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Reviews For: ICOM IC-2800H

Category: Transceivers: VHF/UHF+ Amateur Base/Mobile (non hand-held)

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Review Summary For : ICOM IC-2800H
Reviews: 55MSRP: 500.00
VHF/UHF Mobile w/ 3" LCD Screen.
Product is not in production
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N0VJC Rating: 2017-05-22
Good Rig Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I bought this radio used and am very happy with the performance so far.
It is a bit complicated to program by hand, so I recommend paying the ~$50 for the programming cable and software. That makes it a snap to setup and maintain.
FYI service tip:
The connectors on the Head to Base interconnecting cable are easy to break. This can cause connection problems and manifest itself as several seemingly unrelated problems.
I discovered that any high quality RJ12 6P6C Straight Wired cable can take the place of the original. If possible, salvage the ferrite core from the original cable or purchase a snap on version.
In my case, when I'm using as a base station, I use a 1 ft cable to interconnect it. When I go mobile, I use the longer one provided with the radio. I wouldn't recommend having a cable longer than 15 feet in any case.
Thanks and 73's
N6JSX Rating: 2011-04-16
Good but problems! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I've had two IC-2800's for ~10yrs (his and her vehicles now just my SUV radio). It is an easy radio to operate. The RX has very good sensitivity. The TX is solid even with flaky VSWR (loose antenna/crushed coax).

The BIG problem with the 2800 is the Control head FAILURES that makes the radio a piece of junk!!!

There are two common failures to the control head:
1. Intermittent turn-on to finally NO turn-on.
2. LCD back-light intermittently slow light to NO back-lighting. Cold temps make it worse!

Since I have two 2800's I've been able to swap the control heads to determine where the problem lies and keep one operational. With two I've been able to keep one operational!

I've had these radios in for repair FIVE times each for the same problems! The last time ICOM repair had my radio 9months!!! And then they told me they could not find any problems, but as soon as I put that control head in my SUV and the temp was below 32F I had super slow LCD back-lighting as well as slow intermittent turn-on. (Swapped heads and now I just have intermittent turn-on)

ICOM Repair has told me there is a design issue with the 2800 control head that can take out a data chip. Some capacitors do not hold up to temperature extremes, hence the back-light inverter slow start. But ICOM will not modify or fix these known circuit flaws just keep raking in the repair profits.

When the radios works - it's great, but if you need a repair ---> ICOM is lame, lengthy, and costly. The 2800 is no longer sold - wonder why?
W3RXO Rating: 2010-08-23
One of my Favorites Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I wish we were able to vote a bit in between. I would have rated it a 4.9. For 2 reasons. 1-it is not the best radio in the world for cross band repeating. 2-it does not do V-V OR U-U. Otherwise, it is a fantastic radio. I live in metro L.A. and have never had a problem with intermod. the radio is easy to use, and very intuitive. A year or so ago, I decided I wanted a 2820H, for D-Star operation, and put it up for sale. The first fellow who contacted me, couldn't understand why I wanted to sell it. After talking to him for an hour, or so, I cancelled the ad, and decided to keep the radio. He was willing to buy it, but wanted to talk me out of selling it. He did that. I still use it, and even though I eventually bought the 2820H, for D-Star, the 2800H is one of my favorite radios. I sure wish Icom would come up with a radio, which has a similar display, for the modern market. It is, simply put, the best display, EVER put on a mobile radio, and the radio itself is darned good too. If you find one for $300, buy it, you won't regret it.
KE1O Rating: 2009-11-03
The Best Dualbander Ever Made Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I can't remember how long I have had this radio. I bought it from AES the second week it was on the market. I used the video in to monitor a 2.4Ghz wireless camera watching a field strength meter about 100' in front of my truck as I tried different antennas. what a cool thing to be able to see. rock solid performance. easy to use, and multi color display rocks. I like this radio so much I bought a backup one NIB off ebay to keep on the shelf. I have bought and sold many different radios, and I will NEVER give this one up. Icom, why did you stop making this??? KE1O out...
KB7GJY Rating: 2009-03-05
I cant say this radio is just good. Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Granted mine has died, it is a great radio, so I am getting it repaired. This thing has been a trooper. It has been in 3 cars and two over the road trucks. I moved it in the the shack, and it still worked great. One day I walked into the shack, and it was off and tried to turn it on, no go. After several tries, still no go. So I bought two radios (minus control heads, due to theft) and powered up no problem.

Now the control head, I think, has gone down hill. I found a service that thinks they can repair it. I am sending in the other radios in to be repaired too, so I have them as spares.

I love the radio and all it does. I have owned this radio for close to 7 years.

ICOM!!!! Bring back the 2800H make it a Mk2 or something.
WA3UOO Rating: 2008-07-27
Best dual band I've owned Time Owned: more than 12 months.
As of this writing, I still own this rig. I just installed it in its 3rd vehicle after sitting in a box for 8 months. Bolted everything in, connected cables and power and it plays perfectly. Hands down the best dual band mobile I've owned. I'll be hanging on to it for another 10 years.
KD5SPJ Rating: 2007-11-06
All around the best dual bander I have seen Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have an IC-2800H and love it. I have had it for about 5 years with absolutely no problems. I Have used it as both a mobile, in three different vehicles, all off roaders, and at home on the bench as a base. In all conditions save for very very cold temps under freezing, to the desert heat here in New Mexico, it always came on immediately and ran great. The very few times it had a slight delay of about 5 seconds to pop the display on was either because the cable was not plugged all the way in on it ir it was very very cold, probably about 0 degrees.

I love the audio, ease of programming, display, and the power. I can't think of anything I don;t like about the radio. I usually use it on mid high power because even on that setting I can hit all the repeaters I ever try to hit. Only once in a while to I turn it up to high to get full quieting on out at the fringe areas.
AF4KK Rating: 2006-11-12
I LOVE my 2800!!! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
What a great radio! It has great selectivity, copious amounts of memory and THAT SCREEN! It easilly supplies ALL of the information one needs to operate either 2 mettters of the 440 band! Thank you, Icom, for such a great radio. I also own an Icom IC-7000 and I'm glad to see that the color screen idea has been carried on!
N1FCJ Rating: 2006-10-31
Great radio but a bit bright at night. Time Owned: more than 12 months.
First, for all those who have display problems (slow to come on or doesn't come on), there is a fix. Replace C38 (47uF) on the controller board and your problems will dissappear. It is at the bottom right hand corner of the board. I am betting a larger value cap would be a better fix but I haven't tried it. I am thinking maybe 100uF will do nicely. I've had my radio for about 6 years with no problems other than the display being slow to come on in cold weather (see above). I have not had the intermod that others complain of. This radio has one of the better receivers of the radios I've used, although the Icom 2400 with its varacter tuned front end is the best ever. If you want an intermod-free radio, try to find one of those (sorry, I'll never sell mine). My only complaints are that the display is too bright at night and the mic cord is too short considering it plugs into the chassis, not the head. The latter can be easily remedied with an extender made from a CAT5 cable and a double female RJ-45 adapter. If you could dim the display more it would have gotten a 5.
K8APS Rating: 2006-03-09
5 years and still going Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I must say that I've had this Icom for at least five years now and I use it regularly and I've had no problems. Yes, in the winter here in Michigan it gets cold and the display does take a few moments to come on... not a problem if you let everything warm up a tad first. The display is a bit bright for driving at night though (now my display is mounted lower, but this was a problem when it was high on the dash). I really like the rig and it has been working well. Lots of great features. I did change the original mic out for the wireless one (although it is being used as wired).