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Reviews For: Super Antennas MP-1 Portable Antenna

Category: Antennas: HF Portable (not mobile)

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Review Summary For : Super Antennas MP-1 Portable Antenna
Reviews: 151MSRP: 150.
Covers 40 thru 6 Meters. Will cover 80 Meters with accesory
coil MP-80. Capable of QRP thru 150 Watts. Coil Size 10.5x
1.25 inches.
Product is in production
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G8FXC Rating: 2019-10-04
It can't break the laws of physics, but... Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
... it certainly tries to! I've tried a variety of portable and compact antennae on our boat and they all tend to be disappointing. The MP-1 beats all of them easily and is fairly unnoticeable. It's never done much for me on 80, but I've made QSOs over surprising distances on 40 and up. It clamps easily onto the aft rail of the boat and is small enough that it can stay there provided the weather is not too bad.

It is narrow band - of course, given its size. I don't have an antenna analyser, but I find that it is easy enough to set up using the ruler that is supplied with it. I usually set it a bit longer (lower frequency) than the ruler suggests, then telescope it down a fraction of an inch at a time - normally get a decent tune within three or four steps. It is decently built - at least for static portable use - I would not try to run mobile with it installed and, on the boat, I would bring it in if bad weather is forecast.

Let's be reasonable about this - any antenna that is much less than a quarter of a wavelength long is going to be a compromise. The MP1 at around 2m long can get you some useful range on 40m and as you move up in frequency it actually gets closer to the right size! Don't try to compare it with a beam, or even a genuinely long wire - it will lose hands down - but in a portable context it may be your best chance of making a few QSOs.
W3JJM Rating: 2019-10-02
Very Happy with it. Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Bought mine way back when they were 100 or so. Really liked the slider and the original package worked well.

Beefed mine up a bit by using 4 black Buddipole arms under the slider and put a 66 inch black Buddipole fiberglass whip on top. This gave me 10 feet of blended goodness. Looks great with camouflage duck tape on the slider.

Clamp it to my deck railing.
Love the thing.
EI3IBB Rating: 2019-08-29
Definitely , a Super Antenna ! Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I have the MP1 a Couple of Months now and I have to say that it has greatly exceeded my expectations. I don't get a lot of time to go on the radio be that portable or Base but I enjoy getting out to do portable work as much as possible when the weather is fine.

Just yesterday I got in contact with Rocco, VE3YJ, 3,200 miles from my QTH in Ireland, using my FT-891 @100 Watts. I was over the moon, even if he gave me a 52 from his Yagi at 120 feet I knew without his antenna I probably wouldn't be heard but the point is, I was heard, I made a contact 3,200 Miles away and this is what it's all about making contacts, This was with the Titanium whip too.

I get regular contacts up to 3,600 Kms away easily with 100 watt. With more time and at the tight times I could probably catch a lot more DX.

Regardless, with this MP1 Antenna I know I'm always going to make contacts, I have not yet tried QRP with the MP1 because with the limited time I have when I can get on the radio I just want to make contacts and not be calling the same station 20 times or more.

It's super easy and quick to set up and tuning is a breeze with an analyser.

The Antenna is very well made and breaks down to a very small side and with the supplied bag I can also fit my portable EFHW and Antenna Analyser.

Very happy with this Antenna, sure it's not going to perform like a Yagi, Dipole or EFHW @50+ feet but it works and it works very well as intended as a portable quick to deploy antenna.
K6BSR Rating: 2019-06-12
First impression is quite good Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I just received this antenna on Monday and so far I'm pleased. It arrived in an approximately 10x10x4 box and only weighed about two pounds. I got it set up in my backyard yesterday and the super spike came in quite handy for ground mounting it. I only made a handful of contacts running QRP 5 watts and even made a contact into Central Texas on 40 meters. I intend to ultimately use it in pedestrian portable configuration and may even press a drag wire counterpoise into service for my QRP forays. As I just got this antenna I won't delve into the finer details yet, but my first impression is quite positive.
KA4VNM Rating: 2019-04-29
Good starting point Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I purchased an original MP1 off Ebay for a good price. I had been looking at new but the price was to much to spend for an experiment. What I did discover is it tunes very fast with an analyzer (IP30) and performs moderately well in the back yard. When I say starting point, I changed the original whip out to a standard Buddipole whip things got better, a Buddipole long whip really makes it shine.It also becomes a bit broader and easier to tune. Keeping it upright in wind is best accomplished by driving a short piece of mast into the ground and using the universal mount U clamp. Mine has the old multi conductor wire which provides, 4 nice to pack, radials and good tuning across each band. I have used both with my Xiegu 5105 and my KX3 with good results. If you are willing to mod it a bit its a better than good compromise antenna for field work. Out of the box it works as advertised if mounted in a free space like a beach or field or a mountain top.
M0VHC Rating: 2019-04-03
wow Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Used this antenna portable from the north east coast of England, it has performed very well, first time out with it worked west coast usa ,north and south Africa then to top it all worked vk on 40m
second time out at the same location worked Hawaiian islands, to say I am impressed would be an understatement
very quick and easy to set up and tune.
WY7AC Rating: 2019-03-30
4 star Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Tripod never worked right straight out of the box, threads were jacked, and NEVER use it mobile unless you Loctite the screws first! You WILL lose some coil screws. Other than that it's an "ok" aerial. Not in the same class as the Wolf River SB1000 coil, but much more packable & kayakable.
KB1TCD Rating: 2019-02-23
Great for portable use Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Bought it from a buddy of mine who hardly ever used it. Came w/80m coil, small tripod and railing/picknick table mount.
Didn’t come w/radial set so I did some research...You don’t need a radial set, a single counterpoise per band you are using will do. Cut one for 20m and one for 40m. Played w/length of counterpoise on 20m for a few minutes till I got it right. 1.1:1 SWR. I had 40 ft of wire meaning I had 26 ft left after making 20m counterpoise so I just went for it. Under 1.5:1 SWR on 40m. Set up Yaesu FT-897D on the back deck where the antenna was also located. Called CQ on 20m and got a station from IN (I’m in ME). Next to 40m called CQ and got a station from PA.
Taking MP1 on holiday to Costa Rica in a week and a half to use w/Kenwood TS-480 which is my mobile rig...
I would not use it as my baser antenna but for portable work it’s fine. I used the antenna about 8 years ago w/friend I bought it from portable at a park in Augusta ME and got a station in Greece, so DXing not a problem.
W5MIL Rating: 2019-02-12
Only Works In The Open Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
It only works in VERY open areas. It does not work indoors or on a balcony. I gave it a 3 because it does work in the perfect conditions and the radials have to be spaced perfectly. For me, it was a waste of cash I could have spent on a good endfed or dipole.
If you contact their customer support, prepare to be ignored.
2M0AYZ Rating: 2019-02-06
Very good for QRP portable. Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I have the latest version, with the big tripod, radials etc.

I was surprised by how small the whole system packs down to. It really is very portable, and light enough to walk into the hills with. The overall build quality is very good. Nothing is likely to break or fail. I use it with an extra extension arm to give more height.,

It tunes up very easily by use of the swr ruler. I've had no high SWR problems at all.

Have had numerous contacts using my Xiegu X5105 and this antenna.

All in all a quality product which will last for years, unless abused.