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Reviews For: Arrow Antenna 146/437-10 and 146/437-10WBP

Category: Antennas: VHF/UHF+ Directional (Yagi, quad, etc.)

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Review Summary For : Arrow Antenna 146/437-10 and 146/437-10WBP
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Portable Handheld Yagi for 146/437 mhz primarily used for satellite DXing. However, it can be mounted on a camera tripod and used for groundwave communications. 10 watts maximum for handheld operation/150 w maximum when mounted. Elements are made from aluminum "arrow" shafts. Lightweight, and made for quick assembly/disassembly. Weighs about 22 oz.
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K6LCS Rating: 2013-07-13
Outstanding 2M/440 + SATS Performer Time Owned: more than 12 months.
There’s plenty of “Elk vs. Arrow” debate on the ‘Net. A lot of it pure rubbish - and not written by people who have actually purchased and own both units as they make their uneducated allegations. A couple of the re-occurring themes ...

“Arrow doesn’t publish gain numbers for their antennas.” This is true. Maybe a little “arrogant” of Arrow, too (grin). But reliable test data is out there - and thousands of owners will attest that their Arrow Antennas are performing magnificently for what they were designed to do.

“The Arrow is hard to transport.” Well, I devote my entire Ford Ranger’s covered pickup bed to my Arrow when I take it places. Rarely has it been disassembled. But to make it absolutely flat, all one needs to do is unscrew the three 2M element pairs, and you have a flat plane of an antenna.

“Arrows are all engineered wrong - they cannot possibly work.” A little story for you. While working for HRO-Anaheim a few years ago, I sold an Arrow to a client for working the satellites. I had first-hand experiences with the Arrow, and therefore could wholeheartedly recommend them to others. The gentleman was waiting for me to open up the shop the next morning, with his Arrow in hand.

“I know antenna theory, and this antenna cannot possibly work - it is engineered all wrong - I want a refund!” - he demanded.

Hmmm. Part of me wanted to discover if he assembled it correctly, and whether or not he actually tested it. But the other part of me was thinking, “Well, I can purchase it myself as an open-box item ... ”

Which I did. And it is the SAME antenna that I have used the past 7+ years for EVERY demo and presentation I have given.

Moral of the story: The Arrow Antenna may not please some engineers. But it sure pleases those who desire to work the FM satellites.

“The Arrow Antenna is much heavier ... “ I have brand-new, un-opened Elk and brand-new, un-opened Arrow in my hands. The Elk package weighs 35.6 ounces. The Arrow weight 33.6 ounces. Any “weight difference issue” is, well, NOT an issue.

And on and on ... EITHER antenna is a great investment. Most of the anti-Arrow nonsense on the ‘Net remind me of while my wife was proudly carrying her Nikon F in the 1970s (arguably the most significant SLR in 35mm history), others would comment, “Oh, my Pentax / Minolta / Canon is as good as that ... “ --- But you never heard any Nikon owner state any such comparison ... (grin)

How do the Elk and Arrow compare? Both work the FM birds very well. Either make working the FM sats feel like “cheating” - the gain is that dramatic over any HT whip improvements you might make.

But from someone who has purchased both and has used them both, the Arrow “senses” the initial capturing of a sat’s signal more definitively than the Elk does. I mean, in front of darned near every audience, I’ll declare, “There it is!” - when those close to me don’t hear anything of note. But that slight “dip” in the background noise ... no SWR meter can detect it ... you can just hear the beginning of capturing the signal better with the Arrow than with the Elk. This is NOT a scientific conclusion - just my personal observation after working the sats for several years with both antennas.

Wonderful products from Arrow, indeed.

Earlier 5-star review posted by K6LCS on 2008-10-02

I had an engineer look at my Arrow Antenna. He told me it shouldn't work. Well, it sure does work - and brings the Ham Sat experience to those who only own HTs.

Here's my "mod" to the antenna: the addition of a Stanley(tm) hacksaw handle to the grip. Eliminates AWS - Arrow Wrist Syndrome.

Great quality. Great product.
Earlier 5-star review posted by K6LCS on 2004-10-20

Hate to sound like a broken record - but when something's as good as this antenna...

This antenna makes satellite work painless. I regularly hit AO-51 from DM13 (Southern California) with this antenna on several HTs (Yaesu FT-60R, Icom IC-W32a, et al). You've SEEN the pictures in magazines of folks simply holding their Arrow antennas and allegedly "making contact." Well, it's TRUE!

I purchased a mid-range ('bout 50 bucks) camera tripod to keep a hand free while using it. Don't buy a cheapie tripod - the antenna needs to be mounted at one end - and it causes lesser tripods tip over...

This antenna allows me to hit AO-51 at 2Watts (and probably with even less power). It is not so "super-directional" that I need to re-adjust it to the point of distraction.

