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Reviews For: Balun Designs 1:1 Maxi Choke Balun Dual Core Model 116DT

Category: Antenna parts, accessories, incl. baluns, hardware, etc.

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Review Summary For : Balun Designs 1:1 Maxi Choke Balun Dual Core Model 116DT
Reviews: 1MSRP: 94.95
5K balun that works well on lower bands.
Product is in production
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W4AMP Rating: 2023-05-22
After 18 months filled with water. Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Running the limit into this balun and a Mosley S33 I saw my swr go crazy mid transmission. I immediately stopped transmitting, and began low power trouble shooting. I had assumed a bad trap and ordered one from Mosley.

After it arrived I lowered my Razer trolley and began looking. Coax was okay, so checked the balun. When I took it off, some water leaked in my hand. I then replaced the balun with an old one I had and the swr was still a little high. I changed out the trap and everything was normal again.

When I got inside I took the case apart. It was completely full of water, right up to the top! I had used the optional pricey mounting board and hose clamps to mount it.

Total losses:
130.00 balun and mount
220.00 antenna trap.

I was very lucky. Could have lost my rig, amp, or tuner as well.
I like the company and the owner. No one is making high quality baluns any more. I think this was just a fluke. Balun was at only 50 feet and mounted properly on the board underneath the boom.
eHam Note:
From Balun Designs... "Balun Designs is always looking for ways to improve our products. To this end, we have attempted to contact this reviewer on several occasions with an offer to pay shipping both ways if he would send the balun to us for analysis. To date we have received no response. After 16 years in business, we have noted that when a unit builds up water internally, the Installation Notes we provide were most likely not followed."