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Reviews For: LINEAR amp UK Gemini HF-1K

Category: Amplifiers: RF Power - HF & HF+6M

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Review Summary For : LINEAR amp UK Gemini HF-1K
Reviews: 14MSRP: 2500 GBP
New solid state HF and 6 metre linear amplifier capable of 1 kiloWatt
with low distortion.
Product is in production
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NA6US Rating: 2019-08-24
Great Amp Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Overall just really happy with this amp and is pairs well to my Flex Radio 6600 and Palstar HF-Auto Tuner. Highly recommended.
W5AK Rating: 2019-07-20
VERY FINE SOID STATE AMP Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
This amp is really solidly built and well designed. It works as advertised and loafs along at a KW. It will do more but why push it. The price is great. The folks at DX Shop are perfect. I highly recommend this amplifier.
G4HTZ Rating: 2019-07-19
Great amp Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Picked this up 2nd hand ...only 9 months old ...very impressed .driving it with a Sunsdrpro2 well ...
Was going to buy a acom 600s but this came along at a similar price ....shame UK limit is only 400w pep !!!!
I've used the Gemini range of amps on 4m 2m and 23cms and all worked flawlessly......this is my 1st serious go on HF bands in 43 years of being licensed ...always been 4m to 10ghz in the past .....I even got a hexbeam to go up at some point .
GM0ELP Rating: 2019-05-03
Built like a tank! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
It uses a PAIR of dual-LDMOS BLF188XR power devices for reliability, which other solid state amp has this at this price point? It also has a high speed diode switching circuit for fast TX/RX turnaround, no noisy relays. The thermal design on this is very conservative with a massive heatsink, and OFHC heatspreader which means less noise from fans. Only downside is the resultant weigh-in at 19Kg. The amp follows every QSY via cat control here in the shack, but no cat control is needed. I'm proud to say this amp is also British made, well done!
M0AFJ Rating: 2019-01-11
Solid State Amp Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I’ve had my Gemini now for a few weeks and I’m really impressed. Auto bandswitching and no tune makes for fast QSY. The amp loafs along at the UK limit and if required will give over 1KW. I’ve had a number of unsolicited comments on the cleanliness of the signal.
Silent QSK is brilliant. Very nice to use.
Why would anyone use a tube when this amp is available?.
GW0ETF Rating: 2018-12-02
Very happy - plug and forget..! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I wanted to wait until after a couple of contests before writing a review and CQWW CW in November was one obvious opportunity to do that. I operated 42 hours in All Band so the new amp had a good test and along with a couple of other recent contests and rag chew sessions has fulfilled my hopes and expectations completely.

The only other amp I’ve owned is the Acom 1000 which is a great amp - 10 years and still going strong. Naturally I’d read the dimensions of the Gemini before taking delivery but even so was slightly surprised at the size and weight; in some ways it feels a bigger beast than the Acom. But to me that suggests nothing has been scrimped in the power supply or heatsink department which is reassuring but would think twice if I was after a portable amplifier. I wanted the Gemini as a base amp for the automatic band and antenna switching (plus instant on) and I’m delighted to find this kit being produced on my doorstep. I have a garden shack and like to fit those computer type security fittings on all my expensive gear. Roger personally assured me one of these wouldn’t affect the warranty and even went further to say if I ever wanted to sell it on in the future they could replace the rear panel if the buyer didn’t like the fitting on the back!

The app is excellent and allows me to see what’s happening on screen without having to look over at the amp. I have OmniRig running which connects to my K3 via Lp-Bridge; it’s seamless and just needs Lp-Bridge and the Gemini app started for everything to connect and the amp to follow band changes on the radio. I like this because if I want to quickly check another band the antenna selection will follow immediately - no need to hit the key for a shot of rf and the panadapter shows correct signal levels at all times.

The QSK is so good that your sidetone in cw can sound just like a signal in the receiver. There was one weird moment in CQWW brought on no doubt by tiredness when someone replied to my CQ on exactly the same frequency/tone and caused me to imagine it was a long echo from my own transmission. For a high power amp the QSK is remarkable and totally silent except for a barely perceptible faint ticking in time with the keying(?). I have the 10w version and I disable the PA in the K3 so the power is limited to 12 watts; that way I will hopefully avoid any overdriving accidents, something that could easily happen in the last hours of a long contest.

