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Reviews For: La Veranda at Ecuador at 8,200 feet

Category: DXpedition & ham radio vacation rentals

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Review Summary For : La Veranda at Ecuador at 8,200 feet
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For contesting, DXing or holidays, alone, Contesting groups or with family,
(SO2R or Multi) in a beautiful, fully equipped Shack, Where you are the DX
and the first shack to be offered in Ecuador. Beauty and Propagation! Excellent
Host and Ex Chef that loves to cook. 73. and Good Dxing


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N9EAJ Rating: 2019-11-11
A great place if you want to play radio from Ecuador Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I stayed with David and Alison for 3 nights and was extremely pleased with my stay. If you are in Ecuador without your radio and want to 'play' this is a great place to do it from - David has a fantastic location for radio. The ham shack has two complete stations to use both supplied with high quality, good working gear. He also has some AWESOME receiving antennas - I was amazed a what a difference a good receiving antenna can make. Propagation was fantastic (nothing like the 'black hole' of the upper mid-west!) Great location, antennas, gear and high power = a really great time in front of the radio. Seldom did I have trouble generating a pileup within a few minutes. You are not alone when visiting - there is some interaction with David and Alison but it can be as much or little as you want. I had access to the shack 24/7. There was always a good cup of hot coffee waiting and a snack if wanted. We were served 3 delicious meals a day and even had our clothes cleaned and folded for us. David met us at the airport and drove us to his place. David and Alison were very knowledgeable of the area and either arranged transportation or David drove us himself. (I recommend the Cuenca zoo - it was amazing) David also took care of procuring my Ecuador operating permit which was a huge bonus. I was very, very happy with my experience staying with David - it was like dx heaven! - I would gladly stay with David again if in the area without my radio!
HC5DBT Rating: 2019-08-01
Dx Holiday Time Owned: more than 12 months.
For the first time in my life to Equador, after two days in the busy Quito with a domestic flight to Cuenca,on the airport,

I was welcomed by David ,then with the 4door Truck to David his house,at the top of the mountains of Cuenca,amazing place and what a view !!

At his house,I was welcomed by his wife Alison and his four super sweet dogs, after a tour in and around the House,and then it was time to visit his radio shack,

An Icom 7851 with an Radiosport headset and and Alpha lineair,a tower of 18m height and there Force 12 Magnum 2 Elem for 40m and a Force 12 C-3E 3 Band Beam at 23m height. For 160/80 an inverted L. and a lott off beverage antennes for the low bands,everyting working exelent,and also on the bottom off the solar cycle,I have hugh pile ups to Europe and North Amerika !

When I whas not on the radio I help a little with David his new project, the placement of a second tower,and we have explores the city,I got more and more by the day that family feeling ! What a super good host.

A hobby of David’s is cooking ! Always fresh bread in the morning,at noon always an surprising lunch, and the highlight of the day,after the pile up a super good Diner !!

What a verry good time with David and Alison , a super DX holiday ! I never to be forgotten ! Once again, thank you for the welcome.

73' Dervin de HC5DBT - PD9DX
DL8UD Rating: 2019-02-28
Best Dx / Contest Holydays ever Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
The hosts are Americans and have a huge has there above Cuenca at about 2500 m altitude with a view that is truely priceless. I had a room upstairs with everything you need. Giant king size bed, shower bath etc and the view from the room a dream.
As an ICOM fan, I was of course very enthusiastic that there is an IC 7851.
The two stations(Flex and ICOM) can be switched back and forth, David has a tower of 18m height and
there Force 12 Magnum 2 Elem for 40m and a Force 12 C-3E 3 Band Beam at 23m height.
For 160/80 an inverted L. Thx to the height and it great RX Beverage System from David, outstanding.
The complete station ran without problems.
The QRM level here is partly at S2- 3 so you can hear stations without RX antennas. But with the RX system I have radioed many many 100w and QRP stations.
On the last day in the night I had also again beautiful VK/ZL and line by line southeast Asia Qso´s exactly like on P40, on the whole naturally the station from the South Pacific with hammer signals are there at the start, KH KH2 as well as Tonga and Fiji go there always.

Thank you Uwe,
If there is a European review site, please help us out and review us on those as well.
Thx and see you in October.
Overall a great time and experience.
K5YG Rating: 2019-02-25
Best Dxing and vacation I had in a long time Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
First of all I don’t normally write reviews, so here I go.

Located in the countryside next to Cuenca, La Veranda is surrounded by a natural environment that offers rest and tranquility in its comfortable rooms. The house is a little outside of Cuenca but La Veranda offers 3 meals a day, fruit, snacks, and drinkable water.

I was picked up from airport by David - HC5DX, the owner and the entire week staying there was great! Thoughtful, considerate service safe and very comfortable with excellent location. Highly recommended.

The Shack has one of my favorite radios, the ICOM 7851(Beside a Flex). I have the 7800, but it can’t compare with the newer 7851. Excellent receive, Plus the Receiving antennas are amazing.
Switching between the many Beverages and BOGS, plus a Four Square receive array, You can really hear the really weak ones and make that contact. I have to say that the quality of the S/N ratio is amazing. I can hear stations without static/noise. Everything worked great( 160m on CW was a Blast) and I had a great time being the DX. Highly recommend this location for Excellent DX and contesting.

When not on the radio, I enjoyed the tranquility of sitting on the Veranda, petting friendly dogs and watching the amazing views. All the while, delicious smells wafted through the air as David prepared gourmet meals for me.

Can't say enough about how gracious and accommodating David and his wife Alison were. They will interact with you as much as you want or as little and did not disturb me while on the radio, but made sure to ask me every day if everything was O.K. and if there was anything I needed. Excellent Coffee and snacks where always provided
Excellent location, Lodging, Service, and the food was 4 stars!!
For anyone traveling alone as I was, or with family, I heartily recommend the family-owned La Veranda. You will be staying in a home-away-from-home, with a fantastic views and excellent Dxing.
With options to visit one of the most charming cities in the world, the cobblestoned, welcoming colonial city of Cuenca, Ecuador.
The proprietors, were easily accessible and went out of their way to be helpful in orientation and planning.

If you need at contact me, email: