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Reviews For: Daiwa CN-901 HP

Category: SWR & Wattmeters & Dummy Loads

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Review Summary For : Daiwa CN-901 HP
Reviews: 10MSRP: 139
Frequency: 1.8-200 MHz
Power Range Forward: 20/200/2000 Watts
Accuracy: +/- 10% (at full scale)
SWR Detection Sensitivity: 5 W min
Input/Output Impedence: 50 Ohms
Input/Output Connectors: SO-239
Dimensions & Weight: 6.25 x 4.3 x 4.8 / 2lbs. 3ozs.

SWR and Power indicators are indicated all in one meter
unit. SWR will be indicated at the crossing point of the
2 needles. This unique feature makes it possible to read
all of Forward Power, Reflected Power and SWR at the same
time. HP type can also measure P.E.P. Peak Power in SSB
operation. (can not measure Reflected Power range.)
Product is in production
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OM1HMI Rating: 2022-12-28
Nice and useful Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Looks great, sufficiently large to read indicated values, unable to comment accuracy, but fully sufficient for my needs in terms of frequency&power range and two-pointer indication of forward/reflected power. The only comment so far is too white LED light, 2700-3000K probably would better match scale background color and simulate classic bulb.
AG5ND Rating: 2022-06-28
Very good meter when it works Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Bought one of these new about three years ago. Within six months it had to be sent in for repair when it failed. From what I could tell, I got a new meter back. About two years later, the PEP function stopped working. After contacting the USA office for Daiwa (I had to write Daiwa in Japan to get the contact info), I was told they don't fool with repairing the meters, its not cost effective. But, I was told if I would ship my defect meter to them, they would sell me a new one at a discount. By the time I paid two-way shipping and the discounted price, I'd be within $40 of a new meter. I'd be better off just keeping mine and buying a new one.

On the plus side, when the meter works, it is very bright and easy to read. I have noticed the CN901HP readings track very closely the meter on my MFJ manual tuner (which gives me more confidence in the MFJ meter), but the size of the Daiwa makes it much easier to see then the MFJ tuner meter. The power and SWR seem to work great, just the PEP is dead. Still does basic functions just fine.

So, when it works, big plus to Daiwa. When it fails, big thumbs down to a company that won't repair its products.

So, after almost three years, I may be about to have my third Daiwa CN901HP. I have to think about this some more, since I don't know if I want to have a third try with the same model.
G4OBB Rating: 2021-06-16
Don't like this product Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I can't say I'd recommend this despite the good ratings.
It reads rather low compared to my Palstar meter.
Also the pep function is slow to react, and also very slow to return to zero....SWR bridge doesn't work when PEP function is on. (It works great on the Palstar)
I brought this because I wanted a larger meter than the Palstar....I did have a Hansen FS710 H brought in the early 1980' was fantastic..but after all these years the SWR meter did weird things!
I'd get another Hansen if they were still available.
I'm sending this thing's poor.
G4GZG Rating: 2021-01-16
Possibly one of the best you can buy Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I've had several power and SWR meters over my 43 year ham career. Most were fairly inaccurate say +/- 20% but they did the job. Then I bought a Bird 43 and used that for a while and grew to like the dependable accuracy of the Bird. Then I moved QTH and wanted a dual meter accurate power meter.
Enter the Daiwa CN901. Straight out of the box the readings were as accurate as my Bird 43 and more accurate than the cheaper Avair 200. The meter display is nice and clear and the PEP feature is very useful. The only fault I've found was when I was running an end fed antenna straight into my external AMU, the CN901N read consistently high. This was due to RF getting into the meter. Ferrite clamp ons on input and output leads solved that problem though.
K7JQ Rating: 2020-05-18
VERY pleased Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Purchasing an SWR/wattmeter under $150 can be a crapshoot. You never know its' accuracy until you try it out. I wanted to change out my reliable Autek Research WM-1 on my second 100W radio/antenna combo because it wasn't really usable/accurate on 6 meters (the specs state as much). And I didn't need the accuracy/features of the $500+ meters on the market. After reading the eHam reviews and emailing a couple of reviewers, I decided on the CN-901HP. Glad I did.

On the 100W station, the accuracy was very close to the previous WM-1 numbers. Today, I decided to try it on the KW+ station, putting it in series with two known meters...the Elecraft W2 digital readouts on my PC, and the digital readouts on my Acom 1500 amp. Not lab-grade instruments, but good enough for amateur radio comparisons. Both of those have always been within +/-5% of each other on SWR and power readings.

