addional 3 party programms (and MS Excel) make it easy to setup a codeplug, with the original CPS its not so comfortable. I generated a frequency list with Excel and pushed it up. Today I have over 88000 contacts stored. Sometimes when transmitting on 2m DMR without responding by the repeater, the display is distorted. Also that there is no N socket is a pitty. But overall I am very satisfied with it....
K8KVN Rating: 2018-02-18
HW mods work, improve things a lot! Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
Earlier, I gave this radio a one. I corresponded with TYT about how to correct the pop and the volume control sensitivity and they told me which 2 resistors to change out and one to add. These work fine, but you need to learn a bit about SMT to do it right (I know a lot more now, and it didn't void the warranty). With the mods in place, I will move it into the OK range. It's really a much better radio than that, but these need to make it into production.