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Review Summary For : RFinder B1
Reviews: 48MSRP: $999
Analog and DMR, 2m, 440 transceiver, Android Smart Phone Combo that works anywhere on earth without any programming and has DMR hotspot function built-in. This is a fully self-contained DMR device.
Product is in production
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KC3BXD Rating: 2023-06-03
It's ok but not worth $ Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I purchased the Rfinder B1+ thinking it would be the ultimate DMR handheld. For a while it seemed like the one HT solves all. But it is constantly getting updates to improve one thing only to have another problem pop up. Battery capacity is not the best even with the $200 high capacity battery. Don't use it as your everyday phone because if you have the radio portion on phone sounds get muted when it is receiving a signal. I regret spending so much on such a buggy device. Basically it is a plastic brick of frustration. I am sticking with yaesu products and system fusion from now on!
AI7KM Rating: 2023-05-12
Durable Radio Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Ok I'm not you average Ham, I am hard on my radios. I use/listen to them in the field when working. This Rfinder B1+ Has taken being dropped multiple times while working on different job sites. It is durable I do recommend the glass screen protector. Radio has worked great and has great software that makes connecting to repeaters and TG. Definitely the easiest radio to travel with makes it easy when landing in different countries, cities, and states!
KK7APF Rating: 2023-05-09
RFinder B1+ great radio and tech support Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Once I look at the specs for the B1+, I was sold and have not been disappointed. It has to be the most advance radio and phone. I love the fact that I can drive to a town and find a repeater right away. DMR without a hotspot. Or just hit the closest repeater. Great sound, reliable, and I can’t say enough for the tech support, you actually get to talk to the top guy, in a zoom session, and he stays with you till everything is working. And I can brick a radio. Best investment in a radio I ever made. You have a question, they are willing to take the time to make sure you understand what needs to be done, and guide you to make things work, if there is a problem. My problem was self inflicted, but they held my hand and fixed the radio. Great tech support.
AB4KA Rating: 2023-04-25
If they only have made the phone ring... Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Final Update...
After almost three years of trying my best to like this rig, I'm going to give it a B-. It truly does some wonderful things. However, it's portrayed as an all-in-one device, and based on my needs it turned out not to be.

I was able to overlook the radio sometimes working and sometimes not (more often than not it did work once you learned its quirks). But I simply couldn't overlook the fact that if I had the radio turned on, the phone wouldn't ring, and if I answered a call there would be no audio. It worked great if you just used it as a phone, and it worked great if you just used it as a radio. But trying to combine the two was apparently more than this could handle.

After one last time of my wife trying to call me and getting pissed off because my phone didn't work, I was done. It was fun, but I needed something that would work all the time, whenever I turned it on. My other phone does that, and I have a plethora of radios that do that.

I ended up trading it for something I wanted a little more.

The bottom line? It's a fun piece of equipment, but I needed something I could depend on for my EDC and sadly the B1 just wasn't it.


The RFinder B1 is a DMR/FM handi-talky combined with a cell phone. Granted, I already had a perfectly good phone, and a perfectly good FM HT, but I'd never done DMR. I had no idea what "no code plugs" meant but I was intrigued, and let's face it...what ham doesn't want a new piece of equipment!

In addition to being an Android phone, the B1 uses the RFinder app to automatically "program" the radio part (mind you, this is a real radio, not just an app with a ptt button...the radio can be used without ever using the phone). It's great for local work, but it really comes into it's own while traveling. I had it with me on vacation this year and it amazed me to see all of the local repeaters were already there anytime I turned it on. The RFinder app is a subscription based service and is well worth the $12.99 annual fee.

However...this isn't a typical HT or a phone that you go to (name your phone store) and get. I know I experienced a little frustration getting things going. For starters, the documentation that came with it was virtually useless. This is where I got my first experience dealing with Bob Greenberg, W2CYK. Bob provides a level of personal service that I've received from no other company. Not just radios, with anything. We had spoken on the phone while I was still waiting for my B1 to arrive and he told me to call him any time. Since then (and since I got my B1) I've spoken to him by phone, via Skype and via FB Messenger. His service is worth it's weight in gold.

There is also a Facebook user group with lots of information. If you have a question, chances are it's already been asked and answered. Time spent scrolling through the posts is invaluable.

