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Reviews For: Apache Labs ANAN 7000DLE

Category: Transceivers: HF Amateur HF+6M+VHF+UHF models - not QRP <5W

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Review Summary For : Apache Labs ANAN 7000DLE
Reviews: 5MSRP: $2995
The ANAN-7000DLE HF & 6M 100W SDR Transceiver offers top of

the line performance is a compact rugged package, it is

based on the work of the OpenHPSDR community.
Product is in production
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K0JTA Rating: 2019-04-25
Superior radio and support! Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I have owned many, MANY SDR units, mostly by Flex. (One SDR-1000, a Flex-3000, two Flex-1500s, two Flex-5000s and a Flex-5600.)

Many years back, I was urged to try an Apache-Labs ANAN-100, and once I did, I was hooked.

Since this first ANAN, I have also had an ANAN-200d and my present ANAN-7000DLE. I am forever grateful to my "suggestion guy!" -It took him a long time to convince me, but at the time, he also had a stable of FLEX radios; -This fact adding a lot of gravity to his comments. So, I sent off my funds to INDIA (!!) and waited.

I had to pay the fixed FedEx shipping and had to complete the needed customs forms, and endure the WAIT..!

Now, one can order the radio from a dealer at a REDUCED PRICE, and get the radio in just a very few days, by comparison to my ordeal.

I have found the software used by the Apache-labs radio(s) to be SOLID and STABLE, which is very pleasing.

The radio runs just BARELY (imperceptible) warm on all areas, even after I have completed a 90 minute session as NCS, so heat is NOT an issue.

The Apache-Labs radios do not have the usual (LONG!) startup period that the Flex's 6000 series have, which is not important to some; -But to me, it is simply very nice. (Power it on, and it is ready.)

All in all, a great and well supported radio!

73; Mike, K0JTA
PA1HR Rating: 2018-09-25
Improvements with respect to the ANAN-200DE Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
Four months ago I migrated from the ANAN-200DE to the ANAN-7000DLE. The 200DE needed "some" modifications to reduce the sensitivity for RF. The backpanel was unsufficient grouded, so were some connectors and boards.

This ANAN-7000DLE is much much better constructed. Really an improvement with respect to the ANAN-200DE. I see no reasons to modify anything on the 7000DLE. The 7000DLE uses different firmware too.

With PureSignal the ANAN-7000DLE has an IMD-3 of an incredible -68dB! This is the most important reason why I bought this SDR. No other transmitter (except the ANAN-8000DLE) has this kind of clean signal.

I try to do my best to find a mechanically and technically improvement or consideration, but honestly: I cannot find a single one, sorry!

I use the ANAN-7000DLE every day, more than one time, for longer periods, for contesting, in SSB and CW, etc.

The second controller (the first one of course is the computer) is the ELAD TM-2 with enough knobs (yes, even a big one for tuning the ANAN-7000DLE VFO's), RIT-control, all kind of functions and even a nice little display. My linear amplifier is the Hilberling HPA-8000B driving about 1 kW.

The communication with my dealer in Germany and the manufacterer Apache Labs is very fast and easy.

The software I use is OpenHPSDR, which is open source. Support is great! With OpenHPSDR you get an incomprehensible number of features. NR, NB and whatever work as it should be; no complaints. SDR Console v3 from Simon Brown is nice to use too.

Ok, one improvement of the ANAN-7000DLE would be the colour of the front; dark grey (IMHO) is more beautiful...

Enjoy and 73!, Hans PA0Q.

VOODOO Rating: 2018-09-13
Liberated Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
One word describes this Radio " Matchless"
The Imd, pure signal and diversity, not to mention a few others is top notch. The recovered audio on receive is incredible and the NR feature sounds like an FM station on JE3. I'am a huge fan of Kenwood Main rig been the TS950SDX. For me the move came as i love to experiment with quality audio both on TX & RX "ESSB". I've owned a Flex radio and don't get me wrong it was a wonderful radio. The problem for me was the audio section, sounding little metalic or sterile, was it poor omp amps, or something not quite right in the audio stage. Any way it became a door stop pretty quick sorry to say. To me there is no better sound than a 950SDX. I say until the Anan arrived. Once run with external rack gear or with the CFC tools this "Bad Boy" will and to me sound as good or on par as the 950SDX. The SDX are getting old, very troublesome and hard to maintain. The Anan 7000dle was a game changer and i guess i feel liberated from the SDX now. There is a learning curve that goes with owning a Anan but boy they are such a cool fun radio to use. Any regrets none at all
GW0GEI Rating: 2018-06-16
Excellent sdr Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I replaced my flex 6300 with the anan 7000dle in December 2017, after getting tired of waiting for flex to fix the random network disconnect issue and deliver a better NR system.

There was a steeper learning curve with the openhpsdr pure signal client software but it only took a week to get the basics and cat etc all sorted with dx commander and n1mm. The NR2 noise reduction is superb and far better than the flex one. SNB also takes care of most man made noise too and the ANF actually works whereas the flex only partially worked.

I was waiting for the new flex 6600 so I could have dual adc rx for diversity but as they have still not delivered into Europe I am glad I opted for the 7000dle instead. I use the dual adc rx to listen on different antennas to hf/lf and 6m; and the diversity beam steering to null out noise on the lf bands has enabled me to work lf dx I would not have been able to with the flex.

There are a lot more parameters which can be adjusted and after a few weeks I got the hand of the main agc and tx adjustments, with superb recovered audio on rx and good reports on tx. The pure signal pre distortion works really well in cleaning up the tx signal and I am about to hook it up with pre distortion feedback from a new lin amp uk 1kw solid state pa which will be linked to the pre distortion sma socket. I havnt tried it with a transverter yet but so far on 6m and 10m I have been very impressed at how low the rx hears down to at this rural low noise qth.

It was also £1000 cheaper than the still awaited for flex 6600, so in the end it was a no brainer alternative purchase. The noise reduction system alone is worth it and I run it all the time on all bands along with SNB as they both make such a difference on snr.

6 months of ownership and its been tested on hf contests and lf dxing quite a lot. Nothing out there for the same budget to beat it at present.
Steve gw0gei
NC3Z Rating: 2018-05-20
Amazing radio Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I upgraded from a Anan 200D as I wanted a preselector on the fully independent second receiver.

The transmit performance is wonderful, always get tons of unsolicited comments on the audio. using the CFC compression (this is a multi-band compressor) and Pure Signal makes probably the cleanest and punchy transmitters out there, and makes you a good radio neighbor.

The TX is only exceeded by the RX. The NR2 algorithm is brilliant and just amazing to experience. And on the low bands in the summer with lots of atmospheric noise the SNB makes or breaks a weak signal in the noise.

I had/have FTDX5000MP, Flex 6500, IC7610 but always come back to the 7000DLE as my primary rig.

If you want knobs just add the Behringer CMD-PL1 and you are all set!

And the numbers are good on Sherwood's tests, but the recovered audio will amaze you.