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Reviews For: OptiBeam OBLY14-5 (14 Element Log Yagi 20-17-15-12-10m)

Category: Antennas: HF: Yagi, Quad, Rotary dipole, LPDA

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Review Summary For : OptiBeam OBLY14-5 (14 Element Log Yagi 20-17-15-12-10m)
Reviews: 5MSRP: 1619,- EUR + Shipping
The OBLY14-5 a Log Yagi, not a logarithmic periodic antenna.
It consists of 13 driven elements, which are 180 degrees out of phase between each other, and a parasitic director which mainly acts on the 24 up to 28 MHZ range.
In contrary to a logP the 13 driven elements do not follow a mathematical logarithm, this counts for their percentage difference in length as well as for their distance between each other, i.e. every single element is tuned for maximum performance, based on an iterative process.
Due to the big active region of the antenna per band (capture area) the practical performance can be compared to at least five individual optimized three element monoband Yagis.
But while monoband Yagis are somewhat peaky (not stable) regarding gain and pattern accross the desired frequency range and show not a really flat SWR the OBLY14-5 shows absolutely solid gain and a very high f/b ratio across all bands with a very low SWR.
Product is in production
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K5SES Rating: 2018-05-08
Date of first QSO, mounted height, construction, results Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I purchased the antenna in the summer of 2017, but because of hurricane Harvey on Aug. 25,2017 I was not able to get the antenna up until December 1,2017. The antenna is mounted on a Heights Tower
System tower with a NN4zz tilt plate at 72 feet. I am a new ham and that Dec. 1st was my first QSO.
The results through May 8, 2018 have been far better than I ever imagined. The results speak for themselves. During this time I have worked 132 "countries" and all fifty states. I now have QSO confirmation on 101 countries and all fifty states. The first 70 countries were worked on 150 watts without an amplifier.It was hard to make the decision to buy an amplifier but I finally took the leap. I could not be happier with this antenna. Check out the page for k5ses,where you will see the antenna and at the very bottom you will see the radiation pattern. A great thank you to Tom and others at Optibeam for personalized service.---
WA9GON Rating: 2018-03-31
Excellent antenna Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
Well engineered. Easily assembled with clearly marked components. If you have any questions, Thomas replies quickly.
IN3PBO Rating: 2017-11-29
The best antenna Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I saw the OBLY14-5 displayed at the ham fair Ham Radio 2016 in Friedrichsfafen in Germany and immediately was interested in this antenna.
The electrical concept as well as the mechanical realization absolutely convinced me, and so I purchased it.
The antenna was delivered to me in September 2016.
It was shipped in two boxes, all carefully packed and extremely well organized.
Many parts come factory pre assembled, and everything is clearly marked.
Assembling the antenna was pure pleasure, and what I already enjoyed to see at the ham fair now even more impressed me, having it in my own hands.
The assembly instructions are straight forward and all is well illustrated by many pirctures and drawings.
This antenna is optically very attractive, and it is built like a tank: a stirdy square boom with a 4mm!! wall thickness, a massive boom to mast plate, a well designed boom truss system, rock solid cleverly tapered elements which appear to be almost horizontal, and excellent high quality aluminium.
It is not a cheap beam, but no doubt, here it definitely counts, you get what you pay for.
The antenna is installed on top of my 4 story hotel, supported by a roof mounted tower. You can see details on my QRZ.COM page.
After using and testing it just for one day I was just amazed about the electrical performance, and this first impression was manifested over the next couple of months.
All for sure confirms the marketing „not a usual logarithmic periodic, it is a Log Yagi“.
The OBLY14-5 shows an enormous directivity, no brought horizontal beam width, if you turn the antenna you do see the signals coming and going, the front to side and the f/b ratios are absolutely impressive, the very long distance dx signals appear to come in with ease and the SWRs are fantastic accross all bands.
Performance definitely is the same wherever I am operating, at the very bottom, the centre or the upper end of the bands.
Calling cq dx now delivers even some pile ups on me, and breaking pile ups is not challenging any more.
OptiBeam claims that this antenna performs identical to five individual three element monoband Yagis, and all I can say from my more than one year experience using the antenna is, at least !
This is the „smallest“ of four fiveband Log Yagi models which OptiBeam offers, and with a 7.50 meter long boom it is not that small, but who has enough space should try the bigger models, if this antenna already does what it does, unbelievable what then the bigger brothers will do.
And there are some other interesting Log Yagi models OptiBeam offers, this new Log Yagi concept for sure is innovative.
I always would buy this antenna again and only can highly recommend it to everybody.
Best 73s, Bruno, IN3PBO
IK2YFT Rating: 2017-11-22
My best antenna Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
My previous antenna is a 4 elements quad, a 4 elements steppir DB36, a cubex 3 elements, a dynamic antenna 5 elements
I installed the obly 14-6 at 18 mt in my tower.
The Optibeam log is undoubtedly the best antenna I've ever used.
Beautiful to see, simple assembly, all the elements are marked, no need calibration, mounted and working, no trap, no motor, no moving part, no problems. Reliable and always ready to use.
I do not regret my old antennas
the picture and video in my website
best 73
OE8HWQ Rating: 2017-11-18
Great antenna - excellent support! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I've the OBLY14-5 now abt. 1 month on my tower in 14m and I like it every day more and more! Even I've no other beam to compare I "feel" it outperformes my previous 3 El. Stepp-IR (never trouble-free!) and all the other antennas I used in nearly 40 yrs of HAMing. No, it's not the "Pile-up Breaker" BUT for the size and neat optic it's a real great performer with an absolut flat SWR all over the 5 Bands - no matter if you're in the CW or SSB portion from - no need for an ATU - Transistor Amps will like it!
About the used material and quality is not more to say than "German craftsmanship" in every detail... The communication with Tom is great and nearly in real-time - his service is second to none - he stands behind his products!
The assemling tooks some time but it's straight forward due to Tom's preassembling and I need the Manual only 1 time... I managed it in a "One-man-show" to get the beast (With his weight it is...) in 3 parts on the (tilt-over)Mast - even with that, quite a hard job...
Now my conclusion: it expensive? Hmm, compared to some competitors YES, but due to the 1st-class material and the very good Ant-design it's worth every Cent - therefore a clear NO!
...would I buy it again? Of course YES!
...would I recommend it? Absolutely YES, if you're looking for a perfect working/looking 5-Bander, this is the right choice for you (As any OptiBeam would be, Hi)!
Cu on the bands!
73 Hel, OE8TTR