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Reviews For: JNCRadio MC-750

Category: Antennas: HF Portable (not mobile)

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Review Summary For : JNCRadio MC-750
Reviews: 5MSRP: $179 USD
JNCRadio MC-750 is another portable antenna kit supports 40-6 meter bands and with maximum power 100 watts PEP. With a 65x9x7cm carry bag(1.8kg) it can be easily packed and travel around. MC-750 operates as 1/4 wavelength full size antennas on 14MHz-50MHz FREQUENCY RANGE: 7MHz-50MHz POWER: 100 WATTS PEP IMPEDANCE: 50 OHMS COUNTERPOISE: 4 X 3.5M WEIGHT(KG): 1.8 DIMENSION(CM): 65X9X7
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KU8V Rating: 2023-09-20
Superb POTA antenna Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
HIGHLY RECOMMEND - I am a frequent POTA activator and have used another portable antenna that uses an adjustable coil and a radial that is adjusted for length to get resonance. That antenna gets results but has a narrow range for good SWR and is finicky to set and change bands.

The JNC antenna changes that completely. It sets up very easily and band change is quick and easy for 40 -10 meters with changing the length of the 17 foot whip. Performance is terrific. A lot of thought went into this product.

Big pluses:

1) the whip is marked for ideal lengths for each band - no tape measure needed. Those marks yield a low SWR on all bands consistently, and some slight adjustments off that mark get you down to 1.2 or 1.3 easily. I don't use my onboard tuner at all - no trimming needed.

2) the included 40 meter coil - very easy to add, and also has a corresponding whip marker. I've had similar results on SWR.

3) four relatively short radials on a well-designed winder plug into the base of the antenna, making for very easy set up. There is no need to raise the end of the radial, as I had to do for my previous antenna.

4) a handsome, rugged, well-designed compact carry case.

5) an available compact tripod that works when you can't use the spike.

6) superb materials and finishing - it is a sturdy quality product at a relatively low price
M1EGX Rating: 2023-09-18
A very well made antenna which also works very well Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Before ordering this antenna ,I did some investigating and found that it had very good write ups,it seemed to be just the aerial I needed to go portable.When it arrived it was well packed and when opened all the components etc where found to be very well made and and packed in a very nice carrying case.It was simple to erect in the back garden,taking me all of five minutes.I connected to my flex 5000 and put a call out on 20metres,I received very good reports all over Europe.
This is a first class antenna which could be used at your permanent site if you could not put up a large antenna,it is also very good value for money
M0DJT Rating: 2023-08-18
Great piece of kit for portable use Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Hi. I bought this aerial a few weeks ago for portable use with a Yaesu FT891. It takes literally 2 minutes to set up on your garden lawn - or on top of a mountain. The telescopic part of the aerial has markings on it to give you a good idea of the correct length - but as expected - this can differ slightly on the unique location to where you set up, so a bit of tweaking is required. It has four short ground plane wires which plug into the base and need to be stretched out. I've worked mostly on 20m but also on 15m and 40m with great success. I worked as MW0DJT/P from a place called Llanllwni a few weeks ago (on top of a mountain) and worked VK, JA and the US all 5/9 on a 100watts. My son M6YCZ worked VK on 10 watts from a high spot in Surrey. A great piece of kit for £229 from ML&S and you get a free tripod...(though you could do with a sandbag when there's a breeze). Cheers. David
G4UGD Rating: 2023-04-03
Excellent portable HF antenna Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
received the antenna today, excellent quality from the carry bag to the components inside, very handy to take out in the field, very quick to deploy ,adjustment is easy with extremely low flat swr, did some wspr testing with it running 2 watts and results were really impressive ,followed by some ssb contacts and again was very pleased with the results
communication with the company is first class, very helpful indeed
highly recommend this antenna
VE3IPS Rating: 2023-03-14
Another great antenna from the world of JNCRadio Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I started looking around for a multiband vertical that I can use for portable operations and POTA. It had to cover multiple bands and be efficient as I at times will operate QRP and don't need power heating up a Balun diminishing my radiated power. Every watt counts and by its use of a telescopic whip that is a quarter wave then it will work better than a coil loaded antenna. So for the bands above 40m the whip will be a quarter wave and it has clever markings on the whip itself showing the correct band length. This makes for a fast and easy deployment with no measuring tape or tools. On 40m, the supplied coil puts it into a base loaded design and with the 16 ft radiator it does an excellent job and is better than a short antenna as there is more radiating metal in play. What's also nice is that the design team didn't stop at the drafting table but it took it out and made sure it was usable. It sure is usable with a clever and chunky (Red) hand grip to push the antenna with its embedded spike into the ground and fool proof set up to resonance. I have a shelf full of antennas and this one is my top pick where there is a grass area to operate from because of the spike. It also comes with a custom carry bag keeping everything in place and room to add coax and accessories. I brought it with me on some hikes and its easy to carry and I can deploy it in 2 minutes and be on the air checking into ECARS or the Goof Net. So after several park events the antenna has performed admirably and if I can hear them I can work them up and down the East Coast and out West to Wisconsin and Minnesota. This will be a great secondary antenna for Field Day where we can spin it up on whatever band we want for additional operators that show up. I have tried using my A/B switch on the Icom to choose this vertical or my dipole to see which one is better when out doing POTA. My motto is less time deploying antennas and more time giving out a new park to the chasers. I cannot wait to try this out at Wasaga Beach this summer and can leave the tripod at home and just bring the antenna out and push it into the sand and go make QSO. If you cannot put a wire in a tree at a State Park (illegal) or spend time trying to get a 66 ft end fed in a tree then I will be making contacts within minutes of arriving while you are still fiddling around.