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Reviews For: Anytone AT-D868uv dual-band DMR HT

Category: Transceivers: VHF/UHF+ Amateur Hand-held

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Review Summary For : Anytone AT-D868uv dual-band DMR HT
Reviews: 25MSRP: 169.00
AnyTone AT-D868UV Digital DMR Dual-Band Handheld Commercial
Radio with GPS

Memory Channels 4,000 channels DMR Talk Groups 10,000 Digital Contacts 150,000 (complete worldwide database from DMR-MARC) Power Levels 4 programmable power levels: 6/4/2.5/1 Watt Transmit Power Levels. Zones 250 zones, up to 250 channels per zone. Display 1.77 inch color TFT Screen with selectable dual channel or single channel display. Battery Operate 35+ hours between charges with the supplied 3100 mAh lithium ion battery in the power saver mode. Bandwidth 12.5 / 25.0 kHz Analog, and 12.5 kHz DMR Import/Export Enhanced CPS allows direct input and export of channels, digital IDs and talkgroups. Industries Ideal for fire, search & rescue, EMS, police, sheriff, forestry, security patrols, business communications, schools, universities, and other organizations that have FCC licensed frequencies. DMR Compatibility Supports both Tier I and Tier II operation, making it compatible with DMR repeaters that utilize two-slot TDMA technology. Amateur Radio Also operational on amateur radio DMR networks and analog frequencies. Software importable worldwide amateur contact database. Programmable FCC 47CFR90.203 requires the keypad locked in the shipping configuration. Software keypad unlocking and re- programming are available with the included USB Programming Cable. Speaker Connection 2-pin style Kenwood/Wouxun type earphone and speaker mic connection for a variety of accessories. Quiet Tones CTCSS/DCS tone squelch with split tone and custom tone capability. Frequency Range 136-174 / 400-480 MHz RX/TX Package Includes Dual-band VHF/UHF Radio, 3100 mAh extended life lithium ion battery, desk charger w/ AC adapter, Dual-band antenna, belt clip, free USB Programming cable and downloadable software, user manual. Certifications FCC Part 90 Certified, FCC ID: T4KD868UV Firmware Version Firmware v2.29 is now available

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K4FX Rating: 2018-07-09
Great Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
When I first got this rig, it would freeze up quite often. A new firmware came out and after flashing it. No more freezing. I did not have anything to compare it to. I heard so much great stuff about the MD-380, I bought one of those. Now I can say this, Anytone is an excellent radio. The receive audio is much nicer than the 380. The ability to download the entire user data base without any mods is great. The radio has a battery that normally last 2-3 days. Nothing bad I can say about the 868.
You won't regret buying this rig. BTW the analog channels are FB too. And it is also a dual-bander. If you could only afford one handheld and you are interested in DMR. Look no further.
KB4TXW Rating: 2018-06-30
Nice Radio! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I purchased the Anytone AT-D868UV after reading multiple reviews online, but knew that I could return it if it was a dud. Based on the price point I was expecting something similar to a TYT. I was wrong! I am very impressed with the build quality of the radio, much more professional like quality. In hand it has a very nice feel. My radio came with the high the capacity 3100mah battery, it easily runs all day long on one charge. It worked very well out of the box with the 2.29 firmware, but the newest right now is 2.30 and it is really good, no major issues. The sensitivity on both analog and digital is fine on both VHF and UHF with the stock antenna, I compared it to some of my other HT's, a lot of repeaters in my area, and it seems to as good. I couldn't tell any noticeable difference in terms of machines I can hit, local and fringe. The RX audio is very good, it has PLENTY of volume. The TX audio is clear and smooth. I have had several on air compliments. The display looks good too, bright, clear, nice layout. The programming software is very different from the normal structure most are used to. Terminology, hidden menus etc. It is more similar to an Excel sheet. It takes some time to get used to, it needs a lot of improvement but is functional. Most everything is programmable from the radio front panel which is nice to change settings on the fly. Being dual band is nice, no carrying two radios now. Yes there are a few minor quirks here and there but no radio is perfect. Overall I like this radio very much, so far it has been a pleasant experience. Time will tell. YMMV.
KJ4I Rating: 2018-06-05
I want to like this radio but... Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I really wanted to like this new radio but it has left me less impressed than I had expected to be after reading many reviews. My main dislike is what seems to be a lack of receive sensitivity in analog mode. It's just not there. I know we are talking about a handheld radio with little more than a dummy load for an antenna but this comparison is between the AT-D868uv and a couple more ht's that I have owned for a long time. I have switched and swapped antennas for comparison. No luck. The thing just don't receive like my other ht's do. I can have them sitting side by and the Wouxun and my older Anytone will hear almost full quieting, what the 868 can't even hear with the squelch set on 1 (the lowest setting). There are other minor things but I knew about those and accepted them before I ever purchased the radio so I won't mention those here. I love the build quality and the radio feels solid but for the time being I'm having second thoughts on my purchase. I guess it's possible I could have got a lemon but I can't be sure of that short of comparing it with another one. If Anytone can work out a few more bugs then we might have a decent little radio but until they do, I may have to look elsewhere or go back with a Kenwood, Icom, or Yaesu.
KD4EG Rating: 2018-05-30
Radio is Excellent , CPS and Software is buggy Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I can't give this a 5 because the CPS Software as well as the radio software is buggy. The radio itself receiver is excellent, transmit and receiver audio is excellent. In this price range it as about as good as they get I think.
W9APX Rating: 2018-05-28
Best non-MotoTRBO DMR radio out there! Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
For DMR, I usually use either my Motorola XPR4550 mobile at the base station, or the XPR7550 HT. But when AnyTone released the AT-D868UV last September, I knew instantly that I had to have one. It is a DUAL-BAND, dual-mode (DMR/Analog) HT from China, but it certainly does NOT feel like the typical Chinese-made radio. Its build quality feels like a good Kenwood or Icom radio. I purchased mine from Connect Systems.

