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Reviews For: Uni-T UTG932E

Category: Tools & Test Equipment for the amateur radio work bench

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Review Summary For : Uni-T UTG932E
Reviews: 1MSRP: $129.99
Two independent channels, 30 Mhz function/Arbitrary waveform generator 200MSa/s. Supports true internal AM/FM modulation. 4.3 inch color screen. Also has frequency counter with BNC input. No internal power supply, uses a 5V ac adapter. Supports external USB control Also has BNC connector for external sync input. Also allows for 50 ohm/ 75 ohm/ high impedance output matching. Outputs Sine, Square, Pulse, Ramp, Arbitrary, noise, DC. Supports phase and dc offsets.
Product is not in production
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AD0AR Rating: 2020-08-02
May still be available somewhere. Awesome little sig gen! Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I picked up one of these to assist aligning a vintage Zenith Trans Oceanic.
I could not believe how much this little signal generator can do! Audio frequencies through 30 Mhz with internal AM/FM modulation all for about $130!
I haven't see it available for a few months now so buy it if you find one available!
I didn't like the ac adapter power supply so I ended up powering it by a 20,000mah 5v power bank. This worked so well, I put Velcro on the top of the power bank and attached the signal generator using the power bank as a ballast and stand for such a small and lightweight signal generator. It has now anchored and stabilized the unit quite well.
Amazing option set, just be understanding that as you approach 25 MHz, the sine wave distorts more into a square wave, but nonetheless it is still RF and can be useful. Each channel sports its own channel enable button although it is not labelled as such. It does light up when pushed giving visual cue that the channel is either enabled or disabled.
Downside- I have not been able to find any memories with the front panel controls. Maybe by using the PC control app this is available?