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Reviews For: Mercury IIIS HF/6m amplifier

Category: Amplifiers: RF Power - HF & HF+6M

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Review Summary For : Mercury IIIS HF/6m amplifier
Reviews: 71MSRP: $2500/kit $2800/assembled
This solid state HF amplifier uses a single LDMOS for
fully automatic operation from 160m to 6M making 1200W with
input power between 50 and 90W depending on your ALC
setting. Protected against antenna SWR over 2 to 1 and
also against excessive input power. Builtin power supply
for 120 or 240 VAC without changing taps in the
transformer, just changing the power cable plug.
Fans work silent and color front panel display. Output to
three antennas selectable in the display with operator
Available as either a kit or starting in early 2022 factory assembled.
Product is in production
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N6XLQ Rating: 2020-11-02
Review of KM3MK's Mercury 3S HF Amplifier Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I had been looking for a state of the art solid state replacement for my SB200 AMP. Was considering the new ICOM that has been delayed. When I found this AMP I thought it was too good to be true. After some discussion with Kenny and examining the deliverables I was convinced to commit. Everything about this unit is first class. Operation is flawless. I put together a few videos. One on unboxing which illuminates what you get. One on the build out of the amp. And the next one the first fire up.

KQ2Y Rating: 2020-11-02
Excellent experience Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Can confirm all the positive things said in the previous reviews, so won't get into a detailed breakdown but a couple bullet points:

* Kenny is extremely responsive and helpful
* Quality is much better than expected, and I already had high expectations based on other reviews.
* Worked the first time post-assembly, kit is incredibly well thought out and includes everything you need minus a power cord (like another reviewer, I got a pretty nice one on amazon for around $10) and a soldering iron.
* Have mostly tested the amp with FT8/data -- driving around 5-10w for between 400-550 out and the amp clearly does not break a sweat. Have yet to see the amp go over 35C degrees
* Pictures don't do this amp justice, it's even prettier in person.
* You don't need a giant external 50V power supply and it runs very well on 110v.