I put the radio on my most used band and segment, 14.025 mHz. I compared the readouts on each of the meters' power scales...20, 200, and 2,000W. Surprisingly, the power measurements on the Daiwa were pretty much smack dab in the middle of the other two +/-5% readings at each power scale! SWR readings averaged less than 0.2:1 difference compared to the other two, quite acceptable considering the convergence point of the cross needles.

The meter is huge and well lit with LED's. Build quality is excellent. The PEP function works well, with a switch that can give it a longer hold on peaks if you wish. As mentioned elsewhere, the Reflected meter doesn't work in PEP mode (not really needed anyway). Although mine didn't need it, there's a YouTube video that easily shows how to calibrate the meter if you're not pleased with it out of the box (it can happen with any meter). Almost forgot to mention: On my 100W station, the antenna is close to the house. On 20 meters *ONLY*, with my IC-7300 at full power, the meter was reading 123W

. Thinking possibly an RFI issue, I wrapped the 13.8V power cord around a snap-on ferrite where it enters the meter. Now reads a respectable 102W. Nothing else was affected. Issue solved.

Time will tell how well it holds up (never had a meter go bad on me). So far, so good...highly recommended.

73, Bob K7JQ

K0UA Rating: 2020-02-26
Well made, easy to use tool. Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
It is early days with the 2K version of this meter, but I am very pleased with this product. Easy to read, quality construction and works very well.
WA6PBJ Rating: 2019-08-25
a 3KW watt meter for HOW MUCH? Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Read the remarks. They are 'spot on'. Where can one find a pretty darn accurate dependable readable well lite watt meter for <$150?? BIRD!! Not!! But of course Birds read average power. I love my Daiwa CN901 HP3.
KN6SU Rating: 2019-03-07
Very Good Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Wanted a peak and average reading power meter, and after looking at and handling several models(MFJ/Ameritron/Palstar), I chose this one. It's solid and well made, just heavy enough (about 1Kg) that it stays in place with cables attached. The meter face is big enough to read from several feet away and the LED (which can be turned on and off) illuminates the meter perfectly. Accuracy is well within the stated 10% (it tracked my IC7300's power control value nearly spot on throughout the 0-100W range) and the PEP & AVG readings correlated on continuous (CW etc) modes. This meter (the HP type) has three power ranges: 20W/200W/2KW. The 20W range is easily readable and accurate enough for QRP work, thanks to the large meter face. This is a perfect range if you don't run more than 2KW.

PEP measurements were responsive and quite accurate when the PEP hold switch was OFF. When hold was ON, the holding circuit tends to over rate the power, though still within the 10% tolerance figure. The PEP circuit seems to hold long enough to read easily without engaging the hold circuit, so I usually leave it OFF.

Of course when it is in PEP mode the meter reads only forward power and the reflected power needle doesn't move at all. That's standard, but I mention it because some folks may complain about that.

IMHO this is by far the best PEP/AVG/SWR meter available for <$150.
N8ZI Rating: 2019-01-27
Works great Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Picked one of these up from R&L Electronics at a great price. They always have the best prices and ship same day.
The SRW power meter works great for my needs. It is just as accurate as my Heathkit SA-2060A and other meters. I primarily purchased it to tune the input when i rebuilt my SB200. Tuning The WARC bands was accomplished by tuning the adjacent band and WARC band to about a 1.4:1 so now the amplifier easily handles 12/17 while still maintaining a low SWR input to the rig. It will also do 30m if I keep the peak under the 200w limit. (It will do 500+W into a cantenna on 30m).
The LED lights are much better than old school bulbs. Add a resistor or POT to vary the brightness if you chose. I have been adding strip LED's and a POT to my non-illuminated equipment as they make 50 year old equipment look high tech and so easy to see I do not need to strain my eyes. The SB200 only does 700w and I have not put it inline with my Alpha. I plan on purchasing the CN-901HP 3KW version for the Alpha.
Great meters for the price with a nice visual appeal. R & L sells them for $30 less than the competition.
KE0GXN Rating: 2018-11-20
Very nice meter! Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I purchased this meter to use inline with my LDG autotuner and it has worked great so far.

The large meter face makes it very easy to see your readings. The LED light is bright, but not too bright in my opinion and if you believe it is, there is an on and off switch on the back of the meter for the light. I prefer to always have it on. The accuracy seems within reason, however for my needs I was not looking for exact accuracy. If I wanted that I would have spent a ton of more money on something else. You get what you pay for this meter, which is a quality meter, that is easy to see and looks great on the shelf.