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Reviews For: MFJ-869 Giant Automatic Digital SWR/Wattmeter 1.8-60Mhz

Category: SWR & Wattmeters & Dummy Loads

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Review Summary For : MFJ-869 Giant Automatic Digital SWR/Wattmeter 1.8-60Mhz
Reviews: 2MSRP: 259.95
MFJ-869 has 20/200/2000 Watt scales with a TruePeakTM active circuit and average forward and reflected power modes and fully-automatic SWR readings. Has an Amplifier Bypass ControlTM and Control Relay for high SWR. Field-upgradeable firmware. Has high SWR Audio and Visual Alarms to warn you of imminent danger to your expensive electronic equipment.
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G4OBB Rating: 2022-05-28
I'm lovin' it ( as they say at McDonalds ) Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Well, I took the plunge and brought one.
I would have gotton the 868 model, but none available here in UK.
The meter is HUGE....I mean, 7" diagonal....great, clear graphics, easy to read!
Let down by the rather dim pair of small bulbs....I replaced these with 3 bright white LEDS....really good....MFJ should fit these as standard.
It seems quite accurate with the instruments and Rigs I have. I am satisfied with the accuracy.
The average power setting does not seem to work on SSB, unless you scream, or give a constant carrier....maybe that's normal for this type of meter.
On the Peak position it will hold at just over 100 watts ( with a 100 watt rig, of course )
The peak hold is one two or three second selectable.
Don't see why anyone would need 2 or 3 second delay.
One second is fine, half second would be better, but isn't available.
I have grown to like it quite a lot....maybe a bit overpriced, as the cabinet quality is rather low. Mine came with a small black mark on the top, looks like marker pen maybe.
Overall it's what I expected...I like it, you may see it differently.
JUNKMAN Rating: 2021-01-29
Great so far Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
So far so good. I call them like I see them and this one so far has served me very well. I did the meter calibration right out of the box and it seems to be as accurate as any of the other cheap watt meters that I have owned in the past. Shows the same output on all three scales as well! I really like the amplifier protection that it has built-in. Although I'm not a fan of the peak hold feature it's not that bad after you get used to it and leave it on the one second setting. My tired old eyes love the large display that you can read from across the room! So far this one has been a good meter so I can't bash MFJ on this one!

This meter does not read past 1500 watts even though it is advertised as a 2000 watt meter. The needle will stop at 1500 no matter how much power you put into it.