In normal use the amp is super quiet and unnoticeable. I’ve used it in one ssb contest lasting an hour and the temperature never showed any sign of going past about 37 degrees as I recall; the fan sound was very quiet. However when operating cw in either a busy contest or long rag chew the higher duty cycle often causes the temperature to rise up the point when the fan noise is quite loud. That point is around 49 degrees and I’m not sure if this is a separate heavy duty fan that kicks in but it has so far prevented the temperature going any higher than 52 or 53 degrees. At that point it’s significantly noisier than the Acom but normally isn’t an issue for me as I routinely use headphones anyway. Maybe I’m overcautious but I’ve raised the feet up onto small blocks of wood 45mm by 45mm and 20mm thick to give more space underneath which may help in my tiny not so well ventilated shack. The system is clearly efficient because any hiatus in keying of more than a few seconds results in the temperature dropping quickly and the loud fan going silent.

The above paragraph is more an observation in contrast to what some others have written but I do have one complaint - it doesn’t keep my garden shack as warm as the Acom in the winter….;-)
WB4KTF Rating: 2018-11-01
Works like a charm and very quiet Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I received my HF-1K 2 weeks ago. I had one problem that I fixed (had to add a RF choke (6 turns or coax between the IC-7610 and the amp). My set up is an Icom IC-7610 connected to the HF-1K then to my Palstar HF-Auto. The amp replaces my Collins 30L-1, yes I have moved up several decades. This setup works extremely well with my G5RV antenna. The amp is so quiet that I need to look at it to make sure it is even on. During a longer conversation I do hear the fans come on and speed up as the temperature climbs on the huge heat sink. This amp appears to be well designed, it weighs 19 kg, they did not skimp on this boy. The displays are simple and easy to read (RF Out, Current and VSWR), it has 1-input and 3 outputs (I use 2 of them, one to the HF-Auto and the other to a 1.5KW dummy load), a RCA pin plug for amp keying (I have this directly connected to my Icom IC-7610), an ethernet port and a 0db port. The manual is just 12 pages long, so this amp is easy to setup and use.
LB1RH Rating: 2018-09-06
Great! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I was initially planning to go for Acom 1200S, however first reviews were not very positive, so I decided to look for alternatives. Gemini HF-1K does have few advantages over Acom: multiple antenna ports, 2x LDMOS for clean signal vs 1 in Acom, predistortion output, controllable via LAN network, full QSK. And it's cheaper.

I bought 10W drive version, which means I can use the PA with my KX2. I tested my Gemini HF-1K at this years fielday and it was a blast. I operated for about 20 hours, had pileups that lasted many hours. Multiple times people commented how strong and clean my audio was. PA temperature never rose above 41C (we were in a tent, outside temperature was about 10C) and the amplifier was very quiet. Couple of times I chose a wrong antenna port, which, as expected, triggered high VSWR protection.

One small annoyance I can mention is that LCD viewing angles are not the best.

All in all, so far I'm very happy with this purchase.
M0VMX Rating: 2018-08-28
Outstanding ! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I was hunting around for an auto amplifier for quite a while a friend Howard G3YZY said come around and have a look at mine so I did and I am so glad I did! I put my order in straight away with Roger and 3 weeks later it arrived.
I have only had my Gemini 1K for 5 days and all I can say is WOW what a superb perfect amplifier
Its so quiet you don’t even know its there also I don’t ever need to keep looking at it as I use the network control software so all the information is right on my screen in front of me.
I have only using the Gemini on 7mhz and 14mhz so far and its outstanding, my signal is clean and a perfect 3K wide with no distortion its also is just ticking over at the UK legal limit, if you are looking for a solid state amplifier this is the one to buy and its UK built. My next order will be a Gemini 4 for 70mhz Thank you very much Roger for all your hard work you have designed a perfect amplifier.
G3XJE Rating: 2018-08-25
Superb Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I have had my HF-1K now for more than a week. It has worked flawlessly. I have had excellent reports of the audio quality on the air. It is very quiet and very easy to use.