Well worth the investment...and surely a conversation-opener and a great "visual" demo for school groups and scout meetings!

Clint Bradford, K6LCS
KC9VVJ Rating: 2012-07-15
Fantastic working the Birds Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I got the split and duplexer, "full bore" model. Got a satellite the first time out and every time since (when they are transmitting). Easy setup, easy to hold, is not awkward to use at all. Got my first QSL of any kind (I've had my license a few months) with it on a satellite.

One of the best "out of the box" products of any kind I've ever purchased.
W4ZWA Rating: 2012-05-25
Works Great! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I bought the antenna on a impulse buy to see if I liked "working the birds." The antenna was easy to put together and take apart if needed. I run my Wouxun HT through it and it hits the sats just fine. IMO it's worth the money,
M0TXP Rating: 2012-04-01
good dualband yagi Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Bought one of these with the split boom and duplexer
to go with my yaesu ft60, to work the birds
unfortunately when it came i got hit with a £27 charge of uk customs and exise (mark box as gift arrow folks)
Nicely built and sturdy with good materials
Seems to work very well and got a station from belgium on ao27 on my second go with 5watts
Also it is a good antenna for pointing at repeaters that are normally out of range, plus it would make a good qrp sota antenna for the mountains/hills
Seems to work a little bit better on 2m than 70cm
All in all a good antenna and worthy of adding to your armoury of antennas
Would i buy another, only if arrow would get around the customs in the uk by marking gift on the box
KI4GTJ Rating: 2011-12-14
works like a champ Time Owned: more than 12 months.
well i'm on my 2nd arrow antenna 2m/440 and I can say i got alot of great years out of the 1st one on my vx5 and ft-857d on SSB 2m now living in an apartment it help me with hitting some 2m and 440 reperter that I could hit all that will was able to make a qso on it now! Now will be taking it QRP with me next time I go and try out 2m ssb with it on the ft-817. I also have one of the arrow osj-144-440 j-pole's and it work like a champ too

PS my 1st one got broke in a move not b/c of bad parts or bad antenna
KD8OPI Rating: 2011-02-25
Fantastic, well worth the money. Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I have the split-boom duplexer-included version. Very well made, assembles in 5-10 min. With this antenna and a Yaesu FT-60, I've worked AO-51, SO-50, the International Space Station, HO-68, SO-67.

Check the post time, but seconds ago I worked 6 stations on AO-27 on a not-so great pass of approx 40 deg max altitude, from my bedroom (yup from inside). Don't believe anyone who tells you this antenna is only good for passes >30 deg.

Also makes a great directional simplex antenna, which was put to good use when I activated Mt. Orizaba on Catalina Island for Summits On The Air 3 weeks ago.
KL7AC Rating: 2010-07-19
So much fun... Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
After a demonstration during Field Day I knew this was something I had to try.

The antenna was very easy to assemble and is of excellent quality.

I dug out an old Yaesu FT-530 and programmed the freqs for AO-51. With GoSATWatch on the Iphone went out and on my very first try worked three stations. MT, ID and WA are in the log.

I am an HF guy but this is a great way to try something different. I travel about the great state of AK quite a bit and hope to activate some more rare grid squares. The setup travels well and you can be active from anywhere.
K4TB Rating: 2010-07-19
Simple but Effective Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I bought an Arrow 146/437-10 about 4-5 years ago and used it infrequently to work repeaters from hotels, etc., with good results. This year however I gave it a real workout at Field Day as a satellite antenna on camera tripod, with great success. I used an old Icom 821H radio with 45w VHF and 35w UHF. I could easily hear all the satellites we tried, although getting through the pileups was a challenge at times. We did run a string of contacts on AO-7 when it came by. Even at the power levels we ran there was absolutely no receiver desense, part in due to the Icom's quality but no doubt a lot to do with the antenna's design. (We had separate VHF & UHF lines and our feedline losses were 1 dB at UHF; less at VHF.) The VSWR measured at the antenna was under 1.5 on both bands even at the satellite frequencies around 145 MHz and 435 MHz. This is a great antenna which is simple to use and easy to transport.
K4WY Rating: 2010-06-03
Good Portable Antenna Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Its a great way to get your feet wet with LEO FM sats. My first experience was working AO-51 using the Arrow antenna with a handheld dual band HT. I was able to make a few contacts usually 60 degress or higher in elevation. Don't count on contacts at or near the horizon. Now I am ready for a little more gain, a preamp and a permanent antenna but the Arrow was where it all started, so enjoy! but realize what you are getting.
N3YZ Rating: 2009-02-21
Excellent Value Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Just received VUCC-Satellite. How to do it? Several months of transmitting portable in a school parking lot, with a Yaesu Ft-817, a camera tripod, and this Arrow yagi. Got plenty of crazy looks, but well worth the effort. 73! John, Annapolis, MD