With the earlier versions of the CPS software, the radio had a lot of bugs and glitches. But with the latest CPS and Firmware updates, the radio is quite stable and functions very well. Maximum output power on mine measures 7.4W on VHF, 6.5W on UHF (on the "turbo" setting). I have no problem getting into DMR and Analog repeaters that are 20+ miles away. The stock antenna was immediately replaced with a BNC adapter and then either a Diamond RH-707 or a RH77-CA, which improved Rx and Tx. Extra batteries are cheap at $30 for the 3,100 mA version.

If I want to take a radio with me for the day that has both DMR and Analog, but know I'll also want to talk on 2m repeaters, I take the AnyTone AT-D868UV with me every time.
DL2DMC Rating: 2018-03-03
All you need Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
This is my first "Chinese built" radio.

For my big surprise, this is an awesome rig. It features DMR and analog modes in both VHF and UHF.
I got very good feedback from other OM's for the radio's crystal clear and loud modulation. On the NF side, it has a very powerful output, ideal for outdoor and mobile use. My yaesu transceivers are by far not loud enough to be operated in a noisy environment. The D868UV blows them all away.

The device is very lightweight compared to my older analog rigs, the battery runtime is excellent.

100 % recommendation.
KB8LKH Rating: 2018-02-24
Awesome radio! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Simply put this radio is awesome!

First off I must say, that dual band DMR/analog radios are few and far between.

As of the writing of this review, the firmware version that just came out is 2.25. You will need QXCodePro_Update_dpinst_1.02 to do the firmware upgrade.

The CPS version that just came out is 1.25.

The CPS (programming software), takes a little getting used to. Once you are familiar with how it is laid out and works, it's really not that bad.

I was able to convert an MD-2017 ALL Ohio codeplug using N0GSG Contact Manager. I have modified this code plug to indicate Skywarn and ARES, plus other mods to the plug. Check out

to download my plug. For some reason, the plug doesn't download using Firefox.

4000 channels, 250 zones with 250 channels, and 150,000 digital contact IDs. 150,000 is more than enough slots for the entire MARC-DMR digital ID database.

Audio is loud, clean, crisp, and clear on both DMR/analog/FM broadcast. Even at the first volume setting, it is loud. Radio sounds great on an external speaker too.

I would recommend an after market rubber antenna. The stock rubber antenna has less than average performance. Unless you need the GPS, use something else.

I purchased the battery eliminator.

I also purchased an after market radio holster specifically for the AT-D868UV. Not made by Anytone.

This holster fits belts up to 1 1/2" wide.

Using a speaker Mic from my previous Wouxun dual band HT. TX and RX audio reports are good.

Also have a covert ear tube Mic from the same radio. The RX is good, however the TX audio is horrible. The RX audio makes it sound like I have cotton in my mouth.

In conclusion, there really isn't much bad to be said about the AT-D868UV. If you are looking for a great HT for the DMR "newbie", then this is the radio for you.

KB3Z Rating: 2018-02-20
Very Frustrated With This Radio Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I am very frustrated with this radio. Let me name the ways:
1. The programming software does not have a digitally signed driver, so I must reboot and use an advanced setting on windows 10 to get the com port recognized.

2. When I use the channel selector at times, the radio freezes. Whatever is on the screen is frozen. To release that, I must remove the battery, turn it back on again and do a complete system reset. I had to do that a few days ago, and 3 times last evening.

3. When it works, it's fine. But that is few and far between. Perhaps looking for a more reliable DMR handheld!
N9MXQ Rating: 2018-01-28
Impressed out of the box Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I bought this for two reasons.. Dual Band, and 250 zones with 250 groups.. I wasn't sure what to expect. Out of the box it has a great feel in the hand. With a little help from a friend, and a little customization I had a codeplug waiting for it to finish charging.. The plug went the first time and everything works great. Having the entire DMR ID database on board is also a big plus. You always know who's talking. As others have said, great audio on Analog and Digital, and I've received glowing reports from others on my audio. I can see this quickly becoming my daily carry radio. One other side note, the drop in charger runs on 12v dc, so it can be brought along for charging in the field or in the mobile. If you're on the fence about getting one, don't be.. It's well worth the price.
WD1V Rating: 2018-01-20
Impressive Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
48 hours since opening box.
Great audio
3100 ma battery included
GPS included
Color display, Digital and Analog, Programming Software, USB programming cable, desk charger all in the box. My first DMR - getting great reports. Display shows full name, call sign, talk group, date, time, zone. Monitoring NH Statewide Talk Group