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Reviews For: UR6QW 5 band EQ V.3

Category: Audio Accessories for Transmitter & Receiver

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Review Summary For : UR6QW 5 band EQ V.3
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5 Band Microphone Equalizer
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KC6JQT Rating: 2022-12-21
Excellent, feature packed, and quality design...Great Audio Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I own three of Sergey's EX boxes. One 8 band knob type and now two of the V7 EQ's that are digital and touch Screen based and supports three different mic types, Dynamic, headset with low voltage phantom, and an XLR 48v phantom for full size large condenser mics like my Audio Technica 2035(Beautiful audio via FTDX-5000). Excellent pots, touch screen etc. and quality design. Neve any feedback like my W2IHY. The V7 version is a good deal and operates with a touch screen as easy to use as a IC-7300 touch radio. EQ/Noise gate/Processor/and effects. Update-able easily via USB interface. Smaller and as feature packed and modern compared to the outdated W2IHY (had two full sets of these in the past). No harm intended as was good in its day. Aside from this we are giving to Sergey and his family who are fighting to survive in war torn Ukraine. Shipping for each usually takes about 4 weeks but worth the wait and always came through. I bought from his ebay store at under hfvhfparts. Highly recommend. Many demos of operation on YouTube. Only tip I have is never use a cheapo USB power adapter to power these(as will induce noise. White iPhone cube charger works perfect! ...and no I am not affiliated with this product only a user in review. 73's Paul Sacramento CA.

KU7I Rating: 2021-02-11
Flawless, very high quality, worth twice the $$ Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have two of these, both 5 band versions. One for Kenwood and one for Yaesu. The Knwd version is older and the Yaesu one is newer and looks a tiny bit different. Both sound FANTASTIC. I run the compression at 100% on both and they make a SIGNIFICANT positive impact on your audio. I run the MIC input on the EQ at zero and the OUT level to keep the ALC within zone on each rig. The feel is high quality on the controls. Metal enclosure. Overall quality is very high and these devices are very rugged. These are a bargain for the price. Outstanding performance in every area.

NOTE: I run 1500 watts on 160-80-40 meters and there is NO RFI at all with this. Very good shielding. Zero issues. Easy plug and play. Just do it. You will be amazed. Record yourself with it in and out of line on one of the internet SDR radios for how it really makes you sound. Just fantastic. I bought mine from UR6QW direct from his Ebay store. Purchase time to arrival was about 8 working days.
K2CBI Rating: 2020-10-04
Good product Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Another small negative is that I have a lot of RF getting into the EQ on 75 M. It works fine on all the other bands. I tried ferrites on the cables but the RF seems to be getting into the box itself.

This equalizer works very well and has a good range of adjustments to the mic signal. Wiring and cabling is tailored to your rig brand and model. Powered by your rigs mic input (ICOM 756 PIII in my case), no wall wart needed.

It is physically tiny and was easy to find a place for on my operating desk. Pretty inexpensive and shipment from Ukraine only took a week or so.

The only negative that I have found is the absence of a bypass switch. Overall I'm quite happy with it.
W5ATK Rating: 2020-10-04
Great product! Excellent construction. Great results! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
(KG4EYG is my previous callsign)
i have a small collection of vintage Yaesu radios. The FT-ONE and FT-980 series and the FT-101ZD and FT-101EX. I also have a small collection of new and vintage Yaesu and other desk microphones. I enjoy mixing and matching microphones to my several radios and receiving audio reports.

I was amazed at the improvement this equalizer had on my audio. Whether using an older YD-844, MD-1 or my Heil microphones, it has improved my signal, audio clarity and intelligibility. Typical comments are "Easy listening", "great lows and highs", "conversational"'

Only one suggestion to the manufacture. A little longer connector to the radio and maybe pre-wired power connector. The power connector is provided..

The adjustments are smooth and the feel is like a quality radio. The construction is excellent and it looks like it should be a higher price.

Also, important to me, great customer service from Sergey U6RQW always responds quickly to questions.

Bottom line, if you thought your vintage radios had good audio before, you really want to add this equalizer to your set. I am sure Sergey's other equalizers will improve any radio. A great product for the price! W5ATK
KW4CQ Rating: 2020-03-31
Remarkable performance for the price. Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
Actually, I would give it a VERY Good. It put a little life back into my Yaesu FTDX-5000/Heil PR-780 combination, which was otherwise a bit on the dull and bassy side. I will try it out with my other mics in the future. The compression, gating, and reverb features are a nice touch and come in handy under certain operating and band conditions. I use this EQ in preference to the processing available in the FTDX-5000. Mine came with a cable that inserts mic audio into the front 8-pin MIC jack on the Yaesu. My mic cable has a 1/8" TRS plug so I had to use a 1/8" mono-plug adapter to make a connection. A minor thing, but I would have preferred to have the mic audio go into a DIN jack on the back of the Yaesu instead. Whether you are running 3 or 4 KHz audio for casual rag chewing or 300 to 2700 Hz bandwidth for DXing or contest work, this little gem will do a very good job. I ordered mine shipped direct from the UR6QW web site and it arrived here in just under two weeks in perfect shape.
KV7DX Rating: 2019-09-05
UR6QW 5 Band EQ V3 Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
Wow. Awesome piece of gear.
K4OIW Rating: 2018-07-21
Better then discribed Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I recently purchased the UR6QW 5 Band EQ/Compressor. I will say this first off the craftsmanship is undeniable it is a good solid build. The install and operation of the unit is child's play very simple and direct. I watched the video of the unit in action on Youtube and used the shown settings as a base to start off from. I spent time talking to local hams and tweaked the settings every so slightly and the results were fantastic. On local and DX I am told my audio punches through the noise and I get plenty of compliments. The unit is connected to a Kenwood TS-480HX and a Kenwood MC-60 mic. The shipping was fast just over a week. The package was well packed. You can't get a better EQ/Compressor for price. You will try it once and will be very impressed.