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Reviews For: TYT MD-9600

Category: Transceivers: VHF/UHF+ Amateur Base/Mobile (non hand-held)

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Review Summary For : TYT MD-9600
Reviews: 19MSRP: $359.00
Dual band DMR and analog transceiver
50W out put power

Dual band dual standby ,dual time slot

Single call match, group call match

USE TDMA digital function
Comply with digital protocol ESTI TS102361-1-2-3
Compatable with Mototrbo
Analog and digital combined
ANI function
Encryption Function
Remote Kill/Stun and activate
Short Text message function
Call log check and edit function
Short Text message check and edit function
250 zones, 16channles for each zone
Draft message edit function
PC Password protection function
Contacts check and edit function
Upgradeable by firmware
Voice prompt
Color LCD Display
Low voltage prompt
Encryption Alert
VOX Transmitting
Monitor function
SQL Setting
Product is in production
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AD4C2006 Rating: 2018-01-20
A usable radio as is Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I received this radio few days ago and I already have it up and running with an extensive codeplug that I made by my own.
Mine is FW version 3.027 purchased from Universal radio at lower price than other vendors.
So far the only dislikes that I have is the tones as stated here are too loud so I had to delete all of them by the CPS and also that the mic remains powered all the time even the radio be off but in my case that is not a biggy because I have it pluged to the car cigarrete socket that goes off when the car is off although I believe that mic draw current will not kill any car battery of 800A in 24 hours so next day your car will start ok.
Compared with the CS800 that I already have had for 2 years, the received audio is much better in terms of volume and quality even trough the bultin speaker.
Programing was some different than any other DMR radios that I have been programing for more than 4 years, you has to make the vhf list of channels in ALL the UHF zones for DMR you created because otherwise you won't be able to hear them both always, its kinda tricky and most of the programmers will not realize that.
The manual, Oh well I think there are not English schools in China, is difficult to understand what they are trying to explain.
I think future FW updates will fix all the issues.
I will take it to the shop where I work to check all specs with a service monitor but I am sure they will be ok, what I am listening now is very good.
One last thing even I could load to this radio the international data base using the same tool from the MD380, it did not take it at all.
W0BA Rating: 2018-01-17
Better Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
This is an updated review of the version 2 MD-9600. Many of the defects that caused the version 1 to be dismissed as not ready for sale have been addressed or resolved.
The microphone lights go out when the radio is turned off.
The unit is an excellent basic radio. Transmit audio is clear and clean. The receiver is sensitive and selective. Audio is a bit tinny or distorted but that is due to the speaker size and not unusual for a mobile radio. Add an external speaker and RX audio is very good
The annoying pop after a received signal or button press tone has been reduced significantly.
Two major issues remain: Power output does not meet specification and tone audio level is absurdly loud. The tones being overly loud is the only real show stopper and that can be addressed by turning off the tones completely. I have a button dedicated to this function.
I will keep this one as mobile FM/DMR dual band radios are rare and this one has more good than bad going for it.
K9NYO Rating: 2018-01-16
Firmware updates fix many problems Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Much has been written already about the 9600, and I will let those reviews stand on their own.

If you have the radio, go to and download the most recent programming software and the most recent firmware update. You will also need the firmware updater. The firmware update is a RAR archive, so you will need a RAR exploder. I downloaded firmware 5.04 (from Jan 4, 2018) yesterday and it has fixed the mic backlight problem.

What I like most about this radio is that I was able to use the code plug from the MD-380 HT as a base and add to it. I also like the fact that this is also a very capable analog transceiver. I have gotten good audio reports.

Aside from more expensive Motorola rigs, there are not many mobile DMR options. That being said, this is a good option and the learning curve is low if you have an MD-380 or 2017 already.