If you're looking for cheap, this ain't it (if you look at the price and think of how many Baofengs you can buy, this radio isn't for you). It isn't exactly "plug and play" have to be willing to spend a little time getting to know it. But I believe if you'll do that you'll find it's a fabulous piece of kit.
K9AT Rating: 2023-04-19
Great Product With Great Support Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I'll spare you reviewing all the features that this great product has to offer because it's all been covered before by others. What I will share is may experience with this product that I bought on a whim at last year's Hamvention 2022. My friend W9RX was buying one and since I have a propensity (or weakness) for owning every HT, I broke down and followed his lead. I'm glad I did. Having owned this for almost a year I'm surprised how through various (and frequent) updates Bob has improved his products. Not only doing bug fixes that have been caught but also adding features that have enriched the product's value like adding TGIF network for instance. Since it appears he's the chief cook and bottle washer for the company I like that level dedication. He's kind of like Steve Jobs involved with every aspect of the company and not just the figure head president. This also means he's the tech support and I'd like to cover this with you. When you call for support he personally answers each call. Instead of placing you on hold while he helps the current person he's helping he asks you to join a Zoom call with the other people he's currently helping. I initially was put off by this but said what the heck and joined the call. He asks you to join through the, and you guessed it, Rfinder since it's capable of supporting a Zoom call. Then he goes in a round robin technique supporting each customer while the others wait. In all my years involved with tech I found this approach unique because it was like he was running a clinic that was covering each of the users concerns. And while the other persons issue wasn't directly affecting me I listened and learned additional information about the Rfinder that I didn't know. Bob can be a bit crusty at times as this product is very high tech and your average ham it not that way, but in the end he's very smart and dedicated to the customer's success with the Rfinder. The alternative to this approach is listening to on hold music playing the same message/music over and over and over... Also when you're in a group with others it forces you to pay attention and do what Bob requests so you don't get embarrassed. Overall this is a refreshing way to do tech support. Keep up the great work as you continue to develop your product and company!
K2SOG Rating: 2023-04-05
DMR Swiss Army knife Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
The Rfinder B1+ is the device I have been searching and hoping for. DMR, RF Module, AND an Android device. I use Zello, Echolink, DMR, DMRoIP (NO HOTSPOT NEEDED) local FM repeaters all on one sturdy, device. Naysayers will say that their cellphones can do just about everything the B1+ does. I say show me a cell phone with an SMA-F connector. Also Bob the developer is always available via multiple platforms. If you are a plug and play appliance operator (nothing wrong with that) maybe you should spend your money elsewhere. If you like infrequent beta testing and/or troubleshooting of these type of devices, as well as owning a cutting edge amateur radio/android cell phone, take the plunge. Oh did I forget, GPS, APRS, RFinder message board, propagation reports, call sign lookups, and the ARRL supported repeater directory BASED ON YOUR GPS LOCATION. Now retired, I spent my career involved in State Law Enforcement OEM, Emergency Response and Special Operations. Yes, I had the latest comm gear (Sat Phones, Motorola, etc). I would have added the Rfinder B1+ as a backup comm device in the field.
W9TTS Rating: 2023-02-20
Steep learning curve for those new to DMR, but worth it! Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I have the RFinder B1+, which I bought at Dayton 2022. It is an incredibly versatile, and therefore complex, piece of equipment. Also, it was my first exposure to DMR, DMRoIP, Brandmeister and the Android operating system, as well as an Android phone.
Because the RFinder team at Dayton did a great job of setting my unit up initially, it took a while before I realized just how unprepared I was. With each new update to the RFinder App, I felt I was falling behind because it seemed to degrade my capabilities, rather than enhance them. It surely didn't help that I wasn't able to devote the time to learning the ropes that was needed.
Finally, I got on Zoom, another learning experience as I have been retired for almost 13 years, so wasn't familiar with that either, and contacted Roberto. He was incredibly patient and helpful. He must have spent two hours with me, going through settings and explaining what was going on. I haven't experienced this level of product support since my original Apple computer, back when files were saved on audio cassettes, and it seemed we were all learning about that new world idea together.
I still have a ways to go to become truly competent, let alone proficient, but now I'm looking forward to the journey.
The most amazing thing about RFinder is it's totally self sufficient, with its own databases and ability to program itself for worldwide repeaters and their settings, DMRoIP database for Brandmeister etc. Plus give it a sim card with a data subscription and it becomes its own hotspot, with access to QRZ, email, Zoom and all the other apps from the Google Play Store, and .... oh yeah, a phone.

At the same time I bought the RFinder B1+, I bought a BridgeCom SkyBridge hot spot and the AnyTone 878 UV IIPlus package, because I wanted a plug and play alternative. That system is a lot easier to use initially, but has nowhere near the versatility of the RFinder. With BridgeCom it is simple to get on DMRoIP on a short list of channels, i.e., Worldwide (91), FL (3112) and a couple of others originally programmed for me. Beyond that, I will doubtless have to take their online learning course(s) and lean on their willingness to walk me through some procedures. However, they show similar signs of standing solidly behind their equipment to Elmer me.
KN6YGU Rating: 2023-01-30
The best user support there is!! Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
The set up process is clearly explained in the pdf manual which is updated as features are implemented in this awesome ham. As a new operator there were a couple issues I was experiencing.
Bob at Rfinder guided me through the process of maximizing the capabilities of the b1+ and at the same time shared some plans of where Rfinder will be in the near future, if not now.
Rfinder is such a great tool and Rfinder provides even better support. Rfinder is there almost 24/7 to help in person and on video! How great is that!
I am a supporter. Thank you for making a great product that even a beginner can use, Bob!
N8NQP Rating: 2023-01-28
Programs itself! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
First off, this isn't your grandfathers spark gap! This is the most advanced radio made. The ability to program the radio WITHOUT a code plug is AMAZING! Robert and his team are available for support seems like 24/7 (or close to it)

What people complain about? The ip connections. A brief networking tutorial. Brandmeister and Tgif utilize UDP or essentially throwaway packets. These have the lowest priority on the internet and without an ability to resync, it basically makes it difficult to re-align the audio into something decipherable. The team is working on correcting this with a "sliding window" to resolve this.

For a radio that PROGRAMS itself, it can't be beat!
K5TCP Rating: 2023-01-28
The Future!!! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Have my B1 now for more than a year. In the begining I experienced some issues and frustration but Bob was always there to help (and he still is … had a nice ZOOM session with him earlier today!) Great customer service!!! The product has been updated now to the B1+ … probably my next purchase! But for now my B1 is working great. The team around Bob has been doing a great job with software / firmware updates. Once you get to know the product and embrace the technology you will have a lot of fun! Highly recommended!5 stars all the way!!!