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Reviews For: DAIWA CN-501V

Category: SWR & Wattmeters & Dummy Loads

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Review Summary For : DAIWA CN-501V
Reviews: 2MSRP: 100 DOLLARS US
Daiwa 501 Series VHF/UHF Bench Meters offer high quality and are value-priced. These SWR power meters will be right at home in any ham shack. Their unique features make tedious measurements of SWR and power during antenna testing and tuning a much easier task. You'll be able to match your transmitters with ease! These meters are available with UHF or Type N connectors. Daiwa Economic Series VHF/UHF Bench Meters features and models: * Input / Output Connectors: Model CN-501V; SO-239 * Input / Output Connectors: Model CN-501VN; Type N * Frequency range: 140-525MHz * Forward Power: 20/200W * Power Rating: 200W maximum (140-525MHz) * Accuracy: Plus / minus 10 percent (at full scale) * SWR Detection Sensitivity: 4W min * Input / Output Impedance: 50 OHM * Dimensions in inches: 5 W by 3 H by 4 D * Weight: 1lb. 8 oz. * LED Lighted * 2.5mm DC input jack Note: For additional product information, please look at the files under the "Documentation" tab. Daiwa's lighted dual-needle meter measures forward power with one indicator and reflected power with the other. Where the needles cross is your SWR… read all three at the same time! Daiwa 501 Series VHF/UHF Bench Meters from DX Engineering are a great value and reflect good quality, form and function!
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KC7MAW Rating: 2021-10-31
SO-239 Sockets too big Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I bought this meter and a new antenna at around the same time. Had all kinds of random VSWR issues that made no sense. As in 5:1 to 3:1 depending on an antenna tuned and verified to be well under 2.0:1 and that includes from the end of the feedline. It wasn't until I acquired a good Antenna Analyzer and dummy load that I figured out the issue that was wreaking havoc and making an otherwise good meter a piece of junk.

The SO-239 Receptacle for the PL-259 Center Pin are Over sized for the Antenna Connection.

Sloppy fit with every PL-259 I had on hand. Zero Resistance as the connector went in. BUT If I positioned the jumper just right or tweaked the cable, when connected, just right, my VSWR indication would make sense.

I plan to overcome the issue by Tinning the center conductors of the jumpers I use.

The other Receptacle for the XCVR side is slightly smaller and makes a decent connection.

You can actually look at the two of them and detect a difference with the naked eye. Maybe something happened in the Testing phase of the manufacturing process. Who knows.

Good meter otherwise, but if you get a unit with Cheap Sloppy SO-239's receptacles, hopefully you don't pull your hair out for too long before reading this review.



UPDATE 10/31/2021. I Tinned and groomed the PL-259 center conductor of my feed line to a perfect fit with the meters SO-239 receptacle. This meter has turned out to be very accurate on 2M thru 70cm in both High and low power modes. SWR reading are very consistent with my RigExpert AA1000. If you are having some flukey readings, I strongly recommend taking a look at those SO-239 receptacle sockets. 73/Mike KC7MAW
VE7REN Rating: 2020-09-13
very nice Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
have had mine about a year now, and must say it is a nice compliment to the shack. good looking,accurate,and seems to be very well built.cant be beat for the price!! wouldnt hesitate to buy any daiwa products at all. i use this meter on a ts2000 and a icom 9100 both for vhf/uhf applications . nice to see my antenna swr and power output at all times. the lighting is bright and from the bottom of the meter...excellent. ide buy again.