I will update this review after the radio gets more use.
REMOVED_ACCOUNT_43729069 Rating: 2017-11-23
Some Issues Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
The following enumerates issues found with the initial release of the TYT MD-9600 dual-band DMR transceiver:

1. Obtaining the current Customer Programming Software

The software disc that is included with the radio has a DMR folder, but no MD-9600 CPS is found in this folder. A search of the Analog Portable, D{MR, and Mobile Radio folders also do not contain the MD-9600 CPS.
I incorrectly assumed that the CPS found on the service download page on the TYT web-site would be the most current version of the software. After installing this software, and fully constructing my contact list, I discovered that a newer version of the CPS was available on the vendor page where I purchased the radio. After installation of v1.18, I opened the code plug that had been created under v1.07 and found that the contact list was empty. DO NOT use versions of the CPS that are earlier than v1.18.

2. Firmware Update - Instructions & Procedure Do Not Function

The firmware update instructions for version v1.18 firmware, which call for pressing the P1 + Alarm (red key) to turn on the MD-9600, do not function. The radio will not power on with this sequence, and as such, will not blink the display as indicated in the instructions prior to moving to the next step. Further, the user interface screen images contained within the v1.18 operation document do not match the user interface elements actually present in the software. No firmware update was performed due to these issues.

3. Microphone Not Powered From Switched Power Supply

With the radio turned off, the microphone back-light is enabled, and pressing the PTT will illuminate the PTT LED [which means that the user will need to unplug the microphone to avoid running the vehicle battery down on a mobile installation when the radio is directly powered from the vehicle battery].

4. Dual-Watch Always Enabled & Apparently Cannot Be Disabled

With a zone programmed with a UHF channel in channel member A and a UHF channel in channel member B, and where both of these channels share the same talk group, and where both repeaters are in range, a speaker icon will toggle back and forth between channel member A and channel member B. I implemented a test zone where channel member A and channel member B are on different repeaters with different talk-groups and verified that the radio is indeed performing a dual-watch mode. There are times when a dual-watch feature is useful, but there are also times when a dual-watch feature is catastrophic. An inability to disable dual-watch mode is not conducive to conducting effective communications. There does not appear to be a control (I may be missing something here, but haven't found one yet), either in the CPS or via the front panel, which allows for the enabling or disabling of a dual-watch feature. The only work around I see is to program the zones so that they only contain channel member A or channel member B but not both channel member A and channel member B. This would defeat some of the utility of having a dual-band radio. In our area, we have a VHF and UHF DMR repeaters, with overlapping coverage, and dual-band operation (without dual-watch) would allow manual roaming by simply switch band when driving out of one coverage of one repeater and into coverage of the other (provided each channel member has the same talk-group), where simply hitting the BAND button would move you to the other repeater. Perhaps this could be addressed in a firmware update.
There is only one volume control, shared by both channel member A and channel member B. This means that it is not possible to have the sub-band at a different audio level than the selected main band. Any conversation on the sub-band may capture the receiver (which is scanning alternately between the channel member A and the channel member B), making it difficult to engage in a QSO on the selected band.

I am hoping that something was missing in user knowledge here, and if so, a correction will be applied to this observation.

4 Beeps & Tones Uncomfortably Loud

The alert tones emitted from the radio are not well balanced to the volume knob when compared to receive audio. In fact, the tones are extremely loud (uncomfortably so) when the volume is set to provide a comfortable listening level for receive.
Both Bands Must Share The Same Memory Zone
Both the channel member A and channel member B share the same zone and channel index within the zone. It would be extremely useful if the zones could be unique for channel member A and channel member B and if unique channel indexes could be applied to channel member A and channel member B.

5. Active COS Exits Menu Mode

This issue appears to be present on other TYT radios (observed on both the VHF and UHF version of the MD-380): It is not possible to go into the menu when a signal is present on the receiver. This was evident in the test at item 6 above, where USA 3100 (I know, bad choice) was placed into channel member A with a UHF repeater and a quieter talk-group was placed into channel member B with a VHF repeater. Once USA 3100 / channel member A became active, it was not possible to use the ENT key to enter the menu to change zones. Using the P2 key (programmed for zone selection) did function, however, while the receive signal from USA 3100 was active.

