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Reviews For: Go-PWR Plus XL™ 80 Ah. Battery Box

Category: Ham Shack Accessories

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Review Summary For : Go-PWR Plus XL™ 80 Ah. Battery Box
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For Group 24 Sized Batteries - Typically 80Ah gel-cells. Includes 2 sets of Genuine Anderson Powerpoles, Large Easy to Read Voltmeter, and On/Off Switch. Fully assembled and ready to go. Group 24 Batteries are widely available at Big Box, Hardware, and Automotive Stores. We recommend a sealed lead acid Gel-Cell type. Does NOT Include Battery The battery should measure approximately 10-1/4" wide x 6-1/2" deep x 8-1/4" tall, not including the terminals.
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More Info:!/Go-PWR-Plus-XL%E2%84%A2-80-Ah-Battery-Box/p/50841264/category=13274007
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NX0E Rating: 2022-02-12
OK product but not well thought out Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
The product that shipped was similar to but not the same as the product displayed. No strap was included (but it was not needed). The switch was a round blue illuminated switch (17 mA, probably incandescent) under where the strap would go. The two Powerpole outlets were there but (not in the description) there was a lighter socket and a dual USB charger. The current capacity was problematic. The main fuse is 30 A, but the power switch is rated 20 A continuous. The 30 A Powerpole contacts are wired with 14 AWG, but the switched outlet appears to be 16 AWG. The battery leads are 12 AWG. An 80 Ah battery can surge a lot more than 20 A, and put out 40 A (at least) for several minutes, which would blow the switch or fuse. The wiring quality inside appears good, though. The battery ring terminals are 5/16" and needed replacing to fit my 3/8" terminals.