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Reviews For: Circuit Specialists, CSI25SW-D, 25A Bench Supply

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Review Summary For : Circuit Specialists, CSI25SW-D, 25A Bench Supply
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The CSI25SW is heavily internally shielded to reduce radio frequency interference at close range. This unit is designed to be safe, reliable and durable. Its internal protection includes constant current protection, over temperature thermal protection via its internal fan, and output over voltage protection. Additionally, there is a rear panel mounted fuse. The 25 amp (max. 23 amps continuous) DC output is located on the rear panel with a user selectable switch to allow variable voltage output (controlled on the front panel) or to fix the output at 13.8 volts. The CSI25SW-D is solidly built and has excellent line and load regulation as well as low ripple and noise.

CSI25SW-D Power Supply Specifications

Input voltage: 110V/60Hz

Output voltage: 13.8VDC fixed or adjustable voltage between 3.0 and 15.0 volts.

Output voltage regulation: < 2%+/-

Protection: over temperature, short circuit, over voltage

Output current:25 amps max/ 23 amps continuous

Ripple & Noise: ≤50mVp-p

Fuse: 110V,8A

Dimensions:220x110x220 mm

Weight: 2.7 kg, 5.95 lbs

Product is in production
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K4DFH Rating: 2018-04-03
Hard to Beat at this Price Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.

I am using this supply with my Kenwood, TS-440Sat, and it works flawlessly. It only recently joined my line-up, but so far I am impressed. First thing I did before even attaching an antenna was to scan for birdies. I found none. The meters are large and bright, providing a continuous readout of both Voltage and Current draw. With 23 Amps of continuous power, this should have no problem operating any radio at 100W output. The fan is very quiet; so quiet, I can't even hear it. What I like best about this PS, aside from the fact it seems to work so well, is that if I later decide to upgrade my power supply later, with it selectable for variable voltage, I will still a great little bench supply, not just another brick gathering dust in the closet. In my opinion, this is a lot of power supply for the money.