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Reviews For: Mercury IIIS HF/6m amplifier

Category: Amplifiers: RF Power - HF & HF+6M

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Review Summary For : Mercury IIIS HF/6m amplifier
Reviews: 71MSRP: $2500/kit $2800/assembled
This solid state HF amplifier uses a single LDMOS for
fully automatic operation from 160m to 6M making 1200W with
input power between 50 and 90W depending on your ALC
setting. Protected against antenna SWR over 2 to 1 and
also against excessive input power. Builtin power supply
for 120 or 240 VAC without changing taps in the
transformer, just changing the power cable plug.
Fans work silent and color front panel display. Output to
three antennas selectable in the display with operator
Available as either a kit or starting in early 2022 factory assembled.
Product is in production
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N5QVF Rating: 2020-04-29
Superb HF LDMOS 1200W HF KIT w internal power supply Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
This short review will be from a user perspective. I have done an extensive search for the best in class solid state LDMOS (not FET) amplifier KIT and I believe i found it. The KIT build was absolutely easy! Worked the first time around with no issues. I had set aside a weekend to build the amp but to my pleasant surprise I finished it in about 4 hrs! Kenny supplies you with a video file where he tests the amp before he ships it to you. He provides video proof it is your amp. You have to supply two pieces of coax and a nano board which I found on Amazon for less than $10.00! He supplies all the instructions and firmware you will need. You will end up soldering a few wires (power, coax) and the rest is installing a few modules. No components like SMDs require soldering, This latest revision works from 160M through 6M!
Operation: With just abt 18W input power I get about 1000W. Lost of protection. I updated the display once and all I had to do was take the top cover off, insert a microSD on the top right hand side of the display and turn the unit on. It updated the display automatically. Guys don't be fooled by name brands. Kenny gives you a lot of amplifier for the money you spend .because he builds it and tests it himself from beginning to end. Comparable amps in power output will run you a lot more money and they are usually running FETS. This runs the latest in LDMOS technology. Kenny will back the amp 100%. If you run 1200W vs 1500W I’m confident you will not notice the difference and bottom line legal limit LDMOS solid state amps are running in the $4K+ range!!! Cosmetics are beautiful. Contact Kenny and he will email you some pics of the inside.