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Reviews: 4MSRP: $400 + $60 (USD) shipped by air
The KP-1 is an SWR/POWER meter featuring both an LED back lit cross needle analog meter and digital readout display. It reads forward power, reverse power and SWR, with a PEP hold feature for the readout. It contains a maximum SWR protection feature to disable an amplifier at a preset SWR limit. The meter is rated at 10W - 10,000W, +/- 7% full scale reading in the 1.8 - 30 MHZ. range.
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VR2AX Rating: 2021-09-05
Excellent Power Meter Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
Purchase experience dealing directly with the manufacturer was 5++. The exec who responds to your order really does care, keeps you informed, sends shipping info...and even follows up afterwards to check that you have received the product and that all is well. Unusual in this day and age.

The power meter arrives in a rather large box, surrounded by foam inserts and bubble wrap. Possibly a sign of previous shipping issues of which I thankfully had none.

The meter itself comes with a very small 100-240V 0.2A wall wart type psu (ex China) for which an adapter may be required to connect to your mains. The power meter does not work unless power is supplied.

The meter unit is quite heavy to the feel but solid and makes you want to push it to your limit.

I have used with transceivers, a THP HL-550fx and a OM4001HF. I have not yet tried any independent calibration checks.That applies to the transceivers and amps as well.

The supplied manual is very professional, although in use the unit is pretty intuitive to use. Just make sure you set the right power level for the four input ranges according to your power, else the protection circuit will temporarily switch the meter off. That does not affect transmission. The digital range is independent of the power range setting which only applies to the cross meters.

It also gives readings on 6M which seem to be within a few percent of what I expected from the transceivers and THP amp, although the power meter is only supplied as calibrated for 160-10M.

Operating the OM amp into a dummy load at full rated output (above which the amp protection circuits trigger in) showed the KP-1 indicating about 200 watts less output than the OM amp internal power meter, or about 5%. I am inclined to think the KP-1 is the more accurate of the two.

Overall very pleased. Thank you Kohjinsha.
W5RG Rating: 2021-05-27
GREAT SWR POWER METER Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have own this meter for about four years and really like the way it works.I have own most all the high end meters and this one is just the best. Easy to use, big meter, big led meter lights makes it easy to turn up the amplifier, with four meter switches from 500w-10kw readings.. This meter will last me for a long time.. Now if I just had enough money for KL-1...
F6EML Rating: 2019-02-22
eureka Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I searched for a long time an analogic swr wattmeter with crossed needles with 500W full dial reading , but no avail .
This accessory is almost a measuring bench .
Reading is possible on 4 scales full value dial , 500W , 1kw , 5kw , 10 kw on the analog meter and from 10W to 10 kw on the digital meter .
Sensors and connection cables are not needed , so no clutter , really amazing in my point of view .
I use it with the amplifier OM 2000+ and swr wattmeter MFJ-868 .
To be continued , hi !
K3XA Rating: 2019-01-14
A large SWR/PWR meter with both analog and digital readout. Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
The KP-1 is a large, beautifully packaged SWR/PWR meter manufactured by KOHJINSHA, a major electronics firm in Japan. The unit has an LED back lit cross needle meter and digital readout to display forward power, reverse power and SWR, including a PEP hold feature for the displays. A maximum SWR feature is incorporated in the meter to allow an amplifier to be disabled at a preset SWR level. The meter is factory specified at 10W - 10KW with an accuracy of +/- 7% of full scale reading in the 1.8 - 30Mhz. range. I have one other power meter in my Acom Amplifier and at 1300W output, both SWR meters are within a few watts of each reading. The KP-1 is ordered directly from KOHJINSHA in Japan. They air ship internationally and the meter arrived at my Virginia location within 4 days after order processing. The meter was extremely well packed for international shipment and communication with KOHJINSHA was outstanding. The KP-1 is a wonderful addition to my shack.