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Reviews For: Yaesu FTDX101MP

Category: Transceivers: HF Amateur HF+6M+VHF+UHF models - not QRP <5W

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Review Summary For : Yaesu FTDX101MP
Reviews: 6MSRP: 5119.95
YAESU High-Class HF/50MHz/70MHz* 200W Transceiver

Full SDR Technology and Waterfall Display

Large Touch Panel precision Colour Display

Active Band Monitor enables rapid band changes with LED

illumination of the operating band

Independent control of the Main and Sub Bands allows

effortless operation for the serious contester needing to

move quickly between the amateur bands

High-Q VC Tuning Front-End

Main tuning dial for Main and Sub Band frequency control

includes an Outer Dial for clarifier, VC tuning, fine

tuning or custom settings.
Product is in production
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G8UBJ Rating: 2019-11-11
Knocks it out of the park Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I have owned the FTDX-101MP for three weeks and so far I have found it an extremely competent transceiver and considering its so new there are very few things to criticize.

The external speaker with power supply is sort of retro (Remember the FT-200) but It worked in the past and works just as well today.

The incorporation of a USB port and audio is a welcome addition. Also 70Mhz operation is a really nice addition in the EU and UK (I can monitor 70.2Mhz on VFO b whilst operating on the other bands).

I like the fact that Yaesu have USB but kept the legacy audio and RS-232 connections so I can still hang a teleprinter and other accessories off the radio.

I'm getting very good audio reports with the new microphone + AMC/speech processor and the tx seems very clean with no overshoot.

The menu system takes some getting used to but I think its an improvement on the old Yaesu system and I have quickly memorized where most of the things are.

The RTTY and CW decode seem to work fine but I haven't used them in anger.

Some niggles
- If you activate CW break-in on USB you can't control the mic gain so that's switched off for now.
- Default settings for Data is offset by 1.5K this was a bit confusing but I have sort of worked around his by changing all my FT8 FT4 and Packet frequencies in software.
- TX audio for data is sometimes low on switch on. Changing to another mode and returning fixes the problem?

Its early days and so far I'm delighted with the performance. It will be interesting to hear other comments as people get their hands on this transceiver and put it trough its paces...
W3UT Rating: 2019-11-08
Great Transceiver Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
This radio is one of the nicest I’ve ever owned. The quality and performance are outstanding. The extra filtering in the MP model along with the 200 watt 50 volt finals are a real plus. The transmit audio is clean and clear and both receivers are phenomenal. Nice work, Yeasu!
AA1QG Rating: 2019-11-07
Close to perfect in performance at a good price level Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Compared to other modern radios I have used such as the Ic7300 and IC7610, this radio is in another league. Fantastic receiver, low distortion and noise in the LF amplifier, very efficient noise cancelling, three roofing filters as standard, clean transmitter, great audio, effective processor, quality feel of VFO and knobs, sharp screen. I could go on and on, but the bottom line is that I cannot remember having been this impressed by a radio in my 40 years as an active ham.

Transmitted with 1KW on 20m FT8 with another radio, and had a qso at the same time on 80m ssb on the Yaesu, with absolutely no interference on the 101 even though the antennas only had about 60 feet separation. My other radios where just completely blocked.
The hybrid receiver chain that Yaesu implements is obviously superior to the Icom solution of direct A/D chain.

All this for a fair price. Highly recommended!
N7ZM Rating: 2019-11-06
Best of the Best so far. Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Its time to write a review of my almost 3 month old Yaesu FTdx-101MP. I sold and replaced my FTdx-5000D for this new one. Great Receiver that is quieter by far and you can pull the weak ones out. The menu system is much easier to use. The layout is excellent The only thing I miss is a separate power out knob. You can set the C.S section or multi-func knob for this but its a lot of cranking the knob or the outside C.S ring to achieve lower power setting for the amp from 200 watts. A real negative to me is the power supply speaker. The speaker is in same cabinet as supply. It has lousy fidelity and cannot be remoted. They do not offer a long supply cord so you can remote the supply under the desk. I'll have to make one so I can use either my Yaesu SP-9000 speaker or my Sounds Sweet speaker. The fidelity in these two are best and beats the original all too heck. This was a poor decision to combine them into one cabinet by Yaesu. Its a sweet setup now with my new Elecraft KPA-1500 solid state amp. What a pleasure to use. Highly recommend them both.
Ron N7ZM
HF5WIM Rating: 2019-11-02
Real Jewel from Yaesu on 60th Anniversary Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I have got the rig a month or so and there was great opportunity to test it for the first time during CQWWDX Contest in late October. The very first nice surprize was how excellent the receiver is on 40M SSB. The previous owned transceivers like IC7567PRO, TS940 and finally FT1000D are not even close to FTDX101MP reception performance.
Transmitter section is great with lots of adjustments availability. I do strongly recomend buying M-1 special edition desk microphone if you are Contester. Combination of electret and dynamic microphones + equalizer will produce the output signal quality matched to your physical voice. And there are two bank memories very useful when the rest of family are sleeping and you are still on the air. Upcoming CQWW DX Contest CW will probably unveil new diamonds built in. Watch the short movie how FTDX101MP performs during contest on 40M band. You don't need to know Polish to pick up the real joy of new radio.

Best 73'ss

KB7TT Rating: 2019-08-20
Way ahead of everyone else at this point. Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I have operated the FTDX5000MP for six years, its a great radio. But this FTDX101MP changes everything about operating a world class radio.

1. Forget having to go into any menus. ICOM and Kenwood don't compete here. With the touch screen and the multi-function knob anything you want to set/change in menus comes up in front of you with all selections defined and available. The function screen even shows you your settings for over 25 key radio parameters. Forget ever going into menus forever.
2. The front panel still includes enough knobs and buttons to do anything you need for normal transceiver/receiver operation.
3. Overall the radio is the most intuitive I have ever seen and I have seen them all.

So if you want 200 watts and don't want to use a computer to operate it, this radio has reset the bar for everyone...

Oh, also mine sits right above my FTDX5000 and yes I hear signals that are copyable only the 101MP but not many, the 5000 is still a good road-warrior.

More later after I use it a while more.