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Reviews For: Hi-Z IF panadapter tap board

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Review Summary For : Hi-Z IF panadapter tap board
Reviews: 5MSRP: 27.00
The PAT (Panoramic Adapter Tap) Panadapter Hi-z tap board circuit
was designed by the late Dave Powis, G4HUP/SK.

The circuit is designed to provide a convenient method of adding a
“RX Output” and/or “IF Output” to your existing rig by tapping off the
RF or IF of your receiver or transceiver so that it can be displayed
panoramically via an SDR. Its purpose is to present a high impedance
to the RF or IF circuit and therefore minimize any loading on the main
signal path of the radio. It will work in just about any solid state radio
transceiver or receiver.
Product is in production
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N3GDQ Rating: 2019-08-12
Hi-Z IF Panadaptor for ICOM IC-821H Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I purchased the PAT12M5 from Dave. From the beginning communication was above and beyond. He helped me to identify the connection points in my 821. The kit I received was great, complete and was very well documented.I followed all of his instructions and had no issues with installation. I used an RSP1A as my SDR. My only problem occurred when I fired up the radio and saw very little on my screen. Thanks to Daves timely and accurate advice I made some adjustments in HDSDR to my RSP1A and now I have a great panadaptor which really helps my weak signal work. The entire experience was worth triple what I paid and I would gladly do so in the future. Thanks Dave.
W4RAA Rating: 2018-06-22
PAT SDR for icom ic7600 Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Had previously installed a PAT kit from KD2C in my Yaesu FT736R to use with the SDR Play RSP1A which works great. Just finished installing a PAT Kit in a Icom ic7600 which is used with the SDR Play RSP1a. This PAT version is the RF PAT Tap.
before you attempt to install the PAT yourself read the installation instructions that Dave(KD2C) supplies carefully. You have to make several connections on circuit boards. Be sure to use a fine point soldering pencil. Take your time and follow the instructions to the letter and everything will work as it should. Total install time was 75 minutes which was from removing the first screw on the case, locating the connection points, soldering the PAT connection points and re-installing the last screw in the case. I did not drill a hole in the 7600 case for the SMA connection, I just left it as a pig tail out the back of the case which works well. The PAT connects to the SDR Play RSP1A via the SMA connection and display is excellent. It is a great enhancement to the ic7600.

Earlier 5-star review posted by W4RAA on 2018-05-21

Research all of the SDR Pan Adapter options out there. Decided to purchase KD2C's Pan Adapter Tap.
I emailed Dave (Owner/Engineer)several times about his products and received the answers I was looking for. I purchased a PAT, Connection Kit, RG/SMA cable for my Yaesu FT-736R(144,222,432,1296mhz. I was a little apprehensive about going inside the radio with my soldering pencil but Dave's instructions (both written and schematic diagram) were very easy to follow. I installed the PAT with no difficulties. An "Operator" error would not let the PAT work as it should. An email to Dave and with his directions had the PAT up and running. KD2Cs PAT works exactly as he describes it would. I am seeing signals that I would be missing without his PAT. FYI: I have the PAT connected to a SDR Play RSP1A SDR module and the combination is great. I have a lot less invested in my SDR radio then a new SDR radio would cost. I have two other radios I plan on installing a KD2C PAT in.

You will not be disappointed with this product.
W3GBW Rating: 2018-06-10
My Feedback Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I purchased the HI-Z pan adaptor tap board from Dave KD2C. Board was well made price was excellent shipping was very fast and the best part was dealing with Dave. I had no problems installing the board into my FTDX 1200 and the board worked perfect. my issue was with the software. Dave was VERY helpful with this. All my Emails to him were answered the same day OR within 24 hours. So GREAT communication. If anyone is looking to do the mod I highly recommend dealing with Dave you will be very happy you did. I am loving the HDSDR now that I have it up and running. BIG Thank you Dave for a GREAT product and all the help you provided on the software side. 73's W3GBW Glenn in PA
VE2VAG Rating: 2018-05-27
Great and effective board for your panadapter project! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I recently got myself a Kenwood TS-480SAT, and while playing with it and discovering all it's capabilities, I found that it was easy to add an IF panadapter to it. Since I already had an RTL-SDR USB dongle V2 (their 1st model with a TCXO in it), I tried it by connecting it's antenna input directly to the CN152 1st IF connector in it. It worked, but the noise floor was high, and I noticed that there were artifacts and spikes every 30 to 40 KHz on the waterfall, which was kinda expected since I live in a noisy environment and have a plasma TV at home...

Then, I found out about this IF panadapter tap board, and have orderend one from David KD2C. David promptly replied to my email about this, and suggested the PAT85M5 board, since 1st IF frequency of my radio is 73,095 MHz. I ordered this board and have added the RCA connection kit. Board and shipping price for Canada were reasonable. Shipping was fast, and board was received 9 days after ordering. In the meantime, David sent me by email a PDF document which included details from the schematics of the TS-480SAT about where precisely to tap both the 1st IF and the V+ in the radio. I already knew about the tapping IF connector, but did not about the importance of tapping the V+ at a place where the voltage is present during RX, and absent during TX, to help prevent overloading the SDR input while transmiting with the radio.

I had to get myself a finer tip for my soldering iron so that I could tack the + power wire to the V+ tap point, which is very tiny in the TS-480SAT... It is a via point, so very tiny indeed. But I managed to do it without destroying anything... In fact, I had more trouble soldering the RCA jack on the coax i am using to connect to the RTL SDR V2 dongle I have. I snipped the cable from the magnet antenna base that came with the dongle, and the conductor and braid are very fragile on this.

Board is working like a charm. I'll have to fine tune HDSDR a bit, but one thing I immediately noticed is that the artifacts and spikes I was seeing before, at every 30 or 40 KHz on the waterfall, are much less present, and the waterfall seems to be much "cleaner".

I'm very pleased and satisfied with this. Next steps will be making a better coax than the one I have, and maybe a better SDR receiver. The RTL-SDR V2 dongle I have is a little better than all the other cheap dongles that are available elsewhere, since it has an TCXO in it, but because I live in a noisy environment, I probably would get better results with a SDRplay or another similar SDR receiver.

Great board, and highly recommended for your panadapter project. It was a pleasure doing business with David KD2C.
NP2GG Rating: 2018-04-26
An effective, safe way to add a panadapter to your rig Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I purchased this and installed it in my FTDX1200. The model I purchased was the PAT50M5 along with the connection kit. Shipping was next day but the USPS lost it for a day or so. Communication with the seller, Dave, was outstanding. He responded to emails within an hour. Installation requires a steady hand and needle point soldering iron. This is not a beginner project. I fed the output to an SMA jack and then into a Nooelec dongle, and then into HDSDR.