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Review Summary For : VE2DX.COM CT17B
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The WWW.VE2DX.COM CT17B series of products are an evolution of the original ICOM CT17 offering 5, 6, 10, 11 and 12 RFI filter CI-V ports. There are multiple variations; CT17B-5, 5 RFI filtered CI-V ports. CT17B-6, 5 RFI Filtered CI-V ports and one cable mounted USB port. CT17B-6BT, 5 RFI Filtered CI-V ports and one Bluetooth port (Note 1). CT17B-6USB, Same as CT17B-6 but with USB port inside the case. CT17B-6USB PLUS, Same as CT17B-6USB with 2 keyed ports for PTT, CW and/or FSK. CT17B-10, 10 RFI filtered CI-V ports. CT17B-11USB, Same as CT17B-10 with cable mounted USB port. CT17B-12DualUSB, Same as CT17B-10 with TWO cable mounted USB ports. Note 1 ; Can be used with IC705 to add external CI-V ports on IC705 or to isolate the RF side of the shack from the computer side. Note 2; the CT17B-1X SERIES can be used as two separate CT17B with 5 CI-V ports each by pulling JP-1. Richard VE2DX WWW VE2DX.COM
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VK3YP Rating: 2023-08-21
Excellent Product - High Recommended Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I was looking for a solution for my ICOM IC-705 to auto band switch my Juma PA1000 HF linear amplifier.
Juma listed a "JUMA IC-705 Bluetooth Gateway" on their website but this was unavailable for purchase as it was no longer manufactured.

Via a google search I found the VE2DX.COM CT17B bluetooth CIV hub. The installation was very easy following the instructions from the VE2DX website. I paired the CT17B device with my IC-705 (bluetooth) and connected the JUMA PA1000 to the CT17B via a 3.5mm mono to mono cable for CIV data.
After setting the baud rate and CIV address - it worked first time. The Juma PA1000 amplifier happily auto band switches when the band is changed via the IC-705 or via WSJTX software for FT8.
Highly recommended and I would rate six stars but Eham only allows for five stars !
NT8F Rating: 2021-07-13
Amazing piece of equipment Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I have been looking for something like this for awhile. This is plug and play. Replaces the original Icom CT-17 with a simple to use effective Icom interface. I purchased the CT17B with 5 ports and a USD interface. Plugged the USB into the computer and then plugged in my IC-7800, SteppIR 2000 controller and Acom 2000A amplifier. Running Logic 9 logger which along with the SteppIR and Acom follow frequency and band changes with no problem. Now don't have to use the serial port connection between the 7800 and computer or a Y adapter from the 7800 CV-I port for the SteppIR and amp control.
Thank you Richard for the outstanding device to allow control of multiple devices from the radio CV-I port and your great customer support.