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MFJ Antenna Window Feedthrough Panels Weather-proof window feedthrough panels bring HF/VHF/UHF antennas, balanced lines, random wire antennas, ground, DC/AC power and Rotator/Antenna Switch Cables into your hamshack without drilling through walls. MFJ Weather-Proof Antenna Feedthrough Panels mounts in your window sill. They let you bring all your antenna connections into your hamshack without drilling holes through walls. Real Western Red Cedar wood is naturally resistant to rot, decay and insects -- lasts longer, maintenance-free. Pitch and resin free for a wide range of beautiful finishes or leave it in its naturally beautiful raw finish. Simply place in window sill and close window. Edges sealed by weather-stripping. Seals and insulates against all weather conditions. Gives years of trouble-free service. All are ¾" x 3 ½" x 48" , except for MFJ-4605, which is ¾" x 7" x 48" . Inside/outside stainless steel plates bond all coax shields together to ground connection. Stainless steel ground post brings outside ground connection inside. Six Models to choose from MFJ-4603 - MFJ Universal Window Feedthru Panel - Four 50 Ohm Teflon® SO-239 coax connectors lets you feed HF/VHF/UHF antennas at full legal power limit. A 50 Ohm Teflon® coax N-connector lets you use any antenna up to 11 GHz, including 450 MHz, UHF, satellite, moon bounce and 2.4/5.8 GHz Wi-Fi antennas. A 75 Ohm, 1 GHz F-connector makes it easy to bring in television, Satellite, HD, cable TVand FM radio signals. A pair of high-voltage ceramic feedthru insulators lets you bring in 450/300 Ohm balanced lines directly to your antenna tuner. Has random/longwire antenna ceramic feedthru insulator. 5-way binding posts lets you supply 50 Volts/15 Amps DC/AC power to your outside antenna tuners/relays/switches. Stainless ground post brings in ground connection, bonds inside/outside stainless steel panels together and drains away static charges. MFJ`s exclusive Adaptive Cable Feedthru™ lets you bring in rotator/antenna switch cable, etc. without re-moving connectors (up to 1 ¼" x 1 ?"). Adapts to virtually any cable size. Seals out rain, snow, and other adverse weather.
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KY4FN Rating: 2021-03-23
Meets the need with some finishing touches Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I didn't want to drill holes in our home so I set about looking for an alternative and ran across the MFJ feed-through panels. I purchased from HRO in person. Upon opening the factory sealed box I found several of the connectors, the balanced and random wire in particular, to be loose. The particular board used had one knot toward the far end, away from the panel, and one cut-off knot mid-way across the panel. I fully disassembled, including desoldering the banana plug connectors, to paint and on reassembly seal with caulk for weatherproofing. The foam supplied is pretty thin, and the amount was not sufficient to weather proof both the board and then window in my configuration (board cut to approximately 40 inches). In addition to painting the board with four coats of white semi-gloss I also purchased high quality HVAC closed cell rubber foam to seal the panel. This works out well. The board that I was provided as a window stopper was not a very nice piece of wood, solid but missing a chunk due to a bad cut.

All that said, the panel itself after reassembly and torquing all the connectors down thoroughly works great and I imagine it'll serve for many years.