Excellent experience all around. If you're on the fence about whether or not to spend the money on a non-name brand amp, do yourself a favor and just spend the money on this. It was less than 20 days between my first inquiry and my first test of the amp.
W2NER Rating: 2020-10-10
FANTASTIC Amplifier, get one. Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
Well, so far the Mercury IIIs amp is wonderful, never skips a beat. Output with 35w drive is 1KW and the protection circuits are fantastic. I sold my KPA500 and have another Mercury IIIs (now I have two) and the build was great. Can't go wrong and its a GREAT looking amp too. The pic here does not do it justis at all.
I have had MANY amps both tube and solid-state so this is coming from my experience. The amp does all you would expect from a good quality amplifier. Runs cool, puts out a solid 1kw with 30 - 35w drive. The customer support is A++++ bar none also, you get the kind of customer attention you would never get from any of the big three. So, for the price, nothing out there can beat it hands down. Pull the trigger, you won't be disappointed. I was skeptical but I can tell you, build quality and workmanship is top shelf!! I use it with my Anan 7000DLE and my Icom 7610, both give great IMD performance, on par with the Acom 2000A I use to have. I'm not going to get all wordy, you can read the reviews prior to mine and read what others have to say. Oh and by the way, this amp is 160 - 6m, not sure why the description states otherwise. I can tell you the protection circuits in the amp are Wonderfull and fast. I love it, I may sell my KPA500 and get another one!
WO9C Rating: 2020-10-07
The best kit to assemble Time Owned: more than 12 months.
update: October 10,2020
After more than a year of work with Mercury III, I was interested in the new updates of the modules for the IIIs model. I sold my amplifier to buy the new modules, this time everything was much easier. Arduino is no longer a problem, I received usb stick with assembly video and pictures with high resolution of the assembly and procedures for soldering the coax and connectors. I am very happy with the new 7 "screen and 160m to 6m segments. This version is quieter, with better performance. Also note that the SWR indicator was replaced by a reflected power indicator, this allowed me to work the 80m with my OCF antenna with a SWR more than 2 applying less power (this change is very convenient) I recommend to the hams that they build this homemade amplifier with professional appearance and engineering.
I am a local ham in Miami I personally order the modular pieces. It took me 2 months to have them at home and begin to assemble my amplifier, I understand that Kenny built everything handmade but the wait was desperate, without my 10 year old workhorse Kenwood TL-922 the wait was made eternal. It took me 2 days to see my amplifier working, it was frustrating trying to install Arduino to my PC, it turned out that the Arduino module I bought on Ebay was defective and was not successful loading the firmware. I think KM3KM should provide the Arduino with the firmware ready and the input and output coaxes that are not available by it either. He provides the firmware on a USB stick. I see that in the last firmware version you can configure the antenna outputs to memory, I contacted Kenny and the bad news is that I should replace the controller to have this option (step). Overall I'm satisfied but he should make a change to make it easier for Hams with no soldering experience, RG142 cables and module outputs should have SMA connectors
NN3C Rating: 2020-10-01
The Mercury IIIs and its designer Kenny (KM3KM) are superlative Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
My experience through the kit build and now in application has been very satisfying and quite rewarding as well. I realize that most of the heavy lifting on the sophisticated "micro-parts" of the build is done before the kit arrives, but it is still quite enjoyable to have a hand in the final assembly or the macro portion of the kit build. Kenny provides actual assembly photographs that are clear (high-resolution) and are easy to follow and understand. In my opinion, if you're handy with a soldering iron and can follow instructions, you can successfully build this kit with no frustration or ambiguity first time. However, if you do have questions and/or concerns of any kind, Kenny is there for you and is accessible easily through email. Kenny is a true gentleman and a first order quality engineer who cares about his customers' success and goes the extra mile to see everyone who purchases his products is successful and happy. In summary -- if you're looking for a modern and high quality kilowatt class 160 through 6 meter amplifier, give Kenny and the Mercury IIIs a good long look. You will not be disappointed. Thank you Kenny!!!
EA5GSA Rating: 2020-09-16
The Amplifier works great Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
Since I bought Kenny's amp.
It has only given me joy, the work is very good, it does not produce any distortion in the voice.
I use 4 kHz of audio bandwidth that my VisAir transceiver allows, communications are excellent, colleagues enjoy the experience.
Plus, with the addition of visual technology, the amplifier matches my VisAir transceiver, making my workbench nice and easy to work on the air.
Hope Kenny KM3KM can satisfy everyone who approaches him.
73 for everyone and Kenny, good luck.
Desde que compré el amplificador de Kenny.
Solo me ha dado alegría, el trabajo es muy bueno, no produce ninguna distorsión en la voz.
Utilizo 4 kHz de ancho de banda de audio que permite mi transceptor VisAir, las comunicaciones son excelentes, los colegas disfrutan de la experiencia.
Además, con la incorporación de tecnología visual, el amplificador se adapta a mi transceptor VisAir, lo que hace que mi banco de trabajo sea agradable y fácil de trabajar en el aire.
Espero que Kenny KM3KM pueda satisfacer a todos los que se le acerquen.
73 para todos y Kenny, buena suerte.
CX3AT Rating: 2020-08-11
Excellent performance Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
The Mercury IIIs has a modern and elegant design with a touch screen with on-screen
indications of everything we must see when operating a linear amplifier.
It has an adequate weight for its size which makes it easy to handle.
Regarding its operation, it is excellent from 160 to 6 meters with three configurable antenna
outputs for different antennas, being able to combine different bands according to our
choice, the band change is carried out totally automatic when changing the band on our radio
and doing PTT.
You can also opt for the manual selection of the antenna, the output power is more than 1200W
!!! With very low input power in SSB it gives me 1400 watts pep and in Digital it is limited
to 700 watts continuous, more than enough for RTTY and other transmission modes. In 6 meters
the power is 1000 watts
The support is for one year and person to person is contacted directly without delay and with
excellent attention to solve any problem or question of the user.
I have it in permanent use since May 1, 2020 and I have made thousands of contacts in SSB and
FT8 with extraordinary performance.
I do not write this to compare with other linear for sale in the market and define their
values ??I do it simply as a satisfied user who bought a product that works very well and who
already verified that if he has doubts or problems he obtains immediate and permanent support
with follow-up until the solution is reached !!!
I am very satisfied with what I get with my money !!