6. Up & Down Buttons Inverted

Pushing the up/down buttons on the microphone inverts the action. For example, pushing the down button when on channel 1 will place the radio on channel 2.

It appears that the software is navigating visually in an up and down manner as applied to a list, where the first entry in the list is channel 1, the second entry is channel 2, etc. Under this type of implementation, the down button advances up a channel. But if you're expecting the buttons to behave as if there are channel numbers for each memory position, the impression is one of inverted behavior.

7. Good Ergonomics

Ergonomically, the 9600 is much nicer (and easier to use) than my CS800D. At least that is the impression on the bench. Road experience might present a different impression.

However, a remote-head option would be very desirable.

8. Performance

Initial indications are that the radio performance is good. Access to a UHF DMR repeater, located 60-miles away and with no direct line-of-sight path, appears to be very good. Performance on 2m appears to be equally good.

9. Some Settings Not Preserved Across Power Cycles

The band selection is not preserved across power selections. If you are operating on the bottom band, and power down the radio (e.g. shut-down vehicle), on the next power up cycle, the radio will be active on the top band.

The above observations occurred while using CPS MD9600 version 01.18 with MCU version D 003.027. It is unknown whether a firmware update or documentation update will lead to resolving any of the issues outlined above. As updates become available (presumably with a functional procedure to apply a firmware update), this article will be revised appropriately for any changes in observed behavior of the radio.

All of the above was sent, via email, to TYT several weeks ago. The email message was never acknowledged.
KA5HIA Rating: 2017-11-21
numerous issues Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Purchased the rig from Main Trading Company (at the Belton Ham Fest.) Unable to use the included software/CD.....a fellow ham, did provide link to the latest TYT firmware and programming data/code plug. Rig did accept the program. The rig, did exhibit several issues as detailed in previous reviews.
PLUS.....the up/down, Ent, & Esc buttons did not function.
I called MTC and returned the rig / they promptly sent a second MD-9600.

I programmed the new rig....and noticed the green on/off and P1, P2, and P3 buttons did not work. The only way to turn the rig on or off, was to unplug the 12v power cable.
I returned the rig to MTC.....and they promptly issued me a full refund. TYT ... has some work to do on this unit. the BEST, prompt service and they took care of my issue. 73
KD2BOR Rating: 2017-10-30
JUNK Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I wish I never got it it's in the garbage receive died only one good thing I got out of it was a bracket-the screws no pun intended-power cord the rest is history-I will stick with CONNECT SYSTEMS
WB8NUT Rating: 2017-10-18
This radio is a train wreck Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
This radio is a train wreck. Popping noise at end of transmission, volume control that is not correct, scanning that does not work properly, CPS cannot import contacts correctly without hosing up existing contacts. Cannot receive on DMR and analog at the same time, and transmit issues when power set to anything other than high just to highlight a few of the issues.

Also cannot hold 100,000 contacts as promised.

TYT is offering no assistance to fix the known hardware issues. Supposedly they are fixing in future production radios, but those of us who bought early are left without resolution.

Avoid this radio!!!!
EA2EFI Rating: 2017-10-15
FIRST_Impresion_s Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
The TyT 9600 is a newcomer and it raises interest.
However the two previous reviews are correct. He has a good appearance and bad software (waiting for a review of his guts)
Combining features in analog and digital in both bands (U + V) does not enjoy the support of the community - like his other brothers - After the latest version [03.31] he is something better.

But if you plan to change it for a pair of U / V + DMR radio .. do not do it!
It is much better to choose separately than " all together " in this transceiver.
VA3TWT Rating: 2017-10-10
Not worth the money Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
This radio could have potential if TYT would step up to the plate and resolve the issues with it. There is a definite 'popping" noise at the end of a received transmission and the volume control knob does not function properly.

I know there are a couple of modifications that can be done on the radio to correct these issues, however an end user shouldn't have to do these modifications, they should be done at the factory.

I feel I wasted my money on this rig and regret buying it.