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Reviews For: Jetstream JTPS32MAB

Category: Power Supplies

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Review Summary For : Jetstream JTPS32MAB
Reviews: 8MSRP: $100
13.8V, 30A Power Supply with V/A meter
Product is in production
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K8DXX Rating: 2019-01-12
It is GREAT! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
This is a follow-up to my previous review expecting great performance from this cost effective ACPS. Just took delivery... 3 days. Connected the IC 7300, connected the mains power, added a generic ferrite to the power cord, connected the radio and turned it on. When the supply first started up, there was a momentary whoosh of the fan (about at the level of my MFJ Mighty-Lite I used previously). It then settled down to nothing. Set the rig to RTTY mode at 100 watts and keyed it up. Almost 22 amps and no increase in the fan. Just finished a brief scan of the bands 160 -17 meters and no birdies. What's not to like? I will admit that there are other fans in my tiny shack, the 50 volt supply from the ALS600 linear and the fan in the amp itself. To hear the fan in this Jetstream ACPS, I had to turn off the amplifier and place the supply up to my ear. Even while drawing 22 amps, I detect no audible problem. A cynic might say that I just got a good one. Maybe but seems virtually silent to me!
AG6UK Rating: 2019-01-10
A Great Value Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Purchased this power supply for $79.95 including free shipping from R&L Electronics. It's rated for 25 amp continuous output and 30 amp surge. I have used it extensively for the past couple of months with no birdies or RF hash noticed on any band. It does have a shifter dial if any hash is ever encountered. I like the convenience of the 2 pair of Anderson Power Pole connectors on the front along with the binding post connectors on the back. It also has a lighted meter that can be switched for volts and amps, which is nice. The fan does run all the time but is super quiet. The Jetstream JTPS32MAB power supply is a solid 5 and a great value!
N2LBI Rating: 2018-11-18
Reviews are like... Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I love eHam and rely on the reviews for my gear just like I use Consumer Reports for all my other purchases. I cannot understand how 3 out 4 of the most recent reviews have comments about the noise level of the item with Two reviews complaining about too much noise AND another stating it is quieter than most. I currently own a jetstream 30 amp PS with separate meters for amps and voltage and a voltage control adjustment with an indent at 13.8 vdc. It has never been considered too noisy by me or anyone in my shack. It works exactly as it should and has been since it was put into service (about a year now). I'm guessing this model will do the same.
KU8S Rating: 2018-11-08
Excessive fan noise, Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I have three linear power supplies in the shack. A Kenwood PS-30, Astron RS-20m, and a RS-50M. I've these quite a few years, all work great and all are whisper quiet. Never had a problem with any of them. Eleven months ago I purchased a JTPS32MAB power supply to power the VHF/UHF side of the station on the recommendation of a fellow ham. I looked at other supplies, but decided on the Jetstream. Big mistake. I've never had a power supply or any other noise in my shack this loud in over 50 years of amateur radio. Definitely looking forward to replacing this puppy!
KH6IO Rating: 2018-08-26
16 months Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Ran fine for 16 months. Died this morning. No complaints except the annoyance of constant fan noise. Time to dig out the linear supply...
AE4XO Rating: 2018-02-07
Much quieter than others Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I got this Jet stream to replace my noisy MFJ-4225. That fan was so loud I couldn't have my HF on at night. This Jet stream is great. Yes the fan runs all the time but no louder than a pc fan. The combination of power poles and binding posts is great too. That way you can have more than just a bare wire connection
K6PHL Rating: 2017-12-26
good but noisy Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
This power supply operates well and has 2 useful USB connectors in the front as well as the post/banana connectors in the rear. The meter can be switched between Volt and Amp. The fan runs continuously and while not obnoxious, is mildly annoying :-(, which dropped the rating to a 4.
WQ0A Rating: 2017-12-15
Great bargain, well made Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
This power supply seems well built. It uses a nicely lit, responsive meter with front facing Power Pole jacks, just what I needed for shack projects and temporary power needs. The price is hard to beat, especially with free shipping (thanks, R&L).
I would give this a 4.5 because of the continuously running fan. It is quieter than the MFJ 4125 but still not welcome in a quiet location. I added a 100 ohm resistor in line with the fan wiring. The slower speed definitely makes it quiet but still circulates air adequately for my application. This may not be a good idea if you are running over 20 amps continuously. Modify only if you are able to monitor heat issues. So far, so good.