Thanks Kenny KM3KM
K6WG Rating: 2020-08-06
Five Stars Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I am very excited to be a lucky owner of this beautiful HF, 6 to 160 meters band Solid State Amplifier.
In the past (HAM for 61 years) I had several different ones and count that this one as the Best I ever had.
Here are reasons why I like it:
1. Very well done PCBs and easy to put all parts together;
2. Great design, nice cosmetics, Kenny did great job;
3. Superb linearity, very easy to use amplifier, ALC operates smooth;
4. During the test been using it with 1350 watts out, cooling works fine and no loud noise coming from the fan. Run it in CW pileups with my beloved, Elecraft, K-3;
5. Use it in a Summer house where AC line is not stable, but DC voltage on a final LDMOS stays 54 VDC not depending on AC line and load on a final transistor of PA;
6. Very important is that price of PA well below others on a HAM market.
I recommended this PA to my HAM friends and they are very happy to have it.
73! Stan, R7KZ aka K6WG when in CA
elixander valladares Rating: 2020-05-25
The best power AMP kit on the market Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I own the Mercury III S, that work from 160 to 6M making 1200W easily with just 30 WATTS IN. There is no way to destroy these kits because of using a very strong single LDMOS and its own protection against antenna high SWR over 2 to 1, and against excessive input power.
my transmission at full power is very clean and narrow banded.
To put together these kits is very simple just following the manual instructions.
This newer model MERCURY III S has a very well designed RF sensing to save a band switch and fast antenna switching with just pressing the radio PTT.
One very attractive thing this new kit has is the beautiful touch screen colorful and with a lot of info, the price is very affordable for hams wishing to have a very good HF amp with out having to brake the bank ,i used during a contest stayhome last month and was very good all the time, so i say this amp kit is the best you can find in the market ,comparing it with a radio is like the 7300 good in every aspect thanks KM3KM and RZ1ZR for the help 73 alex W7HU
AA4EZ Rating: 2020-05-10
Great Solid State 1000 plus Watt Amp Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I have had this amplifier now for over 6 months and it has performed as advertised and has not given me any problems at all. I use less than 40 watts drive to get about 900 watts out using 120 volts on SSB on all bands. I am sure that using 240 volts the amp would easily put out 1200 watts. I just do not push it with 120 volts. It comes as a kit that Kenny is more that happy to help you assemble. It uses the new LDMOS not FET for power transistors. It is well designed and has all the safety precautions needed to keep you from damaging the amp. It will automatically change bands for you. The touchscreen will let you change the bands if you want to. The screen shows you Power Output, SWR, Current Amps used, Temperature and Voltage by bar graphs. You have indications for Error SWR, Error Overdriven, Emergency Stop and On Air. The amp has connections for up to three different antennas and you select by touchscreen. If the amp stops because of error, there is a touchscreen Reset indicator. Once you set the ALC on the amp, you can just leave your transceiver set at a constant drive and get the set power out. Using 120 volts, I have not noticed the voltage dropping on the amp while I transmit. You can update the amp via firmware update to the arduino board. Like I said earlier, Kenny is always ready to help you via email. There is no need to pay the high prices that some companies are charging for their LDMOS amps. This amp is a small package that is much lighter in weight than tube amps. This is a very good looking professional amp. Do yourselves a favor and check with Kenny before you waste money buying some other brand